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Monday, September 24, 2007

Mexican Invasion ©

Four more hours and I will be off to pick up my first guest and good friend Leti from the airport.
I managed to pull an all nighter, yes that’s right Walker NEVER sleeps.
What’s left?
The computer store has two boxes to be moves over and the desk is dismantled for me to haul over.
The TV is still hanging on the wall but I don’t want to attempt taking in down by myself the way my knee is and it’s a 29 inch TV hanging from the ceiling, I could just see myself falling off the ladder and slowly watching the ATV fall down on me.
Not going to happen.

I have my kitchen to sweep and mop and the living room to vacuum then I will head off to get a haircut.
My hair has managed to grow halfway down my back in the last 3 months and Frick’s constant attempts to swing off of it has prompted me to get it cut.
My mothers nagging may have a little to do with it also.

I would like to put my two cents into what is happening down in a small town in Louisiana.
I know those of you in the States have heard of the Jena 6.
A prank has erupted into a major media circus over racism.

When I was a kid I was a young rebel, invincible, the Teflon Kid.
No one knew more than me and I could get away with anything.
So I thought.
Stupid was my middle name (Or Nimrod if you like) and did things I wouldn’t do today because I know better now.
Logic doesn’t exist when you are young just action.
Consequence is a word until it’s to late, then it becomes reality.
Some things I did were small others unbelievable when I think about them today.

Three white kids put up three nooses in a tree because black students decided they should sit under this tree like the white kids do.
They even asked permission to do it.

That for me this is insulting right there, to ask permission to sit someplace in a free country brimming with freedoms to have to ask to sit under mother natures umbrella.

In an area where time has not yet cleansed history totally away brought up past resentments.
The school finds the culprits and suspends them for a week.
A week, what’s a week, fuck all?
They should have thrown in detention for the rest of the year.


After pleas from the parents they ended up only being suspended for three days.

Let’s put color of the skin aside.

I want to know this, down in Louisiana if someone breaks the law then gets caught, convicted and sentence can his mother come down to the jail and have his sentence reduced to time served?

Give me a fucken break

They got a slap on the wrist and then school official’s take that back.
No wonder all the blacks are pissed.

What is this, Forrest Gump country, momma boom boom some school official to let the little fuckers off the hook?

SINCE the noose incident all three are out of school, one parent said that it didn’t matter because he never went anyway.
Then why did she beg to have his sentence reduced?
Probably didn’t want him at home to cramp her style.
Clean the trailer lady.

If this noose thing wasn’t enough, Jena has a District Attorney that has an IQ less that of a dildo.
OH and he isn’t racist, he is just color blind all he see is white.
What a fucken moron.
Has an assembly and tells the students particularly the black students that he could erase their life with a stroke of a pen.

If I am in that audience and am a black person, I’m thinking, “Come here and stroke this bitch”.
When I was young, LOL ah yeah, just get into my face and hell just froze over.
This elected MORON just pours gasoline on the fire.

He doesn’t stop to think, “How can I fix this and pull this town together for the good of the community”
He just goes out there and acts like an arrogant slave owner.
He did find a solution to the problem.
He cut the tree down.
Oh yeah, it was the tree’s fault.
It’s roots were spreading across all of Jena and it might infect them and because friends.

Now it’s really getting ugly.

Some kid throws racial slurs at a bunch of black students and next thing you know a whole bunch of them jump up then kick, punch the white kid almost to death.

They get arrested and thrown into jail.
The black community is up in arms.
What did you think they were going to do, give them a week suspension?
They almost killed someone; six of them jumped one person.
A mob swarms a kid and pummels him from an inch of his life, they better be in jail and I don’t give a shit what color their butts are.

What happens next is the media get it and all the activists see the opportunity to score points.
Elections are just around the corner aren’t they?
Where were all these people two years ago?

I heard a call for a demonstration to happen in the tiny little town of Jena.
It will be like Martin Luther King marching on Washington one person said.
Yeah right, he would drown in those shoes.

I listened to interviews with white people and blacks and they all seemed like nice people.
Most expressed that they all got along until this noose incident.
Sure it wasn’t perfect and there was heaps of room for improvement but they were not at war.

The black residents of Jena live on one side of town and the whites on the other, I think that is one of the problems in this town.
They don’t integrate where they live.
Their kids play football together at the local high school and they cheer together in the stands.
It’s obvious there is a lot more to this town that a bunch of dumb kids and a moron for a DA.

One of the kids who were going to stand trial for the beating of the white boy had his charges dropped.
The rest will probably have theirs dropped to.

Is this what we want our society to be like?

The kids who put up the nooses should have did their time of suspension that’s it.
Their mommas could have just had to suffer.

The Jena six deserve to be charged and sentenced.
They put the boots to some kid who excerised his right to freedom of speech, something Martin Luther King fought for all blacks to have.
The fact the kid was an idiot is another matter.

As for the activists and headline hunters, if they put as much effort like that on a regular basis instead of waiting for trouble to start, maybe there wouldn’t be any trouble.

I hope the people of Jena can get past all of this and find a way to pull their community together.
Maybe they could have a BBQ and put the District Attorney on the spit first.
What do you think?

Kids will always be kids and they will do stupid things, some serious, some not, it's then when we have to teach them and show them what's right.

For what it’s worth these were just my opinions

Have a nice day



Anonymous Boxer said...

I've been following the Jena6 and all I can say is, I'm horrified at how it has spun out of control.

Have a great visit with your friends. I'm sure they will think everything looks perfect.

Gypsy said...

What a fantastic post I mean Walker. It seems that nothing much has changed from the days of the civil war, nor will it change if crimes continue to go unpunished and parents don't teach their kids tolerance and right from wrong.

You have a great time with Leti and the rest of your Wish I could be there to join in the fun :)

nachtwache said...

By now your visitor must have arrived. Got that haircut? You'll have to post a picture of you with long hair :)
About Jena, right on, I totally agree! Putting up the noose was nasty and deserved proper punishment, ganging up on one person and nearly beating him to death is criminal and should be dealt with in court, skin colour is no issue.
Enjoy your company!

PBS said...

You have long hair? Let's see! Those kids should have had severe consequences for a stunt like that.

patti_cake said...

It has definitely spun way out of control. So much so that the black folk here at Crying Cow Bank all wore black last Friday in "support" of the Jena 6. Yeah some support. *snort*
I'm tired of stupidness and it comes in all shapes, sizes and colors