blue moon (2)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day ©

So ummm here is the deal.
The girls think that I should hop in the car with them and head off to Montreal to stay and party with them when they leave my place on Saturday.

The question is do you think Walker can survive living with ups to 16 drunk horny women by his lonesome for 4 days?

Maybe I should call out MrH and the rest of the Bond Girls for a quick extraction I get over my head, but then again I may end up with 24 women getting drunk and MrH taking pictures to post on his blog. LOL

Leti and I are having a great time so far, we are getting ready to head out for some shopping and sight seeing.
I live in the center of the city and within 15 minutes of any museum and tomorrow we are off to the art gallery where I have yet to go since it was built so it will be new to both of us.

I have to go now and will be keeping you up to date.

I hope life is treating you all well and will catch up with you on your blogs.

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

Well that's a no brainer Walker. Of course you can and you SHOULD. Go on....go and have a great time and Mr H, looking forward to seeing the

Anonymous Boxer said...

No, really, stay home think about all the fun they're having while you're just sitting. there. wishing. you. went.

You only live once. Git.

Shaz said...

GO GO GO Have Fun Mate xx

patti_cake said...

Totally understand your being busy with company. Have a great time and yeah, you only live once - SO GO!

Peter said...

Seems unamimous Walker, you should go and suffer the consequences gleefully.