blue moon (2)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

One More Day ©

It’s 4 am and I can’t even begin to tell you how drained I am.
I have been sitting in this chair for about twenty minutes without the energy to even think.

I am sitting here high as a kite on oven cleaner fumes.
Really I am I would rather smoke a joint and get high but I am afraid if I light a match my head will explode from all the fumes I sucked in.

The house looks as bad as the fucken shop, both are now linked with the junks that I have been packing and sorting out from next door.
I spent the better part of the day dismantling the workbenches that was something else.
My brother’s friend built them and I must have taken out a crate of screws before it even started to wobble a bit but wobble it did and down it came crashing on my foot.
I did a zombie jig around the room, cursing up some thunder and lightning before I settled down.
That was enough as far as I was concerned and came next door to tackle a couple of loos ends here.
The other day I painted the washroom, after washing it down I figured it was going to get painted next month after the wiring was going to go in and it already had new winging so I painted it.

I have Jenny’s words ringing in my head, “Make sure the house is clean”.
You had to say it didn’t you, not that I didn’t know that already but you had to say it didn’t you LOL

The rest of the house I have been unpacking and putting back together again because I was ready to tear down walls and not to entertain guest, when they are gone I will have to take it all down once more.

I also brought in the last of the plants for the winter and I now officially live in a jungle.
In my quest to downsize and eliminate the number of pots I had I put many together in larger pots and STILL ended up with 54 plants.

Speaking of plants I have a bit of a dilemma.
I have a lemon tree which started to blossom, which I keep in one of the bedrooms, and in the same room I have a male marijuana plant.
The pot plant has no value to me other than it’s a plant I like.
Male pot plants are only good for one thing and that’s to knock up female plants and don’t possess hardly any THC to get high on and after their pods explode and pollinate a female plant they are pretty much useless as well as all the THC goes towards producing seeds, offspring.

What does all this have to do with my lemon tree you are asking?
Well the freaking pods opened up next to my lemon tree while it’s in fucken heat and now I am wondering if I am going to have lemons that I can roll up and smoke.

What, you think its nuts?
People of other races can breed why can’t I have lemons that get you high.
Just think what marinating would be like.
Fuck hash brownies give me souvlaki with lemon.

Can you imagine what it would be live if it was possible for that to happen.
Now I walk down town and every now and again a guy goes.
Pssssst hash”?

Some day it might be,
Pssst, Apples, Cherries”?
“ I got Lemons”?
Gives new meaning to go suck on a lemon.
Can you see being pulled over by a cop.
First he makes you blow to see if you are drunk then you have to lick a strip of paper o see if it turns red so he could bust you for sucking on lemons.

I guess I will just have to wait and see if its a sweet deal or a sour one.

It’s getting late, I will leave this post here and crawl into bed and tomorrow I will add a little more.

I’d wish you all sweet dreams but it would be a waste right now because I’m not posting this yet.


Sunday and I’m floating with 3 hours sleep but work is progressing, my mess is now an organized mess and the workbenches destroyed dismantled and on the street for tomorrows garbage pickup.
All that remains is to move all the boxes I filled over to here and most of the store would be done.
I still have to take down the fans and the TV but that’s not to much and there is still the desk but that to will be a matter of a dozen screws and it will be down also.

Tomorrows the big day, Leti will be here and Archie is returning from his holiday in Greece so I won’t have to take care of his house any more.
I am still house sitting another place for one more week until they get back and then I could once again focus on getting my house rewired and painted before Christmas if possible.

I am sitting her for now taking a break and waiting for my brother to return from shopping so we can have my mother’s Birthday dinner.
It was supposed to be at 2 pm but the king said he will be here at 4 pm and he wants them to cook him a steak because he doesn’t like turkey.
Funny, he usually eats half the turkey by himself but now he doesn’t like turkey.

My mother baked a shit load of cookies the other day and gave them to me saying they were for the ladies coming and NOT me.
Uh Huh and who is to see if I eat one or two, there are about 100 of them.
Looking at the mess around me I am still optimistic that I will have it together by tomorrow noon, looks impossible but I can still see the floor and walls behind the mess so that’s all I need to motivate me, and some Gatorade.

OMG, my brother just called, he asked if I knew where he can go buy a cake for my mother.
Damn I need a joint, a beer and a whiskey now.
I hope you are all having a nice relaxing weekend, I just may write some more on part 17 while I wait to go next door.
Gypsy I don’t know how many more parts there will be, 5 more at least maybe even up to 10 but whatever it will be will depend on the story line playing its self out, how's that?

Catch you all tomorrow.



nachtwache said...

oi, did he manage to find a nice cake? Next time let your SIL know, usually the wife is better at these things.
Interplantery romance? Well, the female might not be 'receptive' too the male's advances :)
You have woman showing up for a visit, they might get bored and want some cleaning/organizing to do, can always hope. Besides, they're not coming to see the house, they're coming to see you. Don't worry so much.
I hope you're mom's birthday dinner turned out wonderful.
Take care!

Dotm said...

Hey, what kind of cookies did your mom bake for your guests? How nice of your mother to do this for you.
Send me a cookie, can`t get fat on just one cookie, right?

Gypsy said...

A male marijuana plant knocking up a female lemon tree!!! Who knew??? Hey Walker, lemons go well with tequila. Now that would be some party.

Have fun with the ladies, look who I'm talking knows how to have fun with the ladies like you do Walker...wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. Don't stress about the house, like Nachtwache said, they are coming to see you. Everything can wait that hasn't been done and it will still be there when you're ready.

Relax and enjoy your visit.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Dude, just the bathroom! :-)

Gee, I had no idea you listend to me. Thanks.

patti_cake said...

Hope you have a good visit with your lady friends and I want to see a pic of the lemon tree!