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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sex Talk: A Walk In The Park ©

How is everybody today?
Here in Walkersville it was hot but not as hot as it has been over the last few weeks and hopefully it will be cool some this weekend.
I thought being that it’s hot all over the northern hemisphere I might try and heat it a little more so I wrote a sex talk for this weekend.
It’s been a while since I done one so I may be a little rusty.
There is explicit sex in this post so for those of you that may be offended I offer you to try out some of the great blogs in my blogroll.
I will be busy writing part eleven.
I wish you all a great weekend.


She walked along the canal lost in thought as the sun hung in the western sky like a beacon guiding her towards the building inferno in the distance.
A wind blew cool air off the quiet water as she made her way to a bench next to an oak tree.

She sat there staring out towards the setting sun remember what it was like to be in love and to be touched by a man.
A breeze slipped up her skirt and caressed her thighs sending a rush of desired through her body.
She closed her eyes and imagined his hands touching her softly squeezing her inner thigh as his lips kissed her neck.
She could feel his tongue licking where he was just kissing her neck then sucking her skin into his mouth.
She gripped her breasts with both hands and squeezed them hard as a heat wave encompassed her all over.
Spreading her legs as wide as she could, hoping begging for him to grab her cunt with his strong hand and sink his fingers into her burning pussy.

He opened the front her blouse and with his hand he pulled her bra up revealing one large breast with a plump nipple ready, eager for his mouth to take and bite on.
He didn’t disappoint her as his he ran the palm of his hand gently over her hard anxious nipple, waking it up to his presence before he bent down and ran his tongue over it.
The series of licks and nips on her hard nipple had her pussy dripping all over the bench.
She wanted his has cock in her.

Opening her blouse all the way he pushed her bra up and pulled her over then sat her on his lap facing him and proceeded to gorge on her luscious tits.
Her nails dug into his scalp as he bit into the flesh of her tits and nipples.
He had her crazy for him right now; she had to have him in her pussy or her mouth.
She wanted to taste his hardness as it nudged the back of her throat.

His hands held her sides as he went from one breast to the other sucking on each of them like a hungry starving beast.
Crazy with lust she pushed away and slid to the ground in front of him then started rubbing the bulge in his pants while giving him a devilish grin.
Slowly she undid his pants and pulled out his fat cock and started stroking it, pumping it up and getting it nice and hard for her t o enjoy.
As he got harder she bent down and took his head in her mouth then rolled her tongue around it then popped it out of her mouth and slid her wet tongue down the shaft of his cock before coming back up and engulfing his cock once more until it was all in her mouth.
She came up then down finding a rhythm that seemed to please him as her lips choked his hard cock.

She could feel the pulsing veils in his shaft on her tongue as every inch of him glided over it as it slid past her lips.
She stopped to lick and suck on his head periodically; she likes teasing his hard cock with her mouth.

His hips moved to meet her mouth as she sucked on him, making him harder and hornier, her hand rubbing his big balls at the same time.
She could feel him swell in her mouth, as he got more excited, she let him have a few more strokes of her lips then released him from his pleasure and stood up.
Raising her skirt she slipped her hand underneath her wet panties and rubbed her clit before she took them off and stepped up on the bench.
Grabbing the back of the bench she lowered herself onto his hard starving cock then proceeded to impaled herself on his throbbing cock.
He was thick and she had to slide down slowly to get used to having him in her but as she started to relax she began riding him a little harder and faster.

Holding her by the hips he met her as she lowered herself onto him, pushing in as far in as he could get into her tight pussy.
Then she stopped and started grinding her pussy on his cock and started moaning loudly, begging him to fuck her hard, as hard as he could.
She was drunk with lust and he was her drink of choice, her pussy was throbbing for a pounding not gently, she wanted to be fucked by a beast of a man.

He picked her up and placed her on the grass behind the bench and started fucking her hard, mercilessly driving her into the ground.
She begged him to fuck her even harder as he pounded into her.

Her legs had crawl up his sides trying to get more of him in her and he grabbed them, then hooked her legs around his arms as he pushed in as far as he could, her moans filled the park with lustful pleasure.
She could feel herself building up for a big eruption when he sat back and slowed the pace down.
She gave him a disappointed look but her head went back when a shock of pleasure shot through her brain when he ran his thumb over her swollen clit.

His cock was sliding in and out of her as he rubbed her pulsing clit with his thumb until she couldn’t hold it any more and released a loud yell then came as he pushed deep into her and held it there.
Her nails dug into his arms as her body shuddered with the shock of all the energy being released at once.
Her nipples tingled and when she grabbed them she erupted even more violently, grabbing his cock with her burning cunt.

Pulling himself from inside her, he then rolled over on his back for her to mount him which che gladly did.
She started riding his cum soaked cock trying to get him to fill her pussy with his pleasure when she began to heat up herself again.
It didn’t take much for her to cum again after she had cum once so she rode him now with a greedy lust for more of the mind-bending pleasure she always craved.

As she slid up and down him, he got the urge to cum but he did his best to hold back but she was good and really fucken tight that it was so hard to do.
He wasn’t done, he was so horny he wanted to just fuck her as much as he could to fill up on as much of her as he could.
She rode him for ten minutes until he told her he wanted to eat her pussy.

Getting off his cock she slid up his chest until her pussy was straddling his face, he grabbed her by the ass and started licking her throbbing clit, taking turns between licks to suck on it then whipping it with his tongue.

Her heart was pounding faster, she reached down and grabbed him by the hair and started grinding his face with her soaked pussy, face fucking him, or herself, which ever, she loved it.
Her head was spinning once more and her hips pushed forward rubbing her clit harder on his lips until all her emotions bundled up together rushed up into a violent orgasm, cuming all over him then she collapsed on the grass face down almost totally drained now.

He rose up onto his knees and coaxed her to raise her hips up then he took her by the sides of her hips and entered pussy her from behind, sliding into her all the way with the first push and holding it there before drawing it out slowly then driving it in hard jolting her insides.
Her head came up as he started fucking her hard doggy style, his strong fingers digging into the soft flesh of he butt.
She was exhausted but getting fucked from behind was turning her on again and his vigorous assault only stoked her fire more and more.

His thighs spanked her ass as he picked up the pace, fast, deeper, his cock was beginning to swell more and more as his excitement built up with the desire to release himself inside her.
She was getting to the point where she may cum again.

He was now just a machine, blindly looking for release and couldn’t hold it any more, with a grunt he grabbed her hips and thrust deep and hard filling her up with his cum, keeping it deep inside her until he could feel a shudder come from her once more then he sat back and looked up into the trees above, drained and exhausted.

She lay on the ground next to him rubbing her tits, pinching her nipples as her crossed legs squeezed her swollen pussy giving herself one last small orgasm before she melted into the ground.

“Mom, why is that lady rolling around behind that bench like that” asked the little girl.
The mother looked at her and said ”You will answer that question for yourself when you get older” and they walked by the bench and up the path towards the burning sunset in the distance.

Have a nice weekend



Gypsy said...

I will never look at a park bench in quite the same way again....:) I don't know why but I always hold my breath when I read one of your sex talks....and then breath that

Peter said...

Funny thing Walker, I was just thinking the same thing as gypsy... I'm gonna check out all the park benches I pass in future.

Vickie said...

I was hot before I rad this and now well----hmm now do I do I look for Carl or just take a cold shower----LOL

Anonymous Boxer said...

Geez, I wish I smoked.

PBS said...

That was a hot story! And you always have a great ending for them, too!

Blazngfyre said...

I need to visit Canada more often.
.... and park benches.

patti_cake said...

Yep another park bench voyeur here too!