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Monday, August 13, 2007

You Don't Say: Part Two ©

If they deleted Monday from the week, the weekend would get here faster.
Just a thought and who decided there had to be seven days in a week?
Religion aside, I don’t want people from every religion making me dizzy with their scripture and even if GOD did it, someone had to put it in his bonnet.
Maybe Mrs. God, or Mr. God.
Is God his/her first name or last?
If it were their last name what would their first names be?
Mrs. Edith God, hmmm
Mr. Archie God.
Grumpy old bastard.

Now if there is a Mr. and Mrs. God, who married them?
Is there someone BIGGER than god, his boss, maybe he works for a company called Mega Hard as a software tester for a game called Shit World and he is creating the scenario.
The bible, is the instructions to the game and the Koran, Torah… are the translations of the instructions in other languages as put forth by the game developer.
AH, the developer is responsible for Monday… but that’s it we went according to religion of course, which we are not because I don’t want people making me dizzy, right?

I think it’s those sick perverted ancient scientists, theorists, mathematicians like Suckortease, Capherniceass, Daretowin, ….are to blame, the ones from 1000 B.C and on who had nothing to do and wanted to get away from their wives to go fishing or off to start a war, decided they needed an extra day away from home from the wife and kids so devised the week with seven days.
They could have easily said six days in a week and there would be no need for Monday.
It would be Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Weekend.
Not only would you be deleting that dreaded Monday from the week, it would be more fair to the worker.
You would be working twice as hard as you rested because you would be working four days to two days rest, I know its ‘still not fair, it should be 50/50 but we can work on that after we get rid of Monday.

So yes, it’s Monday, I hope you all had a nice weekend.
I rested my aching back, it’s been a mess for the last 3 days and I have just begun to get mobile.
I have been popping muscle relaxants and painkillers with some herbs added in the mix for the last day, can you tell?

Here are the last five myths from Fridays post.

6. Beautiful people have more daughters

Enough said, HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!
Ok Ok I am being bias because I got two beautiful daughters.

Come on, all people are beautiful because all babies are beautiful, after they have been rinsed off unless Tom Cruise is your father then he is licking the baby clean.
I have seen millions of faces, talked to thousands of people and had a good look at them, some more depending on the cleavage.

I have found that a person’s disposition on life is what makes the beautiful or ugly and that doesn’t come until later in like.
Happy people are more beautiful because they don’t develop the ugly features of angry people.
I believe the expressions your face shows the most of the time molds your features and if you are smiling more then you’ll be more beautiful than someone with a scowl on their face most of their lives, just my opinion.

Here they say that people used to believe, or maybe still do that rich people have more sons and the poor have more daughters because rich people need a male heir to pass on the wealth to.
They must have had good drugs way back then.

I hear things my parents say from the old country that they learned when they were kids where superstition still runs rampant and shake my head.
I used to laugh at them when they said stuff like that but an I got older I still laugh inside but I also understand it’s what they learned.
One day what we have learned today might be superstition when we are old.

Life is what it is and it’s all in the luck of the draw.
On average it’s said there are 105 boys to 100 girls being born and it doesn’t matter who is rich or not, just ask Mr. Hilton.

7. What Bill Gates and Paul McCartney have in common with criminals?

Here they basically say that when men are in their teens and up to their thirties they are more eager and energetic in their quests and the risks they take.
They have it on a scale showing as time passes how it goes.

“For nearly a quarter of a century, criminologists have known about the "age-crime curve." In every society at all historical times, the tendency to commit crimes and other risk-taking behavior rapidly increases in early adolescence, peaks in late adolescence and early adulthood, rapidly decreases throughout the 20s and 30s, and levels off in middle age.
This curve is not limited to crime. The same age profile characterizes every quantifiable human behavior that is public (i.e., perceived by many potential mates) and costly (i.e., not affordable by all sexual competitors). The relationship between age and productivity among male jazz musicians, male painters, male writers, and male scientists—which might be called the "age-genius curve"—is essentially the same as the age-crime curve. Their productivity—the expressions of their genius—quickly peaks in early adulthood, and then equally quickly declines throughout adulthood. The age-genius curve among their female counterparts is much less pronounced; it does not peak or vary as much as a function of age”.

They go on to show examples such as Bill Gate, Paul McCartney and other Celebs who have not done much when they got older.
Why should they, they are filthy rich and worked their butts off to get it when they were younger, why bother try to make more when you have more than enough.
Might as well relax and try something new and casual.
As for criminals, well they get tired of going to jail after a while and go look for a job so the government could rip them off for a change.
Besides they are either to fat to squeeze through the window now or to old to run away from the little old lady blasting at him with her 44 magnum.

As we mature we settle into how we want to live and in most cases that’s in relative peace.

8. The midlife crisis is a myth—sort of

I had a great laugh with this one.
Here the say that men go through a midlife crises because…………are you ready for this……………….are you sure………………because of women.
It’s FINALLY OUT its women’s fault.

It seems that men go through a midlife crisis because their partners are going to go through menopause.
How do men know the wife is going to go through menopause?
They didn’t say, maybe they sniff their butt when she isn’t looking.
The frying pan whizzing by you head would be a better sign though I think.

They say age isn’t a factor in men either, if the husband was 25 and the wife fifty he would have midlife crises to.
Twenty five-year-old husband, she'll be happily going into menopause.

If a fifty-year-old man married a 25-year-old woman they say he wouldn’t experience a midlife crises, probably because he would have a stroke during the honeymoon fucking the new 25-year-old wife.

A midlife crisis is supposed to signal to the male to look for another female to have kids with.
Yeah right, I want to start having kids when I am fifty.
I could barely catch they when I was thirty, now I have a hard time catching myself from bouncing on the ground I can’t chase kids.

I can disagree with lots of this stuff just by looking at my family.
I see couples that stick together through thick and thin and if they split it’s for reason other than wanting to reproduce.
If a 25 year old husband is looking for a younger woman it’s because he shouldn’t have married someone older and vice versa for women.
Kids at fifty that’s all we need with grand kids knocking on the door to.
If your old man ever says he wants a shine new sport car tell him to get a box of diapers to and see how fast the Corvette becomes a SUV, HA HA HA.

9. It's natural for politicians to risk everything for an affair (but only if they're male)

“As a result, powerful men of high status throughout human history attained very high reproductive success, leaving a large number of offspring (legitimate and otherwise), while countless poor men died mate less and childless. Moulay Ismail the Bloodthirsty, the last Sharifian emperor of Morocco, stands out quantitatively, having left more offspring—1,042—than anyone else on record, but he was by no means qualitatively different from other powerful men, like Bill Clinton”.

I think if Bill had fathered that many kids with other women he wouldn’t have worried about Hillary finding out and the movie Dead Man walking wouldn’t have stared Sean Penn.

Why would a man jeopardize his political career on an affair, because he is dumb as a doornail and thinks he will get away with it?
In times before Christianity an army was put together under the pretence that they would share in all the spoils including women to rape and make into concubines when they returned.
Their wives back home knew all of his and it was ok with them as long as they got the other woman’s jewelry and didn’t have her blood covered sweaty smelly husband crawling all over her.

Power and sex go hand in hand, if you have power there are many women throwing themselves at you so they may get power from it.
I also don’t think this is limited to powerful men only, I think powerful women are no different other than they are smarter and don’t get caught.

As society has evolved a lot of this has taken different forms.
They don’t invade countries anymore to rape their women any more, the now corrupt them with power and false hope filled of lies and misconceptions.

10. Men sexually harass women because they are not sexist

This point has taken me the longest to think about and for good reason I think.
I think what I needed to understand first was what was Sexual Harassment?
This is one of the biggest things out there right now.
As we become more civilized socially our animal instincts clash with our ever evolving social beliefs.

If someone comes to you and says “You make me so horny I want to take you out back and fuck you silly”, is that harassment or his primal desire to mate?
I think if it’s the first time, it’s not but if she says no and he persists then that would be.
If a boss forces someone to have sex to keep their job then that is and he should be locked up.
That’s just a blatant abuse of power.

People will always attract each other sexually, it’s just our make up but how we deal with it is our responsibility and our doing or undoing.

This was quite the article and could be found HERE for those of you who would like to read it yourselves.
Past beliefs and views and eye opening when looked at through today’s eyes and mentality.

Personally I laughed through much of this, a lot of it comes down to preference and morals.
I rather a well seasoned woman who knows what she wants and I don’t think it really matters if you have big boobs, small ones, if they sag or are perky, I know the men in your lives see the goddess that you truly are.

Have a nice day



nachtwache said...

Thank you, thank you for the goddess part :)
finally a man that realizes women's worth and status :)
Was it you that suggested on a post that the suicide bombers are just looking for sex?? This confirms it. They can't get a wife, so they might as well blow themselves up; then at least they have the promise of 72 virgins in paradise, and young boys
I hope you'll feel better soon!

Isabella said...

You had me so confused with the Monday issue, I thought I would just dwell on Number 6. I liked that one. Hope your back gets better soon, mine still hurts too if thats any consolation...:)

Vickie said...

Thank you sir---I've been looking for the one who thought of me as a Goddess---and here you right here in my Bog Community---I did not have to go far---I just have to click the little button and I can find you---wow just what I wanted one I can click on and off :)

Thanks for another great post sweetie.

Peter said...

"As we mature we settle into how we want to live and in most cases that’s in relative peace."
Now I had to laugh when I read that Walker, I have been reading your posts for quite a while now, lots of them about your relatives and others about the frenetic pace of your life.
Either you are not maturing or you have no concept of "relative peace".

Jac said...

I second you in your last sentance.

Yes, they know what they wants!!!

Walker said...

nachtwache: Any man that tells a woman he loves her should see her as a goddess unless he was lieing.
Otherwse why are you together and the same goes the other way.

Yes I think the suicide bombers are that way just for sex or lack of it.

Walker said...

Isabella: LOL, its Monday its is always confusing on Monday lol
Yes I liked number 6 to

Walker said...

Vickie: What woman who takes care of her family isn;t a goddess

Walker said...

Peter: Peter we are Greek, this is relative peace LMAO!!!!!!
You got to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding and know its all true LOL

Walker said...

Jac: Yes they do Jac

Lindy said...

Ahhh, now I see the light.

Walker said...

Lindy: everyone does in the end :)

PBS said...

Hope your back is feeling better. That was quite an interesting post. Your blog is like a one of those conversational salons (NOT the hair kind!) to talk about interesting ideas, articles, etc.

Blazngfyre said...

I don't much care for ANY of these.
Seriously Walker, these are full of more manure than the horse farm across the street from me! (lol)

I hope your back is better!

Walker said...

PBS: I like looking at different aspects of life when i get the chance and talking about it, especially if there is alot of BS involved.

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Exactly, they are and thats why I posted this.
Myths are what people believed in the past.
Throughout time people have believed what they have been told because they didn't know any better or they didn't have a choice.
As time rolled on and people became more educated they started learning more and rebelling.

With freedom came independence and then free thought.
In anchient times superstitions were conjured up to oppress people, mostly women.
If someone was to tell you today what some of this posts sugests you would tell them to walk off a cliff but wau back then it was gospel.

Weary Hag said...

Walker, lovin the goddess thang. :)

I hope your back feels better soon.

Keep up the interesting posts!

mrhaney said...

hello my friend. where do you find the time to write these long post. have you ever thought of going on the radio ? give that some thought will you. very good post as usual and well thought out.
i have a lot of people on my sidebar but i don't see many of them posting any more. what's going on ?
well it has been very hot here in ga. last year was not very hot at all but this year is already getting crazy. well have a good one and i will talk with you soon.

Walker said...

Weary Hag: You're welcome and no need to thank me, look the old man in the eys and thank him

Walker said...

mrhaney: This is my radio MrH and no one has to endure my voice LOL
It takes me a couple of days to write my posts thats why they are long and its also why I don't post daily.
It's summer, people are out getting tans and enjoying the scorching sun while they can before they are buried in a mile of snow.

Shaz said...

Im lovin 6 also 3 girls I must be hot lol

patti_cake said...

Hope your back gets better also.

I am not a big fan of Mondays or Sundays............

BikerCandy said...

I'm still wondering who decided on a 5 day work week and a 2 day weekend.

Very interesting and thought provoking posts. A lot of it is BS, like you said, but still interesting none the less.

Hope your back feels better soon.