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Thursday, July 19, 2007

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After just talking to Deni I have learned there is a medical scare with her daughter.
For someone so young to have to worry about a life threatening decease is not fair and criminal.
I would like to direct you to her site to offer some moral support as they wait for the doctors to tell them what they have found out.

Click anywhere on this update to take you to her blog.
Thank You

I have been Awarded, Tagged which ever you want to call it the Schmooze Award.

I am honored that PBS thought of me for this and wish to thank her.
What is the Schmooze Award you may ask, well it’s, umm it’s… ah well it’s…hold on I will go steal PBS’s explanation she is always better informed on these matters, BRB………?

So, what does this mean?

FORMS: schmoozed or schmoosed also shmoozed, schmooz·ing or schmoos·ing, shmooz·ing, schmooz·es or schmoos·es, shmooz·es

Slang To converse casually, especially in order to make a social connection. A perfect definition of blogging!

See, I knew that, looks down at shoes.

So now I have to pick 5 blogger to pass on the Award to, hmmmmm
There are so many that I could give this to and so many more have already received it.

Vickie, one of my closest friends here and someone who is always there when you need her.
So many times she has run out to help those she calls friends and loves only to get hurt in the process but still never gives in to the BS and is available to help someone else in need, even if she doesn’t know them.
I don’t know how many times I have gotten an IM saying, “go to this URL and read her/his post”.
What can we do?
This is one of the best assets for a blogger, person and a human being to have, a heart and hers is brighter than gold.

Peter: One of the few guys I have reading me.
Great sense of humor and when I am in the dumps and I am doing my blogroll then get to his, by the end of the post I am laughing without a though to my problems.
It’s a gift to be able to make people laugh and smile and Peter does that without a doubt.

Jules: What can I say about Jules, she is the prime example of a woman struggling to get her life on track and all she finds are obstacles in her way.
She bitches and complains but never gives up.
She’s is a horny wench that likes having her pussy fucked and sucked the ways she likes it and is NOT afraid to say it.
She knows what she wants and won't settle for anything less.
How more honest can anyone get than to speak the truth about how they feel.

Blazngfyre, we haven’t been reading each other that long but in the short time that I have been reading her, I see someone full of raw humor, raw emotions, few words but powerful just the same.
If she is your friend and in your corner, then you got nothing to worry about, you back is covered.

Patti_Cake, last but definitely not the least, someone who could go to a convention of 5000 people and walk out knowing every single one and they her.
Just make sure you are not wearing a dirty t-shirt or her readers will know about it the next day with pictures.
She is a seer and tells us what she sees, in her home or in the world and she to isn’t afraid to speak her mind if she has the itch to do so.
Everyday I think she reads her whole blog roll and leaves a comment, which makes me wonder if she works at all.
I know I’m toast for that last one lol
We see how she loves her family and friends every week in her posts and deserves this Award.

I know I could have added many more to this list.
Now the recipients of this reward can, if they so wish award it to five others who they think are good Schmoozers.

Now don’t be running away, as the title says, stuff I forgot.

About 3 months ago I had been awarded another honor by Brian of An Audience of One called the Thinking Blogger Award.

I hope Brian forgives me for forgetting to post about it, I know I have been a bit tardy lately.

If anyone deserves this award it’s him with his posts about life at home or in the world as a whole, wait that’s why he got it.

I read so many blogs every day and so many have me deep in the back of my chair lost in thought.
Many of my blogroll have already received this award, which tells you how great the people I read are and I am honored to be in such a group so I will like to add five more to that list.

Gypsy, someone new to my blog but not new to life its self.
Her posts touch parts of her life that some of us face as well but are afraid to speak of but she does with a deep understanding of her feelings sending you into your own thoughts of how your life mirrors her problems and how she dealt with hers and if it’s how you could deal with yours.
She is a great writer and storyteller filled with passion, love and the metal needed to be a great friend to those around her.

Dot, I love Dot’s stories about life and I wish I was there to listen to her tell about her love for her husband Walt in person.
The love she has for her kids and grandkids.
Of times gone by when she was a kid, she is a living example of life and a treasure to those who know her and read her blog.
She has me glued to my monitor every post she write and sometimes I have to go back again and again to read them before I comments.
I am in awe of her life and maybe a little envious.

MrH, I wanted to give him a Schmooze award to but was afraid kissing was involved to (Oh Oh, I gave one to Peter).
He is a good friend who is always looking for ways to make blogging easier for him and us.
If there is something new out there, trust me, he will get it first and be telling us about it, specifically sending the link getting me engrossed in trying to figure out how it works.
His posts about when he was young comparing then with now leaves me wondering how much times have changed from then to now and which is better.

ItisI, another one of my best friends and self proclaimed big sister.
Trust me, even I am afraid to piss her off.
She has raw talent that spills all over her posts showing us pain, love and life.
I have been lucky enough to read stuff she has not published and I can tell you it’s such a pity she hasn’t posted it but what she has shows how close to life she is especially when she speaks with her heart.
A true friend and a force to read when she writes her thoughts out.

Anonymous Boxer, someone new to my blogroll this is one blogger whom I love to read because she writes for herself.
You are not going to comment on her blog because she doesn’t allow for comments.
She only writes her feelings and thoughts leaving you feeling her soul in every post and lost in thought, wonder.
You feel her the strength she wields, not with her fists but her heart.
Such power and true emotion.

Again no one is obligated to tag someone else.

Have you had enough yet?
Well I am not done yet, like I said this is catch up and you are getting three posts in one, this way I get to write part eight for the weekend if I am lucky.

Puss N Boots tagged me with a Meme to name between five and ten songs that have made an impact on your life.

I don’t think there is such a thing for me even though music plays a big part of my life.
I have so many songs I listen to and I won’t write a post unless there is music playing that would set the mood of the post I will be or are writing at the time.

Baby Blue (My IPOD ) is loaded with about 340 songs that I listen to daily.
As I look at it I see some of the one’s I listen to daily like,

C’est La Vie, by Emerson Lake and Palmer.

In the past, present and probably future I have been lied to, cheated on, betrayed, set up, blackmailed (Didn’t work) and lots of other stuff by someone close to me at the time who said they love me but when I am sitting down after I listen to this song I see things different the title says it all.
C’est La Vie, “That’s life”
Being a strong believer in love I brush the BS aside and keep on looking for it.
Love doesn’t betray you, people do.

Working Class Hero by Greenday.

This song reflects what my parents went through to get where they are today.
All the disadvantages put before them they climbed over and worked like dogs to be more than they were or their parents were.
Life is what it is today for me because of the hard work they put into it.

Avalanche, by Leonard Cohen.

This song I like to hear when I am embattled and down.
It brings me strength to realize that I don’t have to be held down or oppressed by anything or any one and could rise above all the crap the world has tossed at me.

Bad to the bone, by George Thourogood,

Oh yeah baby, here is one I just get down with when I am in a mood to have some fun and partyyyyyyyyyyy.
I have seen him live three times and one night while totally plastered, he was leaving the stage without playing one more so I sent the waitress down with a tray and on it was a bourbon, a scotch and a beer, the title on one of my favorites that he plays and he came out and played it for me.

Red Warrior, by Hans Zimmerman

A powerful song written by one of the best movie composer ever as far as I am concerned.
This will be the music for the last and final part of The Red Clay, which is playing for you right now in the background.
It's also the music I wrote it to
Let’s just say it’s a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Well this is it, you can all breath a sigh of relief now, I am done with this post.
In some ways I feel guilty because I want to put my whole blogroll up here because you all deserve credit for your openness that you display on your blogs and I am honored to have the privilege to read you.
Thank you

Have a nice day and help yourself in going to check these people out, you may find a new friend



Gypsy said...

WOW....I don't know what to say. My very first aware...shit I haven't prepared a speech or anything. I am honored to receive any award but one from someone I respect and admire so much and who has such a massive readership....WOW. I'd also like to thank God, my parents for having me...... oh sorry that's the Grammys.

I have read some of the people you mentioned and I'm glad to see another Aussie in group. Way to go Peter. I will certainly be checking out the ones I didn't know. I'm always up for making new friends and having new experiences. Thankyou again Walker from the bottom of my heart.

Lora_3 said...

Bad to the bone!


(Lori is now putting duct tape on her own mouth to keep from saying something super nasty to Mr. Walker Sir)

Be safe...

Vickie said...

What can I say here---Thank you for the award---me schmoozing---all I am going to say here is I have had some of the best teachers---YOU are on eof them.

It is nice to see I am in good company and those that I do not know I will be checking out.

Actually I'll be checking out those who won other awards that I am not familiar with.

BTW---Congratulation you deserved both awards.

Shaz said...

Mmmmm I go far a week or two and not even a peck. I understand I have to do more sucking up. LOL

Blazngfyre said...

You like me ..... You REALLY Like me!
*sniff, sniff*

I'm speechless (hardly) ...
Thank you, from the bottom of my withered up heart, I thank you.

Seriously, this is my first award, and I DO thank you.

patti_cake said...

Walker, first off I am so sorry to hear about Deni's daughter. I don't know her, but they are definitely in my prayers. Dealing with my own daughter being born with a congenital heart defect and not knowing what the future holds (but does ANYONE?) really makes my heart go out to them.

Second, Thank you for the Schmooze Award (I love that word Schmooze~Schmooze~Schmooze)! I am honored that you think I am worthy of it.
Yep, I do read my whole blogroll every weekday and Nope I don't do much "work" at work LOL ;)

Susan said...

You deserve it! And not just one, but two awards. My goodness I hope all this glory doesn't go to your head.
You are one ogf my favorite reads.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I heart you and your blog.