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Monday, May 07, 2007

Your Wallet Monsieur SVP ©

The other day I was over visiting friends and catching up with what they have been doing over the winter.
We tend to hibernate more here in the winter months, they told and showed me what they have been up to.
Then they told me the story of what happened to their son while visiting in Paris France.
It seems that while out strolling one night near the Louvre he got mugged by six men.
Now the world being what it is, crime has risen in all parts of the world with huge amounts of immigratin throughtout.
Look what has happened in Mexico in the last year will at least 5 Canadians being murdered and another in the Caribbean

It happens here also, tourists get ripped off by some low life.
That’s why you got to be careful when you travel, especially someplace where you stick out like a sore thumb, like not speaking the language or you are in the poor part of town wearing designer clothes and a Rolex.
It’s just not safe and some countries are more violent and you could end up hurt or killed instead of just out some money.

As in every country there are different languages and different types of criminals and how they act.
We all know what to roughly expect from the criminals in our neck of the woods and know how to act accordingly.

Like in New York if I guy walks up to you with a gun, you give him your wallet.
In Texas if a guy walked up to someone with a gun and said give me your money, everyone pull a gun and shoots him, then complain about the mess.
In Amsterdam if a guy in pink pants and a frilled shirt walks up to you with a gun, you give him your husband then go out and party.
If I guy walked up to you in Canada with a gun and asked for your wallet you laugh at him.
The government robs us first.

Now my friend’s son wanted to travel a bit before he started university and was intrigued with the museums and art galleries in France so off to France he went for ten days.
I haven’t met to many French from France people but I did meet two.
He was a spoiled arrogant rude cocksucker if I ever saw one, so was his sister but that’s a different kind of post.
He thought everyone here wasn’t worthy to be in his presence and when I beat him in chess he was beside himself and slapped the board and men off of the table.
Maybe it was the fact that he came from a well off family and was spoiled rotten.
Should have beat him like a dead dog.
I know some rich people here who are snobby, not to many though.

He decided to stay out and eat in a good section of town far from his hotel and in the dark when all of a sudden six men in their twenties appeared out of no where.
Their leader opened his jacket showing him a sheathed knife and asked for his money.
So much for the good part of town.
Then they took the digital camera he had in his hands but he begged to have it back stating that it belonged to his poor mother.
The leader grabbed it from one of his cohorts and looked at it then he stated it was an old model and wasn’t worth trying to sell it and gave it back to him then turned and started walking away.

Now most of us would be taking a deep breath hoping that they didn’t change their mind and come back to kill us, but that’s most of us, he instead says ”excuse me but I have no money to get back to my hotel now”?
The leader turns and walks back to him.
Most of us would be saying, Ok now he is going to get a beating, he should have just left things alone and walked to the hotel.
We hear about the stories where the victim fights back and gets killed for something stupid like ten bucks.

The leader walked up to him and asked which hotel he was staying at.
Yeah right, I would tell him where to find me so he can get what stuff I had left.
He told him where he was satying.
What a moron He'll be lucky to be left with his underwear on.
The the leader and others gathered to talk it over and told him to follow them.
Follow them?
He followed.
They walked him to the main street where they hailed a cab and asked the driver how much it would cost to take him to his hotel then paid the driver the fare.
The leader shook his hand and told him to have a nice time in Paris.

What can I say, it seems the criminals are nicer than some of the people in France, not to mention it’s good for the mugging business by treating the tourists well not like they do in North America.
How are you going to rob the same guy over and over again if you shoot him the first time, it's just bad for business.
They should just take a page out of the French criminals handbook and become a little more sensitive to the needs of the victim and robbery could be more productive and less stressful.
I am sure there will be repeat customers as the years go by for the leader of that gang because I know my friends son wants to go back and maybe get robbed by a nicer group that would be willing to give him a tour of all the alleys they want him to visit every time he is in town.


I know some people are trusting, maybe to trusting I know he is a nice person as is his family but there are some things that baffle me sometimes.

Have a nice day



Angel Without Wings said...

That's incredible. How lucky was he? I don't know whether to think he was very brave or unbelievably stupid to actually enquire how he was supposed to get back to the hotel. Polite muggers and French to boot!!! There's an oxymoron if ever I heard one.

Great post as usual. Thanks for the entertainment factor.

Susan said...

He was a very lucky young man to have fared so well!
We had a Korean student in Vancouver who was savagely beaten in broad daylight as she was jogging. Robbery was not thought to be a motive. She will spend the rest of her life in a weelchair and braindamage, all at the expense of the canadian govt.

Vickie said...

He was lucky but then many times those who are stupid actually have someone that sort of watches over them---just maybe the one watching over him in this case was leader of the gang.

gab said...

Well how lucky was he? I would have been too scared to even utter a word let alone tell him the camera belongs to my poor mother. ANd then to ask how am I to get back to my hotel with no money? I probably would have wet myself. LOL
its awful though to go anywheres now a days and have to worry about your own safety. ANd its even worse when you are in your own home and some one from another country breaks in a robs or even kills you. Land of the free they say and I guess those who come here belive that to be true no matter how they get it.

mrhaney said...

that was a great story even though it is hard to believe . there are a lot of places i have not been and there a few i do not care to go to and france is one of them. my ancestors were french and german and you would think i would care to go to either country. i would go to germany before france. i do not hate french people because you have to give every one a fair shake but i have heard to many stories about how they are not to nice to americans and an american is what i am . i was born an american and i love my country. if i were to eet some one who was born in france or any where else i will start them off as the greatest person in the world and let their actions towards me and mine determine what i feel after that.
i guess after you get robbed in france you could ask the robbers if you could join them for dinner and they probably would treat you seing you now have no more money. good post my frind. i will talk with you soon.

patti_cake said...

Poor guy he was lucky though. It could have turned out very very very bad. I was holding my breath before they paid for his cab!!!

Sally said...

As Ms. Vickie said, he definitely had someone looking out for him. I don't want to visit any other countries, never have. Guess I'm wierd huh!

Another good post!

Walker said...

Angel Without Wings : Being as he was Canadian probably a little of everything crazy and brave LOL

Walker said...

Susan: I can;t understand how some people think. It's to bad that ourcitezens make us look bad to others in the world by assaulting their people while coming to vist us or study here.

Walker said...

Vickie: That could be true but I would raather who ever ius watching watch me give them my money LOL

Walker said...

Gab: I don know about wetting myself but I would have coughed up the money.
Its a shame we cant travel woithout some idiot making what is supposed to be a fun time into a nightmare.

Walker said...

MrH: There is nothing wrong with France. Its like thos epeople that critisize the USA.
We can;t punish the poeple for what theiur government does.
Remember France played a big part in your independance.
But many are snobs LOL

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: I would have been looking for a way out as i tossed my money at them LOL

Walker said...

Sally: No uyou're not weird. You are happy with Home Depot. We can build a pyramid :)

Peter said...

That's the story of a very lucky, unlucky guy Walker.