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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sex Talk: Sailing To The Stars ©

I was sitting here last night listening to a song and got the notion to write a post on my Last Soul site when something else came to me after so I wrote this Sex Talk after it to the same tune.
Actually the song you are hopefully listening to if I got it right.
There is some explicit sex in this post so it’s you choice to read or not.
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Have a nice weekend.


The fog rolled in off of the cold Atlantic as she looked out in the distance, hoping wishing for the impossible.
He promised her that he would come back the last time he touched her.

The moon was full at the midnight hour, the stars shone down upon them as they walked along the beach with the waves reaching out gently pawing at their feet.
His arm around her, her head resting on his shoulder silently walking and smelling the salt air as the wind whispered a sweet song in their ears as she clutched onto the single red rose he had given her.
This was the last night they would be together before he sailed off for three months.
She knew when she met him they would be separated for long periods of time but it didn’t matter.
As long as she knew he was coming back to her, her heart was not void of him because that’s where she kept him always.
Walking off the sandy beach to a patch of green grass to sit and watch the night sky where it meets the ocean in the far off distance.
She turned to him to see him staring at her lost in deep thought, she knew he was thinking of her just by the look in his eyes and then he leaned over and kiss her.

Her arms moved around his neck as he lowered her to the ground and they lay there tangled in each other embrace, their tongues swimming together as they rolled along the grass out there in the spotlight of the moon for the stars to witness.
His hands gently passed over and under the folds of her dress as her hands pushed under his shirt and up his back digging a trail with her nails as her temperature rose with every touch of his hands on then inside of her legs.

A breeze swept over them as he was moving down her body kissing and smelling her skin as he buried his face into her bosom, hands caressing both her breasts at the same time.
Opening the front of her dress exposing her tits he touched her soft skin as he let his tongue pass over her hard nipple before he took it in his mouth and let his tongue roll all over it sending spasms of lust through her body.
Moving his lips to her other nipple he passed his thumb over he now raw wet nipple as he took the other in his mouth and repeated the process of the other.

Her hands slid down his back and the back of his pants trying to find something to grab on to that would satisfy the growing hunger within her.
Her legs wide open she wanted to wrap them around his body and pull him into her.

He moved down her body opening the last buttons kissing her belly as she opened and bent back her knees offering him more.
Pushing her dress up exposing her wet panties he kissed the inside of her thigh taking small bites with his lips as her mouth towards the sweet scent that was luring him to the nectar oozing out her the caldron which was overflowing within her.

He pushed his lips up to her wet underwear and felt her flinch as she moaned her pleasure.
Moving the small slit of material out of his way he let his tongue explore the door holding back her desire.
He took her swelling clit between his lips and gently sucked, letting his tongue pass over it again and again.
Her head was spinning with pleasure from what her was doing to her.
She grabbed his hair with her hand and started rubbing herself against his lips as he gorged on her throbbing pussy.
She knew the rhythm that made her go crazy and matched it to his licks as her heart pounded out of control in her chest.

A fog began to gather out in the open water as carefully pulled her panties off and bent down between her as her legs parted for him then wrapped around his neck.
Pushing them wider her buried himself between her legs and parting her lips with his tongue tasting her warmth as it rushed to meet his taste buds.

His hands wandered all over her body as he dined on her then sliding underneath her as to raise her to his pace to eat her like a melon.
She was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples and he gnawed on her pussy.

Sitting up he peeled off his shirt and pulled his pants off and mounted her gentle pushing his swollen cock inside her.
She moaned as she accepted his entrance with every push he made, going deeper inside her body.

Propped up on his hands her rhythmically fucked her as she lay on the grass with her legs drawn back close to her body.
Her fingers pulling at the grass as she started feeling the surge of energy building closer to the surface now.
She wanted to scream and let it go but held on and let it build more and more as he quickened his assault on her pussy fucking her harder and harder.
The fog now covered the beach and was making its way to where they lay.
Dropping down on her he reached beneath her body and grabbed her butt and started grinding into her as she hooked her nails in his back and neck biting into his shoulder trying to keep from yelling out and exploding right then and there.

She could see the fog come over them suddenly obscuring the moon with its veil, she couldn’t hold on any more and came with a loud yell then she sank into the grass, closing her eyes.

She awoke in her bed with a start as she stared out the window to the calm seas.
A cold chill went through her body as she rose from the bed and walked to the washroom to shower then get ready for her day.

The ship was tossed left and right as the captain struggle to keep her straight and into the waves as they descended upon them.
Fall brought vicious storms to the North Sea with waves that seemed to come down from the heavens themselves.
The captain ordered all the hatches secured so he ran across the deck as a wave swept by and grabbed the handle of a hatch to secure when I wave rose to darken the sky above and came down like a hand with the might of the world and shoved the ship below the waves never to be seen or heard of again.

The moon was full when she looked out the window this night with its reflection on the ocean, the waves sparkling as they rolled around frolicking with each other as she remember she had done once not to long ago.
She wore that same dress she did that last night they were together as she walked along the beach alone.
Heavy hearted she walked on lost in her memories and pain.

She stopped at the spot where they lay together that last night, a night like tonight and bent down to touch the grass.
She lay down and looked up at the night sky; the moon now hung high above as the village clock struck midnight.
There was a fog dancing across the water as it did once before.
She got up and walked to the waters edge staring off.
The fog rolled in off of the cold Atlantic as she looked out in the distance, hoping wishing for the impossible.
He promised her that he would come back or…maybe she was to go look for him.
She stepped into the water and started walking out as the fog reached the beach.
A gust of wind flowed in with it bellowing her dress up high caressing her legs and slipping over her body with probing fingers touching her as once had, sending a shiver of pleasure through her body waking up all her senses.
She felt lifting and floating back to the beach, as the fog got thicker like a huge cloud cradling her as she was transported to the very spot on the grass.

The sun beamed down on her in the morning when she woke up on that little patch of green.
Strangely she felt happy, content, like all the pain she held was now gone, taken away.
Putting her hands down to push herself off the ground a sharp pain shot through her hand and up her arm.
Looking at the ground for the cause of the sharp pain she saw lying there on the grass by her side a single red rose.
He kept his promise.

Have a nice weekend



Angel Without Wings said...

Beautifully told Walker. The fog gave the story a haunting atmosphere but did nothing to dampen the excitement of their coming together. Very touching ending to a lovely story.

This is my first stop this morning and you have got my day off to a great start.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Shaz said...

Hauntingly Romantic, I love it.
I am sure Karen and I are both day dreaming after that ;) We love that romantic stuff.

Vickie said...

Your sex post have taken a turn-- much more romantic these days. A love story and not just a sex post as they were once. This inquiring mind could begin to ask questions but she knows better. :)

Take care sweet one and have a good week.

Peter said...

Methinks Vickie is right Walker, this was a mellow and beautiful Sex Talk not a wham. bam, thank you Mam one

patti_cake said...

I love fog ... and roses!

Miss Cellania said...

Wow, that was a lovely story, as well as hot!