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Friday, May 04, 2007

Running To Freedom For Love Of Life ©

I have decided to hold today’s post for one day and to direct you to Shannon of Yours Mine and Ours.
She doesn’t get that many readers and she put up an exellent post about her life and I couldn’t let it go with just me reading it.
I think many of us can relate to many of the things she has written in it and her journey to get to where she is today.
I give her credit for her bravery to speak out where many suffer in silence and doubt.
Posts like this tell others that they are not alone in their suffering and there is hope.
Saying it outloud may help others find the courage she found to escape the life she had and to find what she and everyone else deserves, to be happy.

Have a nice day.



Vickie said...

Being the "Sweet One" I stopped over to visit with Shannon and enjoyed myself very much. Thanks Walker for another good read.

You really are such a sweetie. :)

Hope you have a great weekend.

Peter said...

Done my friend, you just wonder about some peoples lives don't you? where the hell was Shannon when the good luck stuff was bein' handed out? still things seem to be on the up now.

Lindy said...

Hi Walker,
As you suggested I also went to visit Shannon. I can relate to her story as I'm sure many of us can. My step mom used to slowly blow her cheeks out at me while I ate. Anyway, Shannons title gave me an idea. I think you should host a 'Fearless Friday' site that anyone can post anonymous (through you) whatever they want to say. I suggest you because you seem to know your way around a computer. Theres lots of people that need to complain about people or work but have reasons they can't speak out honestly on their own site. I'm sure I'd take advantage of it. Think about it. Won't you, please?
;-)If it gets to be too much for you I promise I'll help wherever I can.

Sally said...

A very touching story; I'm always sorry to hear that some people have to live through so much before they find happiness. I hope she has truly found it now.

Shaz said...

What a gem and an inspiration thanks for the direction walker. xx

patti_cake said...

Shannon is a very inspiring lady! Thanks for the link Walker!