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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lazy Daze ©

It’s such a lazy day or is it me that's lazy?
I don’t know what to post HELL I don’t even want to write a post so I won’t, I’ll just sit hear and talk to you, how’s that?

Hey I got my suit yesterday, looks just the same as it did when I bought it.
Single breasted, black made of supposedly VIRGIN wool, like I believe there is a sheep out there that hasn’t been frisked by a Sheppard.

I got to tell you that salesman that I brushed off is a glutton for punishment.
Probably still pissed off that I didn’t buy the other stuff he wanted me to buy.
He was constantly trying to sell me a suit bag, shirt, shoes and anything else he could think of.
I told him I got what her was saying from Sears cheaper and I had a suit bag but he came back with belts anyway.
If anything he was persistent.

Shaz you asked if I got any more plants and the answer is yes, the other day when I was at Home Depot (I know Sally is getting hot at the thought of HD) I picked up two cactuses and a bamboo plant in a really nice clay pot with Chinese writing on it.
I don’t know what the writing says (Probably “Sucker”) but it was a nice blue one and I got it for half price.
One of the cactuses is for my big cactus.
It’s all alone in there so I wanted it to have a little friend to prick with plus I am hoping the roots would make the front of the pot more solid.
That makes 15 cactuses so far but I have a line on some flowering cactuses I might be ordering after I paint the house.
I should paint it a sandy desert colour to make the plants feel at home, what do you think?

MrH is wondering where everyone is because they are not posting or commenting that much.
The fact that I posted 9 times in a week on two blogs must have eluded him but he is right, many people are not blogging and one word says why.
They weather is starting to get better and who wants to sit inside when the sun is out shining down on us.
Speaking of MrH, he just celebrated his 42nd wedding anniversary so why not go over there and give him the thumbs up.

Brb I need a peanut butter and blackberry jelly sandwich.
Damn seeds get stuck everywhere…….

I’ve been running around the house for the last couple of days putting things away from the winter and cleaning up, spring-cleaning I guess you could say.
I am still cleaning out the back computer room and have filled 7 tubs of things so far and thrown away twice as much.
I figure by Thursday it’ll be totally empty but for the tables and they are going to be set up downstairs for my workshop.
The backroom will be the first room I fix and paint so I can move all the movies back there.
I will be mounting a TV up on the wall and putting a small couch to sit on when I am in the back just outside of where the deck is.
Deck pfffffffffft porch is more like it, it will be a deck if I get my way this fall I’ll just be the one paying for it and building it which is a good thing me doing the building.

The other day I went out the back and I saw a bunch of tools out there.
That should have been my warning and to run for it but I am stupid sometimes and get mesmerized by tools as most men do and some women, right MrH?
My father said he was going to make a table to outside.
Uh huh……..
I stood there watching him for a bit before I walked down the stairs and shut down the drop saw.
I explained to him that you measure with a measuring tape and not how many hands across it is, then mark it off.
This must explain why all the tables in my mother’s house wobble.

I took the measuring tape out of the tool box and cut 4 legs for the table that were the same length then the sides of the table.
All he had to do now was nail everything together so I left him to it.
Twenty minutes later there was a banging on my back door and it was my father saying I messed up and cut the legs wrong.
Oh yeah, thems fighting words.
I go outside and sure enough he had two legs nailed as sides and now two of the legs were shorter.
I pointed this out to him and he went quiet while I tore apart the table to retrieve the legs.
After I had it apart I played it safe and spent ten minutes hammering it together.
I asked him to bring me the top but he said he would do that part so I left him to just putting the top on it.
How hard could that be, I had made it the year before for something else and then gave it to him when it didn’t suit my needs anymore.
It is a solid top with slate tiles on top, rather heavy but sturdy.

I sat at the computer to do some writing when about half an hour later I heard some banging outside.
I went out to see what was happening and my father was ripping the door off of the winter enclosure.
I asked him what he was doing taking down the door and he said the table was meant for the other side and didn’t fit through the door.
Well WTF didn’t he put it together on the other side gezzz.
So he was going to rip two doors out and then have to rebuild them all because he wanted to take the table on the other side.
I told him to take the damn legs off the table instead, there were only eight fucken screws holding them on instead of destroying half the back of the house for a stupid table.
All he said was “Oh Yeah”.
We took it apart and this time I didn’t go in until the table was in place and the tools put safely away.
My father is a chef not a handy man.

Sitting back talking about this is a hell of a lot better than sitting here writing a post.
Have you all met Angel Without Wings yet?
She is new to my blogroll along with some others I added in the last couple of months like Shaz, Lora and Nachtwachemachtmuede, if anyone knows how to pronounce that send me an audio.
I thought I had a long last name.

Anyhow I think I talked Angel into taking up Belly Dancing instead of getting a pole installed in her bedroom to spice it up a bit for her husband.
I figured hey, you have a pole in the bedroom already you just got to stiffen I up a bit to swing on and what better way than with Belly Dancing.
So I thought I would give her a head start and loaded this song for her to dance to.
Maybe if we all clapped she would dance a bit for us, what do you think?

Ok I think I've had enough coffee today LOL
I will leave you all here and catch up to you on your blog.

But before I go.
Did I ever tell you my father used to think he could belly dance?
Oh what I had to go through as a kid

Have a nice day and don’t forget to stop in and have a look at the new blogs I linked, you might find a new friend they are all very nice.



Shaz said...

I think your too funny, your dad is hilarious and you are so patient. Post the colour because sandy dessert? that conjures up a creamy colour to a dusty red so I am so not going to guess.
I am going to buy some cactus I really love them BUT have a really bad habit of killing them(to much water PfTTt) My African Violet is doing well the first time ever. YaY. I am going to try the cactus thing again though you have inspired me. Hows your Bannana going? and know thats not a flirtacious remark Im being serious. lmao

Shaz said...

Oh and by the way, we are just coming into winter so all your sunshine lovely spring day stories? think of me freezing my but off.

Walker said...

Shaz: Well if my dad read my blog he wouldn;t think so but thanks.
Cactus are easy to take care of. Just water them once a month and thats it. After you water them empty the plate underneath soe the roots wont rot and they will grow grow grow.
The banana plant is growing like a weed. I have this 24 inch pot for it I will put it in at the end of the month. It sounds like over kill but was told the bogger the better so it grows roots. The blody leaves are dripping of water.

Walker said...

Shaz: I will be thinking of you when its warm aand I am at the beach looking at the ummmm water.
You just finished summer, besides you got someone to warm you up when it gets to cold

Angel Without Wings said...

Hey Walker, I wanted you to be the first to know since it was your idea. I have booked myself in for a term of Belly Dancing at an exotic sounding place called Henna Nights. Ooohhh I'm so excited.

I start on Monday. I missed the first class but I'm sure I can catch up. I've been looking at some belly dancing outfits on the Net and they are VERY SKIMPY. I wonder if I will actually have to wear one. Very sexy though.

Thanks for the intro, you are such a honey. And heaps of thanks for the music. I haven't managed to get it to work yet. My connection is very slow cos I'm on dial up. I want to be on Broadband but they still haven't got it where I live, I'm in a semi rural area. I will keep trying though just cos you sent it to me. If I manage to get it working I will do a bit of a jiggle just for you.

Next stop is the tattoist. Since I'm going to be doing belly dancing I thought a nice little discreet tatt on my hip bone would look cute. Shaz wants me to get piercings but I don't know about that.......

Your Dad sounds just like me, never thinks outside the

Have a great night Walker and thanks....

Peter said...

Life never seems to get dull around your way Walker, you lead an interesting life.

patti_cake said...

Walker you made me laugh in so many places here that my sides hurt and my co-workers totally know i'm screwing off in here instead of working!
I did wish Mr & Mrs H a Happy Anniversary. I hope I make it that long.

itisi said...

This is too funny! YOu are right, you should have ran when you saw the tools!
Now we sure would like to see a picture of you in your suit! Right, girls?

Vickie said...

Walker this is one of your post that had been laughing---laughter is good for the soul----of course you know that. Thanks sweetie. :)

BTW---Being a Bond Girl not laying claim to the Good One---just the Sweet One, I have visited and welcomed the new members of your Harem----( Note I never said I was the Good One---just the Sweet One)

I enjoyed my visit at each site.---I am is so much trouble I know I am.
Oh would you let Mr. H know I can not comment at his place.....Please Please Pretty Please it was their special anniversary wish.