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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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Sunday was a lazy day and I got to say, I needed a day to do absolutely nothing.
The first thing I did was go next door but bumped into my mother sitting on the back deck filling a bubble solution toy for my niece who was sitting there quietly knowing soon she could go amok when my mother was done.

She passed the now loaded “Ariel” blowing machine (There is something perverted I could say here but will let it pass) to her to chase bubbles all over the deck and I wished her a Happy Mothers Day.
She told me my father surprised her for the first time ever.
He gave her flowers that didn’t have tomatoes attached to them.
I was shocked to here this bit of news.
The old man must be getting soft in his old age.
We walked into the kitchen and my father was at the counter preparing the meat for the BBQ.
She brought me the vase and again I was shocked to see the flowers.
“It’s the first time ever”.
My father beamed.
Yeah I guess it is, it’s the first time I planted those flowers out front.
I gave my father that look and he turned and went back to his marinating.
I had bought my mother a cake from the same place Vickie got me my cake.
They make great cakes and also got her a plant, just like the one she was trying to sneak out of my house the other day.

My brother came in and Amanda ran to him like she always does.
She told him she wanted to go shopping.
She always wants to go shopping and my brother takes her and buys her what ever she wants the kid is spoiled rotten by everyone but me.
He asked he what she wanted to buy and she said a mothers day present for her mother.
He fell silent as we all laughed.
My brother is a cheap fucker where it comes to the SIL.
He doesn’t even buy her a card for Valentines Day.
When they got back the kid had a soccer ball for her mother.
I bet she will love that.

Every one spoils this kid but me, if fact I am the mean uncle Walker.
My mother and SIL have to sit down and feed her or she won’t eat and she will only eat what she wants and she asks for a lot.
I could walk in and there will be 3-4 different meals on the table she requested and won’t eat any.
When I am there though she eats what’s in front of her and she eats it by herself.
My parents are afraid to even make a move to feed her when I am there not even my brother says a word.
When I am not there they tell her that they will call me if she doesn’t eat and she grabs the fork and starts eating or like the other day when she heard my back door slam she stopped crying and ran to the table and started eating so I wouldn’t see her causing trouble.

I don’t know if I like being the bad guy here but she is behaving when I am around.
When I baby-sit her she is quiet and watching her videos. (I’m getting sick of Winnie the Pooh).
When she is alone with my parents she is moving the furniture around.
I blame my brother for her behaviour because he encourages it and one day he will regret it, not that he would blame himself for it of course, he’ll blame the SIL.

I have a lot to blame on my brother though especially lately.
I have him to blame for why I am stressed out recently and all the running around I have been doing.
He is so selfishly stubborn he has the whole family on pins and needles when we are not all yelling at each other and eventually my parents cave in and I find myself being outnumbered and overwhelmed with some fucken idea he had and started, only to abandon it leaving my parents in the lurch with me to turn to, to fix.

He talked my father into buying a new snow blower two years ago when he already had two by saying he would pay for it only to back out when my father charged it on his card.
Now we have three snow blowers with the last one costing my parents $2000.
Then it was the patio last year and when we got to the pickup the materials he backed out leaving my parents in disarray.
The only good thing was my father refused to pull out his VISA that time.

This time the job he is starting is huge.
He has talked my father into changing the wiring in both houses.
They called in a couple of electricians for estimates and we are looking at about $18,000 to do the job.
These houses were built in 1930 and the still have knob and tube in at least half of each house and as it stands now it is illegal.
I told my father we should get a homeowners loan since both houses are paid for and free of debt.
The bank lets you have the loan at 3%, which is good but he and my brother have a better idea and that’s to buy everything they need and have ME do the work.
They figure it would only cost them $1000 and I have nothing better to do.
I know my stuff but I am no electrician by trade and I definitely don’t know how to fish lines through the walls.
There are approximately 60 outlets, 30 lights and switches.
I have been fighting this every step of the way and my brother has been turning my parents against me saying I am lazy and just want them to borrow money to waste.

The last time he talked them into something this big, was to tear down the back rooms and rebuild them with the promise of him helping and in the end when the whole place was demolished he left and I was stuck with rebuilding the back end of the house by myself.
I can’t ask my father for help because he would only create more work for me because he thinks close enough is two inches shorter than the other leg.

Not only do they want me to do the work but the little fucker insults me to boot.
He is saying he will fork out the money to get it done and I don’t have any money to put in.
That’s true, I don’t but where was he when I helped pay for these houses.
I have been working since I was ten and never saw a pay check past the five bucks my father through me once a week while he got to grow up like other normal kids.

At sixteen I was working for 2 bucks an hour for 8 hours a day then finding a way to go to school only to have to drop out in my senior year to help my father with the company because he was drowning and I was the only one that could dig him out, without pay of course.
Then when my parents were almost killed in a car accident and in the hospital I was stuck alone to try and save their contracts with no help from him and in the end it almost killed me and I still managed to fail loosing over $100,000 of my parents savings and they blamed me for it.
Where was he then?
OH that’s right he was busy fucking some 38 year old woman who had bought him a car to use to go see her when he was 18 only to take it away and give it to some other moron when she was bored of him.

I spent the next 5 years helping them make it back while not being paid for working 12 hour days and still running my street business at the same time trying not to get busted before I reached the goal and knew my parents had some money to retire on.
He was out having a good time.

My first conviction as an adult was going to jail for him by admitting to something I didn’t do to make my mother happy because he was my mother baby.
Then she wonders why I refused to see them when they came to visit me.

He is eager to get this work done while my parents are alive hoping to get them to help pay for it.
He is not stupid.
The house my parents live in is the one he will get so he wants to make sure its perfect I guess.

On top of the electric I have to paint this house then build and pay for the deck he backed out of last year.
I have already started some of the work.
I emptied the back room and patched it up and have painted it.
Hmm that is a post by itself.
I am waiting right now for a carpet to be delivered so I can finish it and move the things that are to go in there.

The other day though he came and said he found an electricians assistant to help me for $5000.
We will see how that goes, cheap help usually means cheap work so I may be doing it by myself anyway and with my track record I will probably end up with an afro by the time I am done.
That all starts on the 19th so if you see less of me just know I will be swinging off ladders and hopefully not landing to hard on the ground.
This better be all done by the time my BBQ comes around on August 18th.
So much to do, so little time to do it.

Ok I got that off my chest.
Have a nice day.

Now where is my toolbelt........



Angel Without Wings said...

I love your posts about your family, they always make me laugh although I'm thinking you are finding it hard to see the funny side at the moment. You have such a good heart even when people drive you crazy.

Good luck with all your projects, stay safe and try not to be away from your blog too long. I will miss you.

patti_cake said...

I would probably deck him not that it would do any good.
I love your niece and may I just say YOU are probably the one she loves the best and definitely respects. I'm the "bad" parent but it's okay. Her Daddy indulges her every whim and then gets frustrated when it backfires on him.

Lora_3 said...

I agree with Patti_Cake you niece respects you. Your not being the bad guy your the one setting the bar higher for your niece to reach for.

Your brother is just jealous of you. My guess is its a maturity thing.

We could all come up, sleep on your couch and help you on the wiring.

Be safe...

nachtwache said...

Ditto! That girl will listen to you when she's a terrible teen, telling daddy where to go...., kids need structure and boundaries.
You can choose friends, but you can't choose family. There's all kinds of stuff that goes trough my mind, reading about your brother... decking him is one thought. See, you don't do kids a favour, spoiling and indulging them, just look at your brother; they become selfish adults. Stay safe! Always turn off the breakers!!! Hmmmm, maybe your brother should try his hand at some electrical work ;]

Shaz said...

Mmmmmm your brother sounds like mine, a selfish lazy little F#*+er.

You are such a patient man what would they do with out you?
I agree with everyone about your neice, my uncle that passed was the hardest on me but I adored him and trusted him and fought with him all my life, he was the best.

Stay Safe Walker mind you an afro would make a great pic to post LMAO

Peter said...

Where the fuck did your parents find this BROTHER?? of yours Walker??
just hold this cable for a minute please bro.... thanks... nice afro.

Miss Cellania said...

You gotta learn to say NO to the rest of the family the way you say NO to your neice. I hope you get through this one safely!

Vickie said...

You know there must be a special place somewhere for your brother and my sister---I do believe they are related---no just the babies in the family and spoiled ---Maybe that is what there will be a special place for babies and a special place for the oldest child :)

When all is said and done it will always be you that your niece will look to and respect---she knows who sets limits and who know what LIFE is really about and how to make it in life---even at her early age she is smart.

Just make certain with all you are doing you do take care of yourself because we care about you---you have touched many of us and are important to so.

Be safe my special friend. :)

Jac said...

Well ! well ! my buddy walker becoming a jac of all trades ?

...not when this jac is alive, man !!

Happy weekend buddy,

Anonymous Boxer said...

Hey, I'm the same as you. Except I'm an Aunt. And a snarky one (at times.)

Nice rant.

Whispering Hope said...

I had to laugh about the flowers - that is soooo funny! No tomatoes -hahaha

One time I was taking care of my little great-niece. My sis-in-law called and asked what we were doing. I said "Well, Ella is taking a nap". I thought she was going to croak (SIL); the child had NEVER taken a nap! Hey, that's what we're here for right?

Take care with that electrical stuff!

Dotm said...

I always told Walt that there were two things I wouldn`t do- plumbing and electrical. Be careful. Don`t do like my son, shut off the power when changing things. Stay safe. i remember how hard it was pulling new electrical wire from the celler up the wall and across the ceiling when we added the overhead light in the bathroom. Quite a hard job since we never removed any sheetrock off the walls or ceiling. I was willing to do the wiring as long as he did the hooking it up to the power circuit. Good luck. To bad you couldn`t talk some of your friends (that you have helped) into helping you now. As they say, one good turn deserves another. If I lived closer I would help you, but I still won`t handle live current. HaaHaa. I`m not that brave.

Nan said...

Your broher needs a good beating I say! That's so unfair to dump all that on you.

Walker said...

Angel Without Wings: In the end this will benefit me but I don;t know if I could do something this big. I would rather help someone that knows what they are doing. I would do it for free.
I am sure I will laugh alot when the job starts lol

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: I tried decking him once and my mother got in the way and took it in the head.
My neice is a sweetie even when she is being a stinker lol

Walker said...

Lora: He does need to grow up alot and see things as they are before life bites him one day.
My neice and I have alot of fun when we are alone/ Wait when she sees the 40 Barbies in my closet and the other stuff that were my daughters.

Walker said...

nachtwache: I never spoiled my kids even though they got what they wanted. They had toi earn it. My brother will find that out the hard way one day

Walker said...

Shaz: My brother is not lazy, he is greedy. he makes about 2000 dollars a week but he wouldn;t give any of it towards the bill unless he absolutly had to. The SIL pays the rent and the hydro.

Walker said...

Peter: Psssssssst when we were kids I got caught trying to sell him at the corner LOL

Walker said...

Miss Cellania: Easier said than done. Remember Greek parents. My mother goes into this I want to die thingy to guilt you.
She once went to the part so that the 4 year olds could kill her and put her out of her misery.

Walker said...

Vickie: I bet there is and I hope its someplace where all they do all day is give money away and don't get any LOL

Walker said...

Jadc: I am a Jack of all trades but you are the only Jac :)

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: We got to do whats right and in the end I think they will trust us more for how we treat them and not giving in so easily

Walker said...

Whispering Hope : Yeah my father is a smartass but what can you do. They made my mother happy and I am sure I could suck him into buying some in the fall to plant lol

Walker said...

Dot: I fully intend to shut off the main before I even touch a single wire. Electricity makes me nervous and won't deal with it unless I absolutluy have to.

Walker said...

Nan: Thats how he does thing and he will never change. Its all about him so you have to find ways where he thinks he is getting something for himself to get what you want.