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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Decisions Decisions ©

Lets take a ride back in time to the summer of 1989.
It was about 4pm, the sun was hot and I was sitting in front watching my daughter Alex drawing all over the interlock with the colored chalk I had gotten her recently.
I decided that ice cream would go good and got up to walk to the corner store, which was only about 60 feet from where I lived.
Instead of sending her inside to her mother I took Alex with me, I wasn’t going to leave a three year old by herself alone even in an enclosed area.
As I was halfway to the store the neighbour’s three year old shot out in front of us and was ripping a trail towards the street.
I looked up the laneway and I didn’t see Mr Ng or his wife and knowing the people they were, this kid shouldn’t be where he was and he was picking up speed and running towards the busy intersection.

The dilemma, I had a 3 year old in my hands, my pride and joy, do I put her down next to a street that was over flowing with rush hour traffic and run for the neighbour’s kid or do I protect my kid and watch the neighbour’s get splattered by traffic?

Decisions Decisions

I stood there pondering all the possibilities in my head.
He wasn’t a really good neighbour, kinda snotty to be frank.
We always invited him over with his family when we had a BBQ but chose not to and stay to himself, which is his right, I do enjoy my privacy to.

His kid was about twenty feet from the intersection now.

If I put my daughter down on the ground and run to save the kid, what would happen if mine ran into the street and got hurt, what then?
Shit happens and that fucker Murphy is a real cocksucker sometimes.
How would I live with the thought of tossing my kid aside to save someone else’s?

Decisions Decisions

Every day people make decisions, some small some huge that affect the whole world but decisions have to be made.
Hopefully before one makes a decision they stop and think about it.
You don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking, most decisions are made in a matter of seconds some longer but they are big ones.

The kid’s about ten feet from the intersection and his pudgy body with the help of gravity is pulling him faster to the street.

Decisions Decisions

I have been watching a kidnapping unfold on the news for the last couple of days.
Someone snatched little Madeleine McCann from her parents while on vacation in Portugal.

I can’t imagine having someone steal one of my kids.
Even though I haven’t seen mine for the last seven years I know they are at least safe with their mother but to have a stranger take them would drive me crazy.

I watch the news in Europe a lot because my parents have their TV on the Greek channel for at least 16 hours of the day and I see some horrible crimes happening there especially to kids.
There is a big market starting over there and it’s the sale of human body parts.
People, kids, getting snatched off the streets and being butchered like a sheep to be harvested for their organs to be sold to someone with the money to buy said organs so their child could live.
I don’t blame a parent for wanting to save their child but I would like to know if they knew where the parts were coming from and would they approve, I know I wouldn’t?
Imagine we are now farming humans.

People who kidnap other peoples kids should be tied down and have their skin ripped off slowly with a pair of pliers until they die because that’s what it feels like to a parent to have a child stolen from them forever.
Spending the rest of their life with a false hope, trying to believe that they are still alive looking at every child that walks by that just might be theirs.

We go through great lengths to protect our children and even with all the work we put into it, it’s not enough sometimes.
The bad guys find ways to get around our guard and snatch our kids.

I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. McCann took all the precautions necessary to protect their child especially in a foreign country.
Let’s look how this happened.
They were at the restaurant having dinner while their kids were in the hotel room alone.
KIDS, two of them, ALONE in the HOTEL room.


Who leaves their kids alone in a hotel room at the age of three then takes off to have dinner.
What, you didn’t rent a hotel with room service or you just didn’t want the bother of having your kids along.
Why did they bring them along for in the first place and not leave them with a family member for a week while you are off getting a break?
This couple has twins and they are lucky that they didn’t take both kids or maybe they didn’t see the other one in their hast.
Now there are offering a huge reward for the where abouts of the kid.
The Portuguese have reassured the parents the kid is still alive.
How do they know that?
Are they the ones that took the kid?
I hope little Madeleine McCann is found safe and sound but with every passing day the odds will be against her.

Decisions Decisions

I put Alex on the ground and yelled at her at the top of my lungs causing her to cry and freeze where she lay on the sidewalk then ran for speedy and got him as he stepped out on the street in time before a bus passed by.
Walking back I snatch my still shrieking kid, who knew how to cry with the best of them (Probably got that from her mother).
Walked to the neighbor’s house and surprised her with a gift.
She didn’t even know the kid had gotten out of his bed and house.

Sometimes decisions have to be made on the spur of the moment.
All that transpired with the neighbor’s kid and my daughter took no more than 5 seconds and I made a decision in that time, a decision I thought was right and could live with and don’t think it all ended there.
I still have dreams of that time once in awhile and see what could have happened either way in my head and it scares me.

The parents of that little girl had more time to decide what was MORE important and they made the choice to leave their kids unattended and to go have a nice romantic dinner instead.
Now they wonder what happened and the BS about running back to the room every minute to check is exactly that, BS.
I'll be keeping little Madeleine McCann in my thought and ask all of you to do the same.

This world is not going to Hell.
It is Hell and we are living it.

Tell me, how many of you would leave your three year olds alone in a hotel room to go have dinner?

Have a nice day



Peter said...

Not likely!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel Without Wings said...

They should be charged with neglect because that's what it is. I read about this on another blog and apparently the resort offered a babysitting service. I hope that dear little girl is found safe and sound. It gives me nightmares to even try to imagine the unbearable pain of your child being snatched by god knows what kind of sicko and not ever knowing what happened. You would drive yourself insane thinking about how scared they must feel. It gives me chills.

patti_cake said...

No.Way I can't stand to think about that. It hurts my heart.

Your neighbors were very lucky you saved their child Walker.

Anonymous Boxer said...

The answer is, you don't. That child didn't deserve not to be protected by her parents and now they're all paying a very high price.

I look at life as beautifully hellish; looking for the beauty whenever I can. It can be a challenge somedays, especially when things like this happen.

Lora_3 said...

Hey Walker, I want to go out for diner this weekend. Will you watch Trinity for me?

Yes I'm making lite of this subject but I can 't read or hear another dumb-ass parent story. I use to read the blog "Parents Behaving Badly" but it got way to depressing. You start wondering how kids make it at all.

Last nights news told of a guy around here that stuck his 2 month old baby girl in the microwave. Yeah and he turned it on. The baby has some burns but is going to be ok for now. The guy, dare I say Dad I hope gets the CHAIR! I'll be glad to throw the switch.

Little Madeleine McCann shall stay in Trinity and my thoughts.

The World is not Hell! But it has some weeds and we all need to be better gardeners!

Be safe...

Monica said...

Thank you. Isn't this the same girl that the writer J.K. Rowling put the reward up for? When I found out the parents had left these kids alone, I wanted that child found but NOT put back in the parents' care.
My sister lives in Tennessee close to where the school "incident" was. Those parents are outraged and rightly so because the fact is one of the teachers did dress as a gunman and although they did tell the kids there would be a prank pulled sometime during the field trip, they repeatedly told those kids it wasn't a drill.

Some people don't deserve to be parents and some people have no business being teachers.

When someone's decision affects a child in a negative way, it's time to make the decision to have the child in a safer environment, whether different parental situations or firing teachers. The number one priority is the child.

Walker said...

Peter: No responsible parent would.

Walker said...

Angel Without Wings: They should be dealt with f or leaving the child in the rooms and yes the hotel does have a baby service.
I hate seeing things like this happen esp[ecially when they are on purpose

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: I like to think that as neighbours we look after each other and our kids to.
It makes things more safer. I remember a time when that's the way it always was.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I remember when my kids were small, hell when they were older I would watch them like a hawk to make sure they didnt get hurt.
I don;t think I slept more than two hours at night when they were babies because I was afraid something would happen while i slept.
To leave them unattended would have drove me nuts.
I think beauty now a days comes in the actions of others.
Compassion for someone stuff like that.

Walker said...

LOra: Bring her on over she coudl play with Amanda :).

Well then its time the weeds got cut away to let some sun in because I tell you, its getting damn dark out there.

You be safe to

Walker said...

Monica: Yes it is the same girl.
J.K. Rowling is doing a great thing by offering the reward and is showing more compassion for the kid than the parents did.

Yes I saw about the school that pretended to have a gunman attack and told the kids it was not a drill for effect.

If I had a kid there they would have had to move out of the state.

Shaz said...

I know, I read this and have been following the story I am so disturbed by these parents behaviour I can hardly bear it.
I too believe they should be charged wether poor little Maddy is found or not(I pray she is)
As a mother it disgusts me, as a woman it disgusts me and as a person I am appaled by these so called parents. I have said before we need a liscence for dogs here but anyone can have kids. Its wrong just so very wrong.
Well said walker xxx

Walker said...

Shaz: When I foirst saw it on TV I couldn;t beleive that someone whould sneak into a room while the parents were there and take their kid without a fight and then I here they weren't even in the room.
I know I was terrified when I went to the department store and my kids ran off like kids do and followed them everywhere.
With all the sickos out therew I wouldn't leave my kid alone.

Michael Manning said...

All I can tell you is that I appreciate how vigilant my parents were with me as a tot. They never let me out of their site or else! But we live in a changed world, Walker. And not all of it is for the better.

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Back then they didn't have to watch you as much. People were different, not as many nuts.
Its not all for the better but we have to figure out where we went wrong and fix it because it sucks now.

Jac said...

At least it makes parents to be aware.
Well done walker.

Walker said...

Jac: Does it Jac?
I think the problem is that alot of the young parents forget that they now have more responsability than they used to when all they needed to think about was just themselves.
Alot of them never had the loviung relationships many opf us did when we were kids and don;t know how to be parents.
Maybe we are slowly loosing are instincts for being parents.

nachtwache said...

I think pretty much most people can't understand, why they left those kids alone. You'd think they would know better, they're both doctors, who must deal with people a lot, who see injuries and you don't have to be a doctor to know kids that age can't be left alone. It's incomprehensible! There was babysitting service available? ???? Surely, if you can afford to stay at a resort, you can afford to pay a babysitter. Look at the price they're paying now!
It's awful and it was preventable. I pray the little girl is found unharmed!

S. Elizabeth said...

I've been so busy that I just heard the news this evening. How sad! Such a precious girl!
And it's funny but I was thinking,how this happened? where were the parents? in the hotel room? The article I read, only said about the web page that has been setup for her...but details were not included it.

I don't have any children, but if i ever do, I will do my best to protect them and I WILL MAKE SURE THAT They WILL BE WITH ME ALL THE TIME WHEN WE ARE ON VACATION, NO MATTER WHAT.

I can't imagine what her parents are going through, but i know their conscious is not letting them sleep in peace.

I will pray for her and to be safe.

Lindy said...

This is totally unacceptable. Parents have to be more responsible than this. They deserve what they get but the poor child needs a better home if she's found. I would never consider leaving any aged child alone even for a minute.

Walker said...

nachtwache: Some people just forget to think and do stupid things. I don;t know what they were thinking but when it comes to your kids the only thing anyone should be thinking is about safety.

Walker said...

S. Elizabeth: I bet they are saying "How stupid were we"
I hope they find the little girl safe and I hope these people who think they are parents learn to be parents.

Walker said...

Lindy: When my girls were small I spent most of my time scared when I couldnt see they and found myself creeping around the house to see what they were into.
Call me paranoid but I would rather be safe than sorry

Dotm said...

I heard about it on TV and couldn`t understand anyone leaving their kids alone, even in their own home, let alone in a strange country. They could have had a special evening alone by putting the kids to bed and after they were sleeping, then having a special meal delivered to their room. All it takes to have a romantic evening is 2 people in love, the dining room they were in is just a room, romance comes from the Heart.

Did you hear the latest report of the man who ended up killing his little baby brecause it wouldn`t stop crying. The report said he kept biting the baby and ended up squeezing him around the chest area till it stopped crying because it had died. He is up for manslaughter now. Some people just shouldn`t have children.