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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day ©

I sit here thinking of what to write that I haven written in the past about Mother’s Day.
I know not everyone has fond memories about their mothers but I refuse to believe it was all bad; there must have been times when the bond wasn’t as strained.
In fact even through all of the disagreements some people have between them I believe there is a strong bond between a mother and child.
I have seen the pain in the eyes of child and parent at the mention of the others name when times are bitter.
I have seen the desire to reach out and cry and hug only to have stubbornness quell that’s desire.
I have sat and watched a grown man weep regretting the last words he said to his mother.
He never got the chance to take them back and beg for her forgiveness.
I have seen a child shame a parent as I have seen a parent shame a child; none of us are perfect.

I know I have not been the son my mother would have like me to be, for that all I could do is apologise but I know I don’t have to.
I know this because I saw with my own eyes from a second floor window how she searched to find me when I had succumbed to the dark side of my life so she could bring me home.
I turned and walked away from that window but she still searched and she opened the door when I did show up, no questions asked.

There are times in our life when we don’t see eye to eye but as individuals it could only be expected.
We can’t live the lives others want us to live, as we can’t ask others to be who we want them to be.
All we could do is accept them for whom they are and love them for the love they give us.

Mothers are the sponges that soak up all the grief in our lives and try to make ours better at their expense.
From the day they give birth to us they feel what we feel even if they don’t agree with what we are doing.
As a mother they accept the punishment you receive without thought.
Every time I went to court she was there in spirit.
Every day I spent in jail she was there looking at me as I slept.
When the cage door opened she was waiting for me at home with everything I like to eat sitting on the table and not a mention was ever given of my where a bouts prior to that moment.
After all, I was her son and I could do no wrong in her eyes.

I look at my mother today and I see a woman who turns 80 this year and wonder how much longer she will be here and dread the day when she’s gone.
There were times I wish I died back then so I wouldn’t be here for that day but I know it would have been the worse thing for her to live through especially after what I have done to her in the past how could I be so selfish and hurt her once more like that.

They don’t celebrate Mother’s Day where they come from in fact there are a lot of things they don’t celebrate there that they do here but every year I know she looks forward to it.
If anything, just to have us all there together eating so she could look at us.
I remember so much as the past floods into my head right now, maybe I’ll tell you about it some day maybe I won’t and just keep it dear to me.
I don't know how many more Mother Days I will celebrate with my mother and I hope they are many many more but I do know I will enjoy each and every one until i have no new ones to remember and smile with the memories I will hold from the ones I did share with her.

There is no great evil a mother can’t forgive as there is no great indiscretion a child can’t look past.

To all the mothers of the world I wish you a Happy Mothers Day.
To all the single father’s who have the added task of wearing a mother’s roll when needed, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day
To all the aunts who have never or not yet had children of their own related or not that became surrogate mothers because they loved to, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

To my mother I wish,

Happy Mother’s Day



poet said...

two words....
first word.. beautiful. (for this is one of the best mother's day entries i have ever read.

second word.. thank you. (for coming by my page, and commenting. and for sharing such a wonderful post with we, your faithfuls..)

Lindy said...

You have to be a wonder for your mother. Such sentiment in so few words. I know I treasure your words of wisdom. Hug yourself for me. Please.

Angel Without Wings said...

I always look forward to reading your posts Walker because I know they are going to touch me in some way. As usual you haven't disappointed, this was a beautiful tribute to all mothers and especially your own. I hope your family have a wonderful day together and that your Mum feels the love you obviously feel for her.

Whispering Hope said...

Please give your mom a little hug from me. This was a wonderful post, and thanks so much!

nachtwache said...

I agree with the previous comments, you write beautiful! Yes, a mother's love is unconditional! Thanks for your thoughtful words.

Vickie said...

All I can say is hug your mom and Thank You.

Shaz said...

Where is my comment?????

I left it yesterday this has happened on a few blogs. Oh well fingers crossed.

I thought it was beautiful to honey you are a sweet sweet man and a mummas love is like no other.

Shaz said...

Whats an RSS reader????? Dont laugh at me if its obvious but I dont have a clue what you mean. LMAO I know I will regret asking this already :)

patti_cake said...

Very well said. Your Mother raised one hell of a son in you. That much I know.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm an Aunt and I appreciate the inclusion of ALL types of Mothering.

Queenie said...

Thanks for stopping by...... had a great moms day and I hope your mom had a wonderful one too!

xoxoxo heather and the gang

Dotm said...

Great post Walker.
Thinking of your Mom going to be 80 this year reminded me of how I worried about my Mom when she was that age and she lived to be almost 91. My next thought was that I am only about 4 years younger than your mom. Isn`t it funny how we can worry about someone else being that old and at the same time not think of ourself as getting old?
I love it when you speak of your Mom as your love for her always shows so strong in your writing.