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Monday, April 16, 2007

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Good day and a snowy Monday morning or afternoon it is here today.
I’m laid up in bed sick yet again this time it’s laryngitis, so no one call me because all you will hear is silence from the other end for now.
It seems I have caught everything but a skirt this year.
Last night around midnight I got a call from Monica telling me that her daughter and her daughters friend were run over by a car while they were walking home.
Julia her daughter is physically fine but was in shock from witnessing her best friend sailing through the air.
As most of you know, I am no stranger to being hit by a car and there is nothing more frightening than seeing a mass of metal bearing down on you let alone hitting you.
Monica has asked for prayers for her daughter’s friend and I will ask those of you who wish to drop by and offer your energy to the rest already there.

On a separate note I would like to express my shock and condolences to those with family and friends at Virginia Tech who has been hit by another shooting.
I will address that in the next few days when I am better.

It's hard for me to watch young people gettung hurt senselessly.

Click anywhere on this post to go to Monica's site.

Have a nice day.



Peter said...

Speak up Walker, we can't hear you!!
Been to visit Monica as requested.

Susan said...

Sorry you are sick again, got to work on that immune system of yours. Are you eating enough veggies? Just get your rest and I look forward to hearing from you soonly.
Been to Monicas this morning.

Shaz said...

Sorry your unwell:(
I too have been hit by a car it does shake you up, on my way to wish her well.
You take care honey and I wonder aswell are you really looking after yourself????

patti_cake said...

Hope you get better quickly Walker.
I am so sorry to hear about Monica's daughter and her friend. I did go and leave a message. It makes me want to hug Madison just a little tighter but she'd just yell "Stop Mommy!" LOL
That shooting at VTech repulsive. What in the hell goes through people's heads that they want to harm others in senseless acts of violence? Be well honey!

itisi said...

Been to Monica's blog.
Hope you get better asap.

nachtwache said...

I'll visit my namesake's blog, sounds like it wouldn't hurt to include you in some prayers, take good care of yourself! Sick but still joking:), the year's young, you might yet catch that skirt:)
I haven't been watching the news, hubby told me about the shooting, he said,"why can't they just take themselves out, why hurt other people?" It's sad, there's so much hurt in this world, the person who did this, was probably hurting too, hurt can make people angry and wanting to lash out and hurt others, that's why we need to try to always be kind and decent. If someone is grumpy, or nasty, I try to remember, that they might have some problems in their life. We need more love for each other!

Chaotic Serenity said...

Awwww...poor Walker. I hope you are feeling better soon. There's still time to catch that skirt yet!

Monica said...

It's been a hectic week but I had to stop in and say thank you for being there for my sanity that night (you were the only one awake apparently as Karen can attest) for we all know your days and nights don't match our own. :) I even thought of calling Vickie but if Karen was asleep I figured she would be, too, but I knew you were probably up trying to find an alien space date for the wedding. :)