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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Every day millions of parents send their kids to school believing that they are safe.
Every day millions of parents trust people with the most precious possession they have, their kids.
Should they be believing they are safe and trusting the people in charge of these schools or should they be questioning the safety of their children?
The answer is no, especially in the United States.
For one, the one’s you trust your kids to are just as vulnerable to outside forces as your kids are.
The United States has turned school shootings into a fad, the in thing for some sick mother fuckers to just walk into a school full of defenceless children, teachers and shoot them down like ducks in a carnival game so that they could become famous or get the attention they never got.
Just because they have no life, they go out and snuff the life out of other people that do to display their displeasure in the world because they believe that the world owes them and should be bowing down to them and offering them everything without them trying to achieve what others work hard to achieve.

They kill people because their girlfriends left them, why would they want to go with a sick puppy like him.
They kill people because they are not popular, well a negative attitude won't make you popular.
They kill people because somewhere in that fucked up head of theirs they believe that is the way to go out, in a blaze of cowardice.
Come see me, I would be more than happy to put a cap in your stupid head and we can spare innocent people.

School officials say they have done everything possible to keep your kids safe.
If they had, there wouldn’t be 32 dead students, teachers and another 29 wounded from Virginia Tech.
There wouldn’t be thousands of terrified students registered there and there wouldn’t be a million family members worried about a family member registered there.
Yes a million people are affected directly by what happened yesterday and hundreds of millions more in the nation fearing that it might happen to the school their kids go to or where they work at.

The first shootings took place a 7 am and the police were on the scene but instead of locking down the school area then hunting down the shooter they said nothing because they believed the gunman was gone.
Why would they think he was gone?
Did he leave them a note that said” Hi I just killed these two people and am now leaving to get some rest, have a nice day”.
Oh golly gee I guess it’s now safe to let thousands of other sitting ducks to come waddling into the shooting gallery.

Unless there is a dead gunman laying in the middle of the street with his brains decorating the pavement or locked up in jail, THE WHOLE FUCKEN AREA SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED DOWN AND EVERYONE WITH A GUN AND BADGE SHOULD BE OUT THERE HUNTING DOWN THIS PIECE OF SHIT.
Instead they said nothing and this maniac comes back two hours later and kills 30 more and wounds almost as many.
So tell me, did the authorities do all they could have done?

Is all this because of one shooter, no?
All of this because of money, because it costs to much to make schools safer and if they raise tuition fees then they loose students to cheaper schools, so corners are cut.This also implies that the parents have to shoulder some of the blame as well.
As you look at schools for your kids you look at what it will cost and opt for a cheaper facility when money should be the last thing you look at and safely being the first.
The climate of the world has changed and there are more crazy people out there than there used to be and in the States where getting guns is easier, it should be a priority.

Getting rid of the guns won’t solve this problem because the guns don’t kill people.
People kill people but someone has to be accountable for the weapons that get used in these tragedies.
Not even the Amish are safe for fucks sake.
How much could it cost to make these schools safer for students and teachers?
How much trouble would it be to set up metal detectors, cameras and issuing IDs to students to produce at entrances to schools?
Is it cheaper than it costs to buy a tank to secure each school?
I bet the cost of one nuclear submarine would pay for all the schools to be outfitted with stat of the art security.
What is more important, extra weapons or immediate security at home?

I think a lot of people should be held accountable for what happened at Virginia Tech.
Stopping that person sooner would have saved lives.
I saw the politicians jump on the bandwagon and expressing their condolences and shock to what happened.
Some I bet were happy because it takes the minds of the people off the Iraqi war.
Funny thing is, this happens every day on the streets there, I see it in the news every day and it only gets national coverage when it happens in a school.

I have family and friends who live in the States that tell me they don’t go out at night because its to dangerous to be out past 8 pm and they have bars on the windows and doors in some of the major cities.
It shouldn’t be that way; citizens should not be behind the bars imprisoned in their own homes.
At some stage you will have to take back the streets for all of you to enjoy and not the 10% of the population that has you cowering behind locked doors.

Again I wish to convey my sincerest condolences to those affected by the shooting in Virginia.

Have a nice day



Peter said...

Nothing to add walker, you covered this tragedy well, what a shame it was necessary to cover it though.

Shaz said...

It just breaks my heart and pisses me off. I totally agree.
I know people kill people but what does a frigin uni student need a damn hand gun for. Hunting???
He didn't look like a farmer to me. What the hell do we do. I am sorry for everone who has to send their kids to school in the US.
My daughter wanted to enter an exchange program, I dont think so.

patti_cake said...

Very well said Walker. My best friend Mindy is from Pearisburg,VA which adjoins Blacksburg and it is a peaceful, beautiful area. To think something like this could happen there is, well, unthinkable. It scares me so bad when I think about sending Madison to school. We are thinking private versus public. I just don't know.

Chaotic Serenity said...

It's a sad state of affairs and I think you covered it very well. I am still speechless over this.

Walker said...

Peter: I hate having to write these posts. As a parent this type of behaviour scares me to no end.
As a person I can;t understand the reasoning of it but I can;t be silent when something like this happens and none of us should ever be silent.

Walker said...

Shaz: I don;t think its as much the American peoples fault as they are victims here and I know rthat last thing anyone in the States would want to see is a foriegner getting hurt on their soil.
Its the system that is in place that is at fault and budgets that makes schools easy targets.
There is no way to know who will go off the deep end, this was not a criminal element that was responsible be a fucked up person.
A similar thing happpened her last year and the shock of it was felt all over the country.
Its hard to get guns here in Canada and yet a gunman went into a school and killed people.

Walker said...

patti_cake: Its to bad that we have to go out of pocket to make sure our kids are safe at school even though you are paying through tasxes for public school but you have to put the safety of your child first.
A life is a long term investment and life is priceless.

Walker said...

Chaotic Serenity: As I watchewd it unfold on TV all i could think of was a scene from a movie and couldn't beleive this was real but it was real and those kids were dead.

hellbunny said...

You put that very well.I don't think guns should be as easily available as they are.I know if someone wants a gun they can get one.But,if its harder to get then they may be caught before.

Nan said...

After the shooting the University of Calgary went on the local news talking about how the week previous they ran a scenario of a shooting and their results were less than stellar. They talked about which buildings had a lack of security, which buldings were too old to have cameras and card readers installed and the areas where they needed to improve. So basically what I got out of it was a big advertisement to anyone who wanted to go on a shooting rampage and where to do it.

nachtwache said...

It is sad, you said it well, they should put metal detectors and security guards into the schools. I didn't know that the first people got killed that early and the police was already there. They must have thought it was a murder scene, not the start of a shooting rampage. The human mind doesn't seem to assume the worst possible scenario.
How can you know, when someone will snap like that? Can you put people into a mental institution for being weird, a loner, quiet, writing scary stuff.? Stephen King writes some pretty scary things. There are many lonely, kind of strange people in our world. How do you know?

Walker said...

HellBunny:The availabilty of guns is a big issue but if someone really tried hard enough they could find a gun.
I know here in Canada its hard to do but even still I can probably dig one up on the street if i looked butI will pay a hefty price for it which many can't afford.
The thing is automatic weopons are very hard to get and that is the weopon where there is the most damage having a gun that holds 30 or more bullets.

Walker said...

nan: Only goes to show that not all people with a higher education are smart.

Walker said...

nachtwache: I think when something happens anywhere the police should go on high alert especially in a school zone where there are many people around.
There is no way you can be 100% perfect in security but I bet you can make it alot safer in tim,e was taken to do it properly and lives could be saved.

Shaz said...

Walker, I didnt mean in any way to say it was just an american thing.I would feel the same way here. And as far as the exchange thing I ment I dont want to let them out of my sight. Its so scary and tragedy happens everywhere.
I do agree on everything especially the illegal guns if they had to pay street price there would be less I believe, in saying that if someone so evil and mindless wants to do this shit they will find a way.
Great post and its definately a blood raising debate. Hey?

Walker said...

Shaz: I didnt think you meant anything towards the American public, I know you well enough for that. I would have problems as any parent wouyld sending their kids away from their site.
I don;t think I would be happy sending mine to a school faarther than coming home to bed every day.
I am sure some of the families of the victims feel as we do about sending our kids away from the safety of home.
We all as parents feel a natural guilt when something happens to our kids like we should have been there to keep them from danger.