blue moon (2)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Saturday Night Fever ©

I had a busy weekend, it’s started Saturday afternoon when I put the two legs of lamb in the oven and got ready for the guys to show up.
They were coming over to play poker, have dinner then we were going off to the casino.

Archie arrived first as usual.
If there is an event that involves food you could be sure that Archie will arrive before everyone else then I spend about half an hour fighting him back away from the h'orderves or there wouldn’t be any for no one else.
I’m telling you, most people eat to live Archie lives to eat.
Then he started complaining Mike hadn’t arrived yet with the beer even though Mike wasn’t supposed to be here until FOUR like Archie told him.

At four and on time Mike and the rest of the guys showed up and they came loaded to drink with three cases of beer and a bottle of brandy.
Mike even brought me a four pack of Guinness.
It didn’t take Archie long before he started crying for the little shot glasses and we were into the brandy before we even had time to open a beer.
We started playing cards and every now and again I would check the roasts.
We play in my kitchen because it’s pretty big at 18 x 21 and I have the biggest place to host something like this.
I have had as many as 70 people at one time in here dancing and partying through the night.
This year marks 18 years I have been living in this house and if the walls could speak they would have some wild stories to tell.
There are a few I would like to here myself because there were times I woke up not knowing what happened the night before.

This house holds a lot of memories.
I have entertained many people in this house, hundreds.
I have had some important people in here that have gone far.
I have been raided twice once by mistake.
Both of my kids were conceived in this house.
This was the last place 4 people saw before one was murdered by her sister another hung himself from a tree across the street, another overdosed with the money I lend her and Mad Dog left here for home only to be found in a ditch shot through the head hours later.
One New Years Eve a friend’s wife was crying in the kitchen because her husband slapped a glass of Dom Perignon.
She had always wanted to drink a glass of DP and now when she got her chance her husband out of spite made her spill it and went into the other room.
I could never understand why some people had to be like that but you know, it didn’t really matter because I pulled another bottle out for her and let her drink it all.
It’s the small things in life that make them special, besides I hate Champaign.

We played cards until 6:30 and then I chopped the meat up into little chunks and set out platter with everything and we played and ate at the same time until 8pm rolled around and we got ready to head off for the casino.

I’m not a big gambler, I don’t mind playing scratches and maybe some small stakes poker but not more than that.
My money is too important to throw away that easy and money burns in some peoples hands.
Archie George and Tom don’t have the same philosophy.
Archie dropped $700 in one hour at one slot machine.
I spent $40 in the same time period with the same results, we both lost.
Mike was trying to get into a black jack game and the other two were playing poker.
There had to be tens of thousands of people at the place but there was something I noticed quickly.
There were a lot of young women maybe to young.
Some of them must have been to young to be allowed in the casino but just the same they were there and some were not there to play.
The drinking age in Quebec is 18 and it’s also the age you have to be to go into the casino.
Archie elbowed me in the side and told me the young thing was checking him out standing next to him.
I looked past him and there was this if barely legal girl next to him.
He whispered to me in Greek that she was checking out his crotch.
Yeah right, NO ONE can see what’s been hidden behind a 200-pound belly hanging almost to his knees.
I told him the bulge she was checking out was the one in his pocket and not his crotch.
I noticed there were these young women scantly dressed walking around looking for winners or old men to latch onto.

When Tom won 100 grand last year there were a dozen women rubbing his cock before the pit boss got there to pay him.
Not that it bothered Tom any he was so happy winning he was grabbing all the tit thrown at him and when he got home Maria, his wife grabbed all his money LMAO

Archie kept feeding the slot machine until it spit out $700 for him and we told him it was time to go but he insisted we stay one more hour. At that stage he was down a hundred bucks because of him winning that pot but nooooooo he had to stay and feed the beast.
Archie was putting a hundred dollar bill in the machine every ten minutes and betting three dollars a pull.
I just sat there playing a dollar at a time wasting time and slowly loosing.
The lady next to me asked if I could watch her machine, I said it was no problem and she took off to the washroom.
I didn’t know gamblers peed sure as hell Archie didn’t.
With all the beer, gin and water he drank, he was like a walking lake.
The woman came back and thanked me for watching her machine.
She said she had been playing it for two hours and was sure it was going to pay off soon.
I’m sure a lot of people thought that way because they were watching her like a hawk to see if she got up to leave so they could jump on it first.
She started chatting with me and it was refreshing from listening to Archie swear and curse at god every thirty seconds.
She was a nice lady about twenty-eight, good looking and soft-spoken.
About fifteen minutes later her grandfather came by and said something to her and left again.
She told me her boyfriend didn’t want her to talk to me anymore.
The guy couldn’t have been a day under 70.
Oh well it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

Personally I wouldn’t want a girlfriend that was more than ten years over or under of my age, not that I would say no to a one night stand with a twenty year old but I wouldn’t want a girlfriend that young.
Besides older women are more fun.

The search party found us with Mike in the lead he was wondering where we had gotten too.
He wanted to go home and I was of the same mind but Archie was sure he was going to hit the big one and decided he was going to stay with the others and get a ride back with them

Mike dropped me off at home and I went straight upstairs and swapped the monkey suit for my joggies then went down and cleaned up the kitchen really quick.
After I grabbed beer and sat down watching the TV and thinking of the night.
I was 13 when I entered the seedier side of life, back then the hookers were old, fat and so ugly they would scare paint off the wall.
By the time I reached my twenties there were 13 and 14 hookers barely old enough to grow fur down there that would do anything for a beer or some cocaine.
As my thirties were coming to a close drug consumption shifted designer drugs took over and they were cheaper for the kids to get and use.

Tonight I saw a new drug and a new dealer.
The drug money the dealer, some old fuck that had it to waste.
The customer is still the same, a young person usually a girl.
I can’t really criticize what consenting adults do never have but somewhere some place there is an old fuck with a fourteen year old because he has the money and she wants it, now that, I can criticize.

Tonight I watched thousands of people, dazed and in a frenzy to win money and they spent heaps of it.
People running around with these little charged cards tethered around their necks and then sticking it into a slot machine like and umbilical cord sucking the life out of them.
Most have this glazed over look on their faces oblivious to what is happening around them in a sea of singing machines, some belching out coins, to few but that sound still fuels those sitting there to spend more so they could hear that sound and people around them can say, there goes a winner.
He won a thousand dollars.
He only spent five thousand to do it.
I lost $65, had a great time and still have enough beer left over to last me six months.
I wonder how much money Archie will have when he gets home?

Have a nice day



patti_cake said...

One of my friends is married to a guy who is 25 years older than her. I guess it works for them but she is VERY conscious of people thinking he is her father, and they do.
My SIL's husband is 12 years older than her and has the "daddy" complex. Likes to tell her what to do/threaten to spank her when she doesn't listen. GAG. Not for me. I like spankings but ... well I won't go there.......heh heh.
Personally I don't want no young thing either. I might joke that I do but I think he would get on my nerves. Quick. Give me a MAN with some experience anyday.

Shaz said...

Okay, I went from 10 years older to 7 years younger and now I know how insecure 10 years older felt when the subject was aproached.

When I was with older, I liked the rolls royce now Im with younger I like the 2 door sporty cars, oh well as long as your happy who gives a shit, but seriously, if theres like 25/30 years difference and yukky old saggy balls on offer oohhh I dont think so.
Either way I like my men to be men and their balls to be cute :-)

Sounds like fun and if those walls could talk....maybe better they cant some things are better left alone. any way theres always someone to point out if you make an ass out of your self, over and over again LMAO

Dotm said...

Never been to a casino, but know if I did, I would set a limit before going and stick to it. Can`t see how some can blow so much that they can`t pay their bills or support their families.
You are the smart one in the group.
Have a great day!!!

Nan said...

Hey, how is the leg healing up?

craziequeen said...

My dad is 11yrs younger than my mum - and they're still married after nearly 30yrs.

Your last paragraph illustrates why I gave up gambling..... :-)

As ever, wise, Walker - very wise...


gab said...

I want to party at your house!
When I go to the casino I take twenty bucks and when thats gone Im done, Otherwise we would be living in a box!I know my limits!