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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter ©

What is Easter?
I could go into the religious aspects of Easter and it would be a blatant advertisement of Christianity so I won’t because I would rather talk about it’s meaning as it pertains to people without bringing god in the picture and frankly, if there is a god I think he wouldn’t mind.
See how ballsy I can get, I’m speaking for god now.

For me this time of year represents what we have to do to achieve how we want to be treated and how we want those around us to be treated.
It’s about what we are willing to do or how far we are willing to go to live free and as we want to live with respect for others and respected by others.

What are you willing to sacrifice?
Most importantly, why are you willing to sacrifice?

Millions of people all over the world sacrifice every single day, many with their lives, some not old enough to say they had a life but are a statistic to prove their existence here on earth did happen.
More people sacrifice everyday than there are Christians in the world.
What does that tell you?

I know what it tells me and it says we love life and do what we have to do to live our life.
How we choose to is different with everyone but fundamentally we are all the same, we will sacrifice to achieve a goal.
Most of the time our sacrifices are not for selfish reasons but for the benefit of someone else.
How many of you have gone without so your kids could have what you didn’t or do something you hate to make someone happy.
Maybe go to jail for your brother or go for a walk through hell because a friend asked for your company.

Easter is a day to remind us about what we give up for others and how sometimes giving everything away until there is nothing left to give until you are left laying there naked in a crumbled heap on the ground for all to see but in the end you achieve what you set out to do and receive the bitter sweet prize that you accepted before hand.
I’d gladly give that pound of flesh that still beats free and always will as long as it beats to a worthy cause, even for someone else’s cause.

Soldiers, be friend or foe sacrifice themselves daily for the same thing, pawns in a real chess game with no end in sight.
They all give willingly for the ones they love so they could live a life free and safe.

Easter is not about one man’s sacrifice for his beliefs.
Easter is about humanities sacrifices to become more human and when I look back from the time they started marking Easter on the calendar I can honestly say, the sacrificing has been going really well but we have learned absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
There are still people out there sacrificing their lives every single fucken day while their families are at home walking around with fake smiles on their faces trying to look happy.

Since Christ was crucified we as a species have killed more people than have ever been killed in history.
Millions have been butcher in the last few centuries, stomped like fucken ants, over 260,424,000 people since that day they put Christ on that cross.
The only thing we have truly achieved over the centuries since Christ was put on that cross is to learn how to kill ourselves more efficiently.
I won’t point any fingers here because like I said, this is not about religion or pointing fingers it’s about sacrifice.

Easter marks a day when one man said no to the powers that be and refused to forsake his god and abandon his followers in their time of need.
He showed those that watched that some things were worth dieing for like freedom.
Freedom to worship who you want, think how you want, to be free to come and go without fear.

With his death, a piece of his soul entered all of those whom witnessed his willingness to die to be free.
A spark ignited a fire in many souls that day, resurrecting a sprit filled with life that still lives to this day, passed down over the years from generation to generation, taught to all those willing to learn that sacrifice is the right thing when it’s for a good cause.
It’s said Christ died for us which I think is true because with his death something was reborn in us and that was the will to live once more and to have hope.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter.



Shaz said...

This is so true and so well put together.
Will we ever learn??
Will those who have the so called power ever wake up??
I just pray they do.

Happy Easter Honey

Peter said...

And a Happy Easter to you too.

Jac said...


Michael Manning said...

Walker: Happy Easter to you and your family, friends and loved ones. I know I am happiest when I can get outside of myself to help someone else. It is so validating to see someone receiving and appreciating love that we have created. You're a good guy, Walker!

Lindy said...

Right back at ya! Thanks for always posting the most inspiring thoughts.
God Bless.

patti_cake said...

AWESOME post Walker. You said it so well. I also like the fun aspect of Easter. I do wonder how the bunny got to be a part of it. Maybe i'll g**gle it!

Chaotic Serenity said...

Very thought provoking post!
I hope you had a great Easter. :)