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Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Every year at Easter we have this tradition/ritual that we do.
We vote for on family member usually one we don’t really like that much and staple him/ her to the wall.
Just kidding.
Every year at Easter after we have eaten dinner we take the colored eggs and bang them into each other like a little contest to see who has the stronger egg.
Nose to nose then butt end to butt end.
It’s all a lot of fun.
I remember as a kid we used to look for ways to make our eggs harder buy painting the ends with nail polish hoping to make the harder and unbreakable.
We have all tried freezing them at least once only to find out that the eggs crack when you freeze them.
Some have bought wooden eggs to try and fool people and you usually get away with it until the time comes and you have to eat your egg.
I remember as a kid how much fun we used to have and still do.
This has been past down to our kids and my niece Amanda who is a little over 3 now loves to bang the eggs.
She first got a taste for it last year and tried to get my mother to paint eggs every time my mother pulls the carton out of the fridge.

This year was no different and she was excited to see my mother painting eggs.
My mother sat there for hours painting four dozen eggs carefully making sure none were cracked before she painted them and then colored the eggs, red, blue, yellow and green.
After she was done coloring the eggs she then used a paper towel dipped in olive oil to rub the eggs down giving them and brilliant shine.

After she had completed the eggs she took them into the dinning room and place them in a basket on the table then she when to lay down on the chair in the kitchen to get some rest while my niece played with her toys.
My niece has been staying with my parents while the SIL has been with her sick father.

My mother in her exhaustion didn’t notice what Amanda was doing until the kid ran up to her holding an egg to my mother telling her that that eggs was the strongest.
My mother laughed at her and said there may be another one in the basket that was harder but Amanda insisted that no the egg in her hand was in fact the strongest.
My mother just laughed at her and said she was probably right.
Amanda was adamant that her egg was the strongest and to prove her point she went and got the basket and showed my mother all the smashed eggs in it the she had won with her invincible egg.
I guess she was right.


My parents have gotten this new fangled stove in the last couple of years that pretty much does everything a stove can possible do.
They purposely bought it because it also has a convection oven so they could put two pans in at the same time and the hot air circulation cooks them both at the same time evenly in less time than if it was on just the regular oven setting.
The only problem is they never used it because they don’t know how.
My parents are technologically handicapped when it comes to the new fangled gadgets that the come in contact with.
If fact they sometimes call me to fix their TV because my father pressed the wrong button and now they don’t know how to turn the TV back on.
Anyhow, my father decided the other day it was the perfect time to try the convection oven after two years of being afraid to try it.
He put two pans in the oven one with roast pork and the other had a piece of roast beef in it.
He then pushed the buttons on the consol and the stove started doing what a stove does when you press the buttons.
About an hour later my mother called and asked me to come over because they said there was a problem with the new stove.
I went next door and my father told me the stove was broken and preceded to tell me how he had decided to use the convection oven.
He showed me what he done and then the stove just locked up and started cooking.
Locked up?
I pulled at the handle and sure enough the oven door was sealed tight as a can lid.
I asked my father to show me what he had press3ed and he showed me.
I started laughing.
My father wasn’t cooking he was cleaning the oven.


I was sitting at Archie’s today when Mike walked in and announced that he has found a job.
He will be working at the mines in Sudbury repairing the broken machines while the mine is close for a month.
It’s a temporary job but it pays eight grand a month and he could use it right now.
I asked him if he was willing to go down a couple of miles underground to do this work and he said even though he has never done that before that he will.
He will spend a month in each mine and work for three months giving him a nice chunk of cash.
Archie told him that he will have to wear a helmet with a little light on the top of it but Mike looked at him and said he wouldn’t have to because he would only be working the day shift.
Archie’s nodded an understanding nod and said it would be better working during the day because it wouldn’t be dark.
Mike told him that was why he took the day shift.
I sat there listening to both of them not believing what I was hearing.
WTF difference does it make if you work day or night when you are a fucken mile under the freaking ground, it’s going to be fucken dark.
They both just looked at me with these blank looks on their face and Archie said ”Yeah”.


Have a nice day


Peter said...

I guess that Pork and Beef were clean even if they weren't cooked Walker.

patti_cake said...

Hah I can see Madison doing something like Amanda did! Cute :)

Bwaa haaaa I would probably do what your parents did. I"m a technological 'tard!

Um, your friends have ruined too many brain cells with alcohol I think LOL

Vickie said...

I loved this post---it is so your life, thanks for sharing and for the smile.

Hope you are feeling better and on the bend these days.

Take care mt special friend, you are in my thoughts, sending you special thoughts and love.

Until we talk----take care.

nachtwache said...

It's never boring in your life :) Kids! What they won't get into, and it makes perfect sense to them. Our son's girlfriend taught her 2 preschoolers how to call for help, dialing 911, yesterday, this morning when I got home, a cop was at our door talking to hubby. Our son forgot my cellphone at the gf's house and the older girl (4) put her new knowledge into practice and called 911. She told mommy that she was talking to a lady, mom checked the call log. We all had a good chuckle. Your friends, I shake my head. Your parents "cleaning" the meat, I could see myself doing that. I laughed!!! Now they learned something, it can only get better :) Take care, I hope your health improves, and your weather.

itisi said...

Walker, you are just having way too much fun there! WAY too much!!

Shaz said...

I have just laughed from start to finish and I still am.

Your neice is pretty clever, How cute. Your dad? Oven thats classic.

Monica said...

So um...Amanda doesn't take after your dad then, right? After all, she knows hers is the strongest egg and the oven thing, well.

I want to know if that company of Mike's is still hiring. I'll work a month for 8000.00 wow.

Lora_3 said...

Tell Mike we are all so proud of him!

I like these stories. They make me smile.

Be safe...

Walker said...

Peter: It waws defenitly a clean meal LOL

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: I have had troubke with some of the new gadgets the put out there.
They give you and thick book to read and most of the time you can't get past the on switch lol

Walker said...

Vickie: Life is as fun as you make it or look at it.
I am feeling better these days

Walker said...

nachtwache: Life is never boring in anyones life.
Its how we look at life that makes it exciting :)

Walker said...

ItisI: Oh yes I do have fun and loving it :)

Walker said...

Shaz: She is a pistol.
She always gets into one mess of the other out of pure curiousity.

Walker said...

Monica: I am begining to think you like going underground. First you want to see my basement and now you want to work in the mines Hmmm

Walker said...

Lora: I will tell Mike "Wink"
I am happy you like these stories