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Friday, April 20, 2007

Going Potty ©

Friday, what should I write about on a Friday.
I could do a Sex Talk, been awhile.
I could go on a rant about how the world is all fucked up or I could pick on that idiot host Wolfe on CNN who was interviewing that student from Virginia Tech that used his cell phone to take that video as the shooting was happening.
The kid by look and his accent was obviously Middle Eastern but Wolfe had to ask the million-dollar question.
“Where are you from?”
Like it wasn’t obvious to everyone who was watching.
Who gives a fuck where he was from?
Would he have asked that question if he didn’t look like he was, I bet not.
Some people are just dickheads.
The kid’s lucky he didn’t get his head shot off trying to take that video.

It was a beautiful day here for a change and I spent yesterday afternoon doing a lot of re-potting.
For those of you that don’t know I have a lot of plants 39 to be exact and not the smokable kind for those that are snickering thinking “yeah we know the plants you are growing”.
I see that I am going to be having a bit of a problem in the near future because I am getting to good at taking care of most of them and they are growing kinda big.
The one cactus now is about six feet tall and getting wider.
I will be moving all of them outside soon so they can enjoy the summer sun and I can paint my house.

My mother has been trying to sneak into my house to see what I have but I keep stopping her at the door while she tries to peek under my arm to see if she could get a glimpse of my plants but she can’t see unless she actually walks in.
If she sees something she likes she starts harping that she wants one and then my father starts belly aching about another plant in the house and then when I go next door I am in trouble from both of them one for not giving her a plant and the other for letting her want another plant.
I just can’t win.

What I am impressed with though are my African violets, they are my one biggest nemesis.
I have never been able to keep then alive longer than a couple of months for some reason.
Many people have told me they arew tempermental and hard to deal with, boy they wern't kidding.
The first ones I got were given to me by a friend and the were big and healthy until she got on a plane and left me in charge.
By the time she came back they looked just as nice and only because I went and bought new ones.
Problem was they were a different color than the old ones that died when the flowers came out.

I have tried everything and have killed a dozen already.
This time I bought three that were dieing already from the store for a buck each.
I figured “Hey they are dieing it wont be my fault when they die”, right?
Well that’s what I thought and then they started doing well.
Go figure I buy healthy ones and they croak.
I buy ones that are croaking and they thrive go figure nothing I do goes the way it’s supposed to.
While I was dumping the old dirt into the front garden my father spots me through the window and comes out to see what I was doing and I told him I was re-potting.
He then asked me where I bought the soil from because he went out to get some and they were out.
I told him I had had stored in the basement from when the closed down last year for the season.

I always keep 5-6 large bags of potting soil and just as many of the cactus soil around in case I need to re-pot plants.
He didn’t say anything after that and went inside to his place while I dragged the plants back in.
As I was puttering around the room reorganizing the plants accord8ing to their size, the phone rang and it was my mother.
She asked me if I would give my father a bag of soil.
I didn’t mind so I went down and brought him one outside.
My father starts his tomato plants inside in March so they are ready for planting in may in the garden.
He has a small patch about 10x10 feet but gets a lot of veggies out of it.
He plants beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, celery zucchini and various herbs.
I give him the bag and go back inside.
About thirty minutes later the phone rings and my mother wants to know if I have another bag of soil for my father.
I scoot down and bring him one more and come back inside for about 15 minutes when my mother call once more for more soil.
He is using my potting soil for his plants where he should be using topsoil, which is cheaper.
I went outside and told him that when I gave him yet ANOTHER bag.
My mother then called me and I went over for lunch and while we were sitting there my father asked me for some pots.
I told him I didn’t have any.
He said yes I did, there were about thirty of them under the stairs next to the freezer.
He watched my house while I was in New Zealand and must have catalogue everything I have that he wants to borrow.
I gave him ten pots to shut him up.

My banana plant is doing great and has doubled in size.
I will be putting it into this huge 14-inch pot I have so that it can grow more roots faster.
I am determined to get it as big as that $400 one I saw for the price of five bucks.
Some of these plant places are sick in the head if they think I am dishing out that kind of money for a plant when I can buy a small one and grow it to that size.
I will end this post here because I will probably put up a Sex Talk.
The peanut gallery is calling for one.

HEY!!!!!!!! How did that get there?

Have a nice weekend



Vickie said...

You have some nice looking plants---even that last looking pot plant---reminds me of the time when I was so naive---and my neighbor asked me if I would take care of his plants when he was away on vacation. Being such a sweet and loving person I agreed until Carl said do you realize what you have just agreed to take care of Vickie----those are not legal house plants----yes they are very pretty and they are "pot" plants but not your normal house plants----

Yes sweetie I was naive---I did decline.

Hope all is well with you.

Lora_3 said...

I should have a t-shirt made that says "Get Potty"!
Everyone would think it was a Mommy thing. LOL

Love the plants. Love the pictures.

Be safe...

Susan said...

Yhank you for the photos. Its always a treat to snoop around your house. You must have a very green thumb.

Shaz said...

I have been re potting doing herbs and veges. It must be that time of year.
Great pics x

mrhaney said...

hello my friend. your plants look good and it seems like you have a lot more luck with them than i do so i try to stay clear of them. it seems like i got to close to a plant the other day. i think they call this one poison ivy. i was surprised you had a blog because i looked at mine and it did not have the word new next to your name as a matter of fact no one did. some thing must be wrong with it. i may have to get you to take a look at it.
it seems like your parents are going to end up with all your stuff if you don't start saying no to them. easier said than done though. well have a good one and get that sex talk on here. the bond girls are waiting. have a good one and i will talk at you soon. mrh.

gab said...

Do you know that I have NEVER EVER seen the last plant in real life form? God how nieve am I? I have 2 plants left the rest dies in the move back here. :(

jules said...

I've killed more plants than global warming.

jules said...

Oh...except for my rubber tree plant which is thriving, probably based on the name alone!

Walker said...

Vickie: I had a pot plant growing in my house one year that was eight feet tall and the cops raided me looking for illegal cigarettes and the kept brushing past it and didn't notice.
Mike and I almost died holding the laugher in until they left empty handed not being able to find anything illegal LOL

Walker said...

Lora: LOL that is an idea but it might insight people to spend more time on the toilet lol

Walker said...

Susan: Thank you.
I don;t know about a green thumb but I try and have been lucky for the most part.

Walker said...

Shaz: Yes it is that time of year here but isn't it fall where you are?

Walker said...

MrH: I think luck is the right word with me.
I do my best but luck does play a big factor.
I had to learen how most of my plants live so i can take care of them

Walker said...

Gab: Many haven't seen a real pot plant but I will tell you this. The bugger stinks in the house.

Walker said...

Jules: LOL you're to funny.
I have killed my share of plants to and not on purpose. I put it down to the plant being defective LOL
Rubber plants never die lol

Lindy said...

Now, how did we know? BTW..I read the sex post too. As always you're very entertaining.

Aims said...

I seriously can't keep plants alive. Love your photos.

Walker said...

Lindy: I try to be :)

Walker said...

Aims: I used to be that way to then one day I thought Hmmmmmmm I sould water therm more than once a year and wow look what happened LOL