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Monday, February 26, 2007

For Some Blogging Fun ©

The other day in my comments I was informed that I had been nominated for “Battle Of The Blogs” by my good friend Vickie (Probably wants to see me get my butt kicked).
This is being put on by Leesa over at Leesa’s Stories and after the initial shock of
“This is what a reader said about you:
"I want to have Walker's baby."
No that's not it.”
I said OK in the name of fun and I will get to meet some new bloggers in the process.
So, if some of you would like to vote for me (Lost Here And Beyond) can do so here Southern Bracket and you could vote for some of your other friends in it, head off to Battle Of The Blogs and have some fun maybe meet some new friends or find an old one.

How was that for shamlessly promoting myself? LOL

Have a nice day



Nan said...

You got my vote!

gab said...

you got my vote!

Vickie said...

About that .....I want to have Walker's for the arrangements....oh by the way you got my vote....Go Walker. :)

patti_cake said...

Hey nothing wrong with shameless promotion at all and you know you've got my vote!

Teresa said...

I voted. May the Force be with you.

hellbunny said...

I'll go vote now.
So,how many babies do you have to father Walker.
I guess the idea is that your rivals will figure you'll be too busy to blog.

Miss 1999 said...

Nothing wrong with a little self promotion! It's the Southern way ;0)

nachtwache said...

I took time out from spoiling myself, to vote for you. But I'll have to say no to more babies, I'm done. The teen years killed any remaining urges for motherhood :)

Miss Understood said...

Just passing through to say hi, and to thank you for commenting on my site.

I just read the entry about your was lovely and sad and beautiful, all at once. I think I may stay a while if that's ok?