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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Money For Nothin, Tears Are Free ©

I am still in ISP hell and spending more time down than online.
I have a post all about that to put up but today’s post is about what I saw on TV while waiting for them to get me running properly again.

Last night I watched on the news where Canada paid Afghan farmers for lands that the Canadian military engineers cut a road through.
I watched Canadian military personnel count a million Canadian dollars worth of Afghan currency, cash, paper money and stuff it in manila envelopes then put them in a large container.
The container was then loaded in an armoured personnel vehicle and with a fully armed convoy escort and was driven to its destination.
The money was supposed to compensate the farmers for the crops lost and for future losses due to the construction of the road but we didn’t pay them for the crops of opium and marijuana they lost, I bet that hurt.
I watched this guy walk in a room, give his name and receive this huge envelope filled with money that would give you a hernia just picking it up then walked outside to waiting reporters only to say he is happy but it was not enough.
He says that the Canadians should rebuild the schools and villages destroyed during the war so that the people can move back to the region.

I had all night to ponder this tit bit of information before I started forming an opinion and then started getting really mad.
It was not enough he said.
Why are we there again?
We are there getting rid of the terrorists that were stepping on these peoples’ throats, preventing them to live free, the way they want.
Basically we are being pest exterminators and we are doing it for free at our expense, and it HAS been expensive, 44 Canadians have been killed along with 297 American, 46 British, 19 Spanish, 18 German, 9 French, 9 Italian, 4 Dutch, 4 Romanian, 3 Danish, 2 Swedish, 1 Australian, 1 Norwegian, and 1 Portuguese.
Not to forget the wounded which number in the thousands.
Millions of dollars in equipment and supplies coming out of our pockets, the tax payers of these countries who have also sent their sons and daughters over to help them and possibly get killed in the process.
We are there to help you not us, we are there to fix YOUR mess not ours.

Oh yeah, you are right, we are there to deal with the terrorists that threaten and kill us at home and abroad, yes that’s true but if you didn’t let this garbage come to your country in the first place, welcoming them with open arms we wouldn’t be having these problems in the first place would we now.
What’s that, you weren’t strong enough to tell them NO.
Well you could have asked us when it was a small little tiny problem before if got this fucken huge and thousands of people would be alive now instead of dead and gone.

The convoy with the money reached its destination without incident.
Why would there be an incident, they were probably delivering the money to the same people they are hunting.
Are we the ones supplying the money used to buy the same bullets that kill our soldiers?
These farmers are still in business and left alone by Al Qaeda for a reason and it’s probably because they pay them or are with them.
We should build their towns and schools, why?
Do they want us to chew their food for them to?
Go out there and start building your own fucken villages, it’s not like you have much to do since we are doing the fighting and dieing for you.
Isn’t it enough that we pay with the blood of our citizens to help set them free from their own doing?
I think we are doing plenty for them already by being there to help.
We shouldn’t have to pay farmers for land we need to build a road on that is used to protect these people and when we are gone they will have a road built for them at our expense.
The way I see it, it should be their contribution to the war effort since they can’t fight, that’s if they even want to fight, to me it looks like they would be happy just having things the way they are now.
They have an international force protecting their drugs as they grow in the fields so that when they are harvested they could sell their heroin to the west and help fuck up our kids.

Personally I don’t think we should be compensating farmers for lands we need to build roads to protect them with.
If it wasn’t for the soldiers we sent there they wouldn’t be able to work these farms or maybe even have them unless they paid off Al Qaeda.
If it wasn’t for the soldiers putting their lives on the line there would probably be more dead Afghan people today and the 400 plus soldiers of the international force would still be alive and with their families.
I want to know what Afghanistan’s contribution to this war is or is playing the victim all they need to do?

I look a little back in history and see the Afghan people rallying to fight the Russians when they were invaded, how come they can’t rally a force to fight Al Qaeda or maybe they don’t want to because they are Al Qaeda?
At some stage of this game we are going to have to look at who we are helping and ask ourselves why are we helping people that aren’t trying to help themselves but they are willing to protect the drugs they grow and use to poison our kids with.
In the Spring it is expected that the enemy forces will rally for an attack on our troops.
How many more will die to protect these farmer’s drugs and how much will it cost us to make them happy?
Oh, I forgot, they never are happy.
These are just my opinions.

Have a nice weekend



Peter said...

Sounds pretty much "spot on" to me Walker, people who think the world owes them a living are always easy to find.

nachtwache said...

As usual, well put! I agree completely, couldn't say it any better. The west helps, they turn around and want more while laughing at us for being suckers. I's a different mentality than what the west has.

Bodge said...

Your opinions echo mine.(and no doubt millions of others)

Well said.