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Thursday, March 01, 2007

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I’m tired, confused, a little pissed off and not a drop of scotch in the house.
The last three weeks have been frustrating to say the least.
It all started with my ISP going on and off all the time.
They decided it was my modem and mailed me a new one.
Well they said the mailed me one two Fridays ago and last Monday they said they sent me one and on Thursday, then they said they mailed me one on Tuesday soooooooo either they were lying to me or I got 2 more modems on the way, not including the one I just received.

Their reasoning about my problems though doesn’t sound right with me and I think they are messing with my head more than trying to figure out what is really wrong or they’re really stupid and trying to make me stupid to.
I find some people on the support lines get really condescending when they believe they know more than you do, especially in the computer fields, snotty fuckers some of them are.

“Well Mr Walker, I have been trained to answer all your questions by some of the best people my company can afford to hire”.
“There is nothing I don’t know about and could fix all your problems”.
“So what can I do for you”?

“Everyday at 8 pm give or take 5 minutes my ISP goes down until 9 am, give or take five minutes until the next morning and has been for the last 10 days ”.
“ I don’t have a fax machine, a satellite dish and the modem is 3 feet away from the computer all by its lonesome like that skanky hooker on the corner across the street”.

I see, let me get my supervisor”.

“Hmmm, I see, your supervisor and who is that?
The copy of Internet for dummies you keep close by you with.
Yeah I know this is all new to the world and yeah it’s scary and complicated and yeah it’s a headache to the average person but you know what?
This is my forth call in fifteen days and this Tale is getting more substantial the Rupa’s tits”.

Every day at 8pm my Internet connection dies and stays that way until 9 am.
I called them up and they did some adjusting while they had me move half my house around testing the modem in various rooms to see if it would be better but for once when they boosted the signal it has not worked past 8pm.
Then they make me disconnect all my cordless phones saying that might be the problem but still no Internet.
Then they want me to measure the distance of my modem from everything electronic and still no Internet.
They concluded it was the modem.
How is that I asked?
Does it have an internal clock that says, “OK it’s 8 pm quitting time, let’s go home and fuck the old socket on the wall”.
Then it starts at 9 am more or less on the button.
Get real, I’m not stupid, they are doing something and don’t want to say it.
Trust me, there is no way the modem has a 9am to 8 pm shift then shuts off for the night by its self.
I grilled them but they wouldn’t budge so I conceded to the fact that until a new modem arrives I wont be able to do much.
I tried, some of you who check your stats are probably thinking I am a stalker.
I had to enter some blogs 10-20 times trying to leave a comment only to have my Internet nod off before the comment could be saved.
So I take my frustration to my leather chair and decide to give it a rest until the modem gets here and try and shake the lung infection that has been keeping me sick for the last couple of months.
Would have been gone by now if I stood still long enough but I have been busy out of the house for others.

I didn’t sit in front of the TV all night everyday watching the endless procession of CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY and all the Law and Orders that seem to have taken control of most of the channels.
I did write a couple of posts and waited for the ever so small window to hit publish and for those that have be bugging me for a sex talk you will have your wish on Friday with Sex Talk: Give Me A Reason.

Then two days ago there was a knock on the door and the modem arrived.
Wait a minute, this isn’t like the modem I had.
They had been trying to get me to send in my modem for a year now but I didn’t want to.
Mine was working just fine and if it isn’t broken why fuck with perfection.
My brain started ticking now and I was getting a little suspicious of my dilemma and their solution to give me what they have been trying to give me for a year.
I remove it from the box and hook it up then call them to help me with the finer points of the set up so that there is no question that it is set up properly.

I call up support and end up with this guy who had so much enthusiasm in his voice I almost fell asleep.
I could tell he didn’t like his job or care about it from his tone of voice.
We got the modem hook up and running for the computer that was hook up to it but now we had to set up the wireless part of the modem so that the laptops could have access to it.
This was the pain in the ass.
For almost two hours we did this and that to no avail.
In the end he said the modem must be broken.
No one has this much bad luck; I refused to accept it and told him to think of something else.
Then he tries to tell me it’s my house or something in it.
Nothing has changed here in the last 5 years with where I kept the old modem and the new one.
I felt like he was just trying get rid of me because he couldn’t figure it out.
For about another thirty minutes he tried and then he gave up.
Do you want to know what he said to me?
He said,” Why don’t you play with it and see if you can get it working and if you don’t call back and we will send you a new modem”.
What do I pay $55 a month for?
Fine, I didn’t even say bye I just cut Mr Excitement off cold, I was just madder than all hell churning before the eruption.
Play with it?
That’s probably his problem, playing with it too much and couldn’t keep his head to his work.

The good thing was that I had Internet to one computer so I sat for a while trying to catch up on as many blogs and blog posts as I could before I went to bed.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that Vickie had nominated me for Battle of the Blogs.
I want to thank every one who voted for me in this on going event, it IS a close battle I must say.
Good thing nails grow back I just got to remember not to chew past them.

Then last night I opened an email that said one of my posts was chosen for Post of the month.
Gee Whiz (Stolen from Karen), who cares about all this negative stuff when nice things like this happen.
I want to thank MommaK, Lindsay and Vickie.
With this post I have written 504 and if there was something to happen and I was to loose them, I would try and save only three, Scary Lurkers, Harsh Lessons and the one that was chosen Harsh Lessons 2.
We teach and monitor our kids when they are on the Internet about and for safety but we forget that we are just as vulnerable.
So you see its not all bad and the lung infection has cleared up.
Now for the dislocated shoulder to get better and I’ll be ready for spring.

In the morning I woke up and Mike was on my computer checking his stock, he used to just go on his laptop when the wireless was working.
This won’t do, nope.
So I started my laptop and went to properties.
The laptop saw the wireless network but it couldn’t access it for some reason.
I went through everything we did the night before and it looked right.
Then I went to the properties and noticed that the network was set for open.
Why would a secure network with a heavy encryption code be open?
I changed it to shared and hit apply.
A window came up and all of a sudden I was online.
Taking Mike’s laptop I did the same and off it went and so did Mike to his room when he saw that it worked.
I could sit he and rain my praises for that support person from the night before but I’m just too happy to call him a dumb fuck.

And that my friends is the end of that nightmare but not to worry there is another one brewing.
We are moving Mike to his new apartment tomorrow and I am sure out of the 6 of us there will be something to blog about.
Don’t for get the Sex Talk will be up tomorrow at 11:30 pm and don’t forget to check out The Battle of The Blogs and you could cast your vote for yours truly here Southern Bracket or you could cast a stone, I do have a helmet on and I am up against a nice lady.

Have a nice day



hellbunny said...

Im glad you got it fixed.I wouldn't have a clue.When mine wouldn't work it was only a wire plugged in wrong.

gab said...

Glad its all fixed. They tell you when you work at these places that you have been trained by the best but they are also suppose to tell you if they cant fix it or answer the question that they will get someone above them!
LOL on the guy who played with his too much! no wonder he couldnt think! Glad to know your back in top form!

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

I thought I was pretty smart until I tried to vote for you. I can't seem to find the link to vote for you. Am I missing something?

Peter said...

Sometimes you have to wonder whether it is worthwhile owning a computer and trying to stay connected to the net.