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Friday, January 12, 2007

What's In The Truth? ©

The other day while in my ISP hell, I found myself sitting watching TV.
Yeah yeah, I had no choice I know some of you are shocked.
I was flipping through channels and landed on CNN I think.
Anyway, there was this female host in this time slot discussing something that had come to light recently in the states.
Her name was Nancy Grace.
I had never heard of her before or seen this show.

Now this post isn’t about the breaking news because that’s just coming out now or was when I saw the program.
This is about the host and the way media works.
The story in its short form was that a 30-year-old guy and a 14-year-old girl who met on line ran off together.
They were from different states and took off to a third together to a motel 6.
According to police they met on line and the girl had said she was 18 to this man.
So they started a relationship and after a few months they ran off together.
According to the police spokesman on the show he said that the man did not touch her when he found out her age and it was confirmed.
Now that is still being investigated so I can’t say any more on that.
I’m sure the police will be hauling in computers and checking out emails and if this guy is a predator then they should fry him but until then he deserves the benefit of the doubt and not to be called a 300 pound 30 year old rapist on national TV by some person with a definite hemorrhoid problem.

Now on this show were four lawyers, a cop who is investigating this and a district attorney plus the host of course.
The host asked the cop if they charge the guy with statutory rape.
The cop said no charges have been laid yet and wasn’t sure if any would be.
The host was beside herself and went off on a rant at the cop when he told her that the girl admitted telling the guy she was 18 but that didn’t matter to the host.
She said the girl was 14 and the guy should be charged because she was underage and it didn’t matter where they met and if he couldn’t tell that she was under age.

She cut the cop off abruptly without a thank you and went to one of the lawyers and asked her what she thought about it?
The lawyer said that the girl lied and that the guy shouldn’t be held responsible if he thought she was of age.
Well this didn’t make the host any happier who promptly went to the next lawyer ignoring the one she just insulted by dismissing her rudely only to hear the same from this one and the one after.
She was obviously upset because the guy wasn’t charged and couldn’t find any support from the panel legal minds that was there.
Now she raised her voice to the point where she was practically yelling on the show, eyes bulging causing tension and drama like a spoiled little brat.
Then looking for some support she went to the DA who said that if it was the case where she lied to the man there was nothing that could be done.
Fuck, I thought she was going to have a stroke on national TV.
Not being able to gather any support from the experts she did what all smart TV people do.
She opened her phone lines to callers and fans of the show and yes she got her needed support from her faithful fans.
She was right, the law was wrong.
Media justice has prevailed once more, long live stupidity.

She believes this man should be charged because he should have been able to know that the girl was 14 rather than 18 like she told him even if they were on line.
How can you tell how old a person is on line?
I could tell you I am 47 or 27 how would you know, how old are you?
But are you really?

There are a lot of lonely people out there and they have found the Internet for some comfort but they get preyed on by people to and they are of ALL ages.
It is a dangerous place here on line as I have said in the past with these two posts (Scary Lurkers and Harsh Lessons) and you should be careful when meeting with people here.
We are all blind and take risks when we meet people on line and take them for their word almost all the time.
This girl has a history with men on line and is no stranger to trouble with her parents because of it.
Without knowing all the facts in this case and the way it stands, the guy is the victim here of someone with a history of this kind of behavior but it should be looked into to be on the safe side.
There is no age on guilt or on being a victim, something most of us forget.

This host had it in her head to convict this man in an on going investigation and to create a fury to bolster her ratings.
She may be the cause into how this is seen and an innocent person gets into trouble.
What does she care, tomorrow she will move to another story.
She is a prime example of why the world is the way it is today.
We crave all this real live action for out entertainment and forget there are real people on the other side of that TV screen.
So many people watch the news for some excitement but all they get is the bullshit created by the media.
Have you notice there is more bad news on than there is good news?
Why do you think that is?
Do you, think that most of the world is shit and nothing good happens because there is hardly anything positive on the news?
What happened to honest reporting, looking for the truth and getting justice where justice is due?
The media is supposed to report the news but lately they have begun to create it or become it like with the imbedded journalists in Iraq
You know if you close your eyes to the truth you become what you fear, in this case maybe the news.
I have learned to question what I see on the news now a day especially with all the news channels out there.
Sometimes it’s confusing jumping form one channel to the next and hearing different versions of the same event.
What’s with that?
How do we know which is right?
We can’t trust the media because we have no fucken idea if what they are saying is real or fiction anymore.
Most if not all they report is hearsay but they make it sound like its gospel and they got it from the source; the woman whose neighbor used to live there but her best friend still does and heard it from the gardener that was working across the street.

Then they come down on the authorities for immediate answers to questions, stalling the process and helping the criminals escape with information they need to get away or off.
All they’re doing is distracting the police from looking for real criminals.
How many cases have the media blown because of their zealous quest for ratings?
Then they write about how the system failed.
The system does not always fail sometimes it’s betrayed or compromised by outside forces.
Have you ever watched a high speed chase on the news.
There are 10 cruisers and a police helicopter and 20 news helicopters zooming in and out getting footage.
They try and manipulate the truth into what it’s not exactly to create sensationalism, which translates into money but the bi product is polluting a potential jury pool.
How many have been convicted or acquitted because of the media?
If we have to put our trust in doctors teachers and other professionals and hold them accountable then why not the press.

But back to Nancy Grace, she sat there on national TV making this big thing about a 14-year-old girl running off with a 30 year old man.
That’s one girl with one man.
If that bothers her maybe she should go downtown in her city and look at the multitude of 12-year-old hookers on the street, you know the ones she honks her horn at to get out of the way because she is late for her manicure.
They are someone’s daughters to and THAT should be addressed but that’s not important like what she was making a fuss about here because it’s fresh meat to sink her teeth in.
Who cares about a bunch of hookers even if they are 12 years old; oh that’s right, she has to wait for them to turn 14.
I wonder, does she really care about the girl?
I can’t answer that, I can only go by what I have seen and what I have seen is this is one rude person who only cares about what she, thinks is right and only that.

There was one more thing.
She was continuously referring to the guy as the “300 pound fat man”.
Not once or twice but a dozen times.
WFT is that?
Does is matter?
Would have made a difference if he was a 180 pound pervert?
Or does she have issues with fat people to?
How shallow can you get lady?
What happened to good old fashion reporting, you know by the men and women who had integrity and believed that we deserved to know the truth.
Or has that to become an extinct dinosaur to?

What can I say, that entertainment folks.
I hope the police figure out this mess and do what needs to be done no matter who is at fault.
As for Nancy Grace, I don’t have to watch, right?

Have a nice day



patti_cake said...

I have never watched Nancy Grace and now i'm sure I never will. She sounds like an ignorant self absorbed beeyotch.

Lora_3 said...

The greatest weapon of mass destruction is the media. It instills fear to control actions or reactions.

I don't remember what year Don Henley wrote the song Dirty Laundry but the song remains the same with the news media today.

The real story was why do so many 14 year old girls want to runaway not caring about their own welfare. However the reporter missed that point. As citizens and parents we should worry and want answers to that question.

For the name calling the reporter should be fired. I so could go on about that but I won't.

Good post. Don't watch Fox News! LOL

Be safe...

Teresa said...

I know who she is, but I rarely watch national news. Sounds like a lot of people are at fault--and Nancy Grace is at the top of the list. Good post.

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

I hate to watch any news. It all tends to make me too sad. I think the newsmedia are about the stupidest people in the world when it comes to sorting out the good or bad in a story. And have you ever noticed how they tell the criminals how to get away with crimes? Like they need any help.

Peter said...

Hi Walker, another great post my friend, do you have to search out this stuff or does it just fall into your lap?
I also read the two posts you linked (as you know I am a fairly new reader of your work) there are just so many frightening factors in those posts and they raise the question of just where does mans inhumanity to man end?
Keep up the good work... AND the funny stuff too

John_Smith said...

Very good commentary.

For a full two hours Headline News has what I call "Fascist Alley", two programs that are back to back and expose the ugly side of humanity. Nancy Grace, the failed and discredited prosecutor, is followed by Glenn Beck, an undereducated ex-alcoholic/drug addict who has become a born-again Christian (Mormon) and right-wing commentator. No, he is not a conservative, he is a right-winger with an agendum to have a massive war to erase Moslems. Like most arm-chair Pattons (read chicken hawks), he is an unlikely candidate for military service, sparing the ad hominem attack that he has a remarkable resemblance to Baby Huey. This fearful little man is not fearful in his support to send in American troops into harm's way to rat out the hordes who wish to kill him, as he sees it. His narrow-mindedness and insensitivity makes hime a perfect companion to Nancy Grace.

Grace, whom I mentioned is a discredited prosecutor, having a history of tampering with evidence for her own benefit, has the viewership, if only for the crowd that loves to hate her. As a result, her freak show gets the ratings that keep her on Headline News. My advice to the viewers is to avoid the show and watch her dry up.

She reminds me so much of Judge Oswald Freisler. If you are not familiar with him, he was the Nazi judge who tried the conspirators who tried to kill Hitler in July 1944 and Sophie Scholl of the White Rose pacificist movement in Germany in 1943. Much like Grace, he cajoled and yelled from his podium, and with little evidence all who were before him were guilty and were also doomed. No one could answer him, much like Grace.

It amazes me when I watch Grace's show what little respect and knowledge she has for the Constitution and the rulings of the Supreme Court in the U.S.A., demonstrating that the persistance of fools prevail on television. The sooner that she becomes a footnote in popular history the better. Until then, be prepared for others to be bulldozed and destroyed, all because of her high profile and small, small mind.

elvira black said...

A woman recently committed suicide after a grilling by Nancy Grace.

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: It was my first time and I wish i never did.
It was the way she treated her guests that offended me the most.

Walker said...

Lora_3 : For a second I thought you were going to say her mouth was thre greatesat weopon lol.
Yes, why does a 14 year old want to run away from home is the big story. Or what she is running from

Walker said...

Teresa: I think if we want to look at all the problems pleaging the world we need to look at some of the instgators to

Walker said...

Lindy: YES they give out more information to criminals than they could have wished to find out.
They have gone past reporting the news and have entered tabloid status.

Walker said...

Peter: This stuff just knocks me on the head.
Most people are good, but there are those few that make life look so ugly.

Walker said...

John_Smith: Its amazing how they can hire someone who has been proven to be dishonest to give us the news and PEOPLE WATCH HER.
That is the most scary pasrt of this.
WHY do they watch and sadly so many believe what she says.
Thanks for stopping by John

Walker said...

elvira black: I went and saw that. How low can someone go as to push a person to end their life.
How do her employer justify this?
Money, I hope they fucken chock on it.

Peter said...

I'm sorry, Mr. John_Smith, but I have to correct you. The president of the nazi tribunal (Volksgerichtshof) was Roland Freisler. Oswald was his younger brother who commited suicide en 1939. No problem. It can happen.

The comparison is well taken anyway.

daisy said...

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