blue moon (2)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boot boot boot boot boot……………….. ©

Are you there?


Hi yoyo-man


Everyone is having fun with Walker thanks to my ISP.
Who needs enemies when you have friends?
Every five minutes I boot.
Every time I come back, one of them goes “BOO”!

You there?
Just checking

You there?
Just checking

You there?
Just checking

You there?
Just checking

Do you give head?
Just checking

That’ll teach you for leaving me an anonymous comment.
It wasn’t me!!

It got so bad people didn’t know if they were talking to me or not so I decided that this was enough.
I pay these guys enough money and I was getting dizzy watching MSN go on and off instead of enjoying my time on line.

Yeah I know.

So I told whom I was talking to that I was going off line and try to get my ISP fixed.
I called my ISP and they said that they could send someone over to change the phone line and put a new one in.
For $250
Not cool.
I told him I will think about it and hung up.

I don’t know but $250 to change a wire sounds like a lot of money so I went downstairs and found the line then followed it back to the box it came from.
Looked easy.
I have a 500-foot box of phone wire I had left over from a wiring job I done so I grabbed that and some tools.
I brought the box upstairs and feed it through the hole.
I went back downstairs and pulled out what I needed, cut and stapled it to the wall all the way to the main box where I connected it.
Hell that went so fast I installed a phone in the basement next to the toilet I built.
Just in case someone falls off and breaks a leg they could call for help.
The whole thing took forty-five minutes and they wanted $250.
Who need crime when you can rip people off legally?
I go upstairs and start the modem.
Just as it kicked on an IM comes in.

So what did you think of that?
Well at least I know it works.
I told you I was going off line……….

OH and my cat Emme did the electric shuffle tonight with fireworks to boot.
Man I never saw her move so fast before.
I took a break from the computer and sat in the darkness of my TV room, which is also Emme’s room.
She lays there sleeping on her favorite dirty, fur covered wool blanket sleeping.
I dropped in my leather chair and just started off into the darkest corner of the room thinking.
I’ve got a couple of posts I have been wanting to write and was aligning my thoughts when I heard a small crackle, like a twig snapping.
In the darkness and silence of the room that was loud.
Then I heard it again.
I sat up in the chair and looked in the direction I thought the sound came from.
The sound came to me again but this time it was accompanied with a small flash of light.
Leaning forward I could see Emme’s outline on her carpet.
She then starts moving but as she moves she is letting out these small sounds and the crackling sound starts again but is now continuous and sounds like a campfire but the weird part was these little bluish flashing lights, it looked like blue fireflies all around Emme who was now howling and dancing around the coffee table.
I reached down to grab her from her troubles only to be shocked when I touched her.
I opened the light and picked her up.
As I was petting her I was being shocked by the static electricity in her fur.
Emme is a big fur-ball and also and current magnant it seems.

A couple of years ago I installed a new gas furnace and it doesn’t have a humidifier built in so the air fills with static electricity sometimes and this time it got trapped in Emme’s fur.
It’s easy for me to sit here now and laugh at it but I don’t think Emme thinks it’s funny.
I don’t think she trusts her blanket any more either because she is sleeping next to her wool blanket instead of on it.
I may have to splurge on a humidifier for the furnace before Emme goes bald and starts to stutter.

As many of you have noticed I am back on line for now until the internet gods throw me another curve to tackle.
I’ll catch up with the rest of you when I wake up.

Have a good one

And yes I am here



hellbunny said...

Hope you can it sorted soon.Its very annoying i know.

patti_cake said...

I know it is frustrating as hell when you can't get online.. Grr...

I can't help but laugh at poor Emme. Please get that humidifier before she goes bald and starts to stutter ok? !

Anonymous said...

I think you are the sexiest blogger I have met. Want to talk sometime?

Random Reflections said...

Your poor cat - very funny though.

You could try and see if you can attach objects to the cat next time she is filled with static. And then post photos!

Nan said...

HAHAHA, my poor kitties are going through the same thing right now with the static electricity. It's quite funny to me but they sure looked pissed!

Susan said...

Glad you finally got it back up.! Are you under snow yet?

Peter said...

Yeah, we know you're there... but do you give head?

Walker said...

Hellbunny: I think I have for now but the way things go I just knew something else will come up.

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: Emme looked funny but I felt sorry for her, She is an Old lady you know. 19 years old but she can still boogie

Walker said...

Anonymous: Hmm well I know i havent met any bloggers but if you want sure.

Walker said...

Random Reflections: I could but I bet the camera get shorted out by her LOL

Walker said...

Nan: I bet you kittens are jumping around to and yours are younger

Walker said...

Susan: Its all greeen here. What snow we got is all gone now but its freezing today

Walker said...

Peter: I could eat pussy day in and day out. :)

Chaotic Serenity said...

I have long hair, almost to my butt, and winter can be really harsh with the static. I understand and feel sorry for poor ole Emme! lol

Walker said...

Chaotic Serenity : I was thinking of spraying her with static guard but decided aghainst it lol

Lora_3 said...

Walker your such a bicycle.
Day in and day out, yeah right!

Be safe...

Walker said...

Lora: I have no idea what you mean LOL