blue moon (2)

Monday, January 15, 2007

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Welcome to purgatory, mine anyway and I don’t mean the city, I mean my state of being lately.
Once upon a time people would cross the street to avoid me.
Not that I threatened people but I guess I look like a serial killer or something.
No body asked me for anything, I did what I wanted and I had all the time in the world to do what I pleased.
I stayed out of people’s way and let them lead their lives as they so chose to thus leaving me to do the same.
Where the fuck did I go wrong?
It must have been 18 years ago when I decided to wear shorts.
I should have just stuck to wearing the jeans and black leather.
All of a sudden I find myself running around for everyone and when I am done I have more to do.
By the time I have finished, the day is gone.

Where should I start?
EVERYONE IS SICK, how’s that?
My father has pneumonia and strep throat, at least he is quiet.
My mother has a stomach flu that has her down in bed.
Mike not only got the stomach flu but also came down one night and ate so pistachios he bought and found himself with food poisoning and the stomach flu.
He was puking his guts out for two days and when he wasn’t on his knees in the washroom he was rolling around on the bed in agony.
I took what was left of the bag of pistachios and smelled them and they reeked of smelly socks and they had fur growing on them.
Mike said he just bought them that day.When I asked if he noticed a funny taste when he was eating them he said yeah he did but he was hungry.
Well guess what?
There are foods you eat and foods that eat you.
I told him not to worry that the gun was clean and oiled and I wouldn't let him suffer.
He said I could take his car instead and drive him to the hospiotal.
Yeah, I suppose I could but where is the fun in that?
He said if he wasn;t better by 4am we would go.

A friend came over that evening and she looked like she had one foot ing the grave as well.
Her father is in the hospital with pneumonia to; I guess this is the season to get sick.
And me, why am I such a superman to all of this?
I’m not; I have been fighting whatever this is for the last three days with everything I have in the cupboard, medicine cabinet and the bar to a standstill.
I feel it in my chest and head trying to take me over but I am to busy to get sick but I promise I will as soon as everyone else gets better and I have finished everything I have to do.
Which is probably never.

Friday I managed to get to bed at 5am and just because I don’t have enough to deal with, my phone rings at 7am.
It’s a friend who needs some help selling 1000 books.
He owns a printing company and someone had ordered books to be printed but never paid him.
Long story short the court gave him the right to sell the books to recover his expenses and wants me to use my sources to help sell them.
It’s 7am and I got a con man on the other end of the phone talking like a machine gun.
All I remember was me saying hello something about 2pm and the dial tone.
I shutoff the phone, stuffed it under the pillow and drifted back to sleep.
About an hour later there was this bussing in me ear and I woke up and stared into the clock radio while pulling the fucken phone out from under the pillow.
It was my friend Dinky.
We call him Dinky because "Goofy" was taken by another friend; Sleepy is quickly becoming my name.
It seems Mike agreed to move him again today.
This is his forth move in five months and Mike has been the one driving his stuff from one place to the other.
I told him Mike was still sick and didn’t think he will be doing any moving.
He said he had no choice that he had to be out today and he had a new place.
I told him I would tell Mike which I did an hour later when my mother woke me up to ask me to go to the store.
Mike said there was no way he could help Dinky his stomach was still hurting.
I spent that afternoon running around the city getting things and food then stopped by Archie’s for a bit.
He said I looked like shit.
I guess he hasn’t looked in the mirror at himself lately.
We had a couple of drinks and I went home where a friend met me.
She brought over a copy of Crank to watch and a couple of sandwiches, two Cannolo and two lobster tails.

We sat there enjoying the action packed movie, the company and the lobster-tails.
Each pastry must weigh half a pound.
Mike walked down half way through the movie and headed out to eat but I reminded him that Dinky would call at 6 again.
After the movie my friend took off to pick up her son and I walked to the computer to work on a friend’s template.
I got a chance to add some new blog toys I have been playing with on her blog.
Now if I could only find a blog toy that actually writes posts for me while I sleep.
Mike showed up as the phone rang and I passed it to him.
He came back and said Dinky was coming over.
I sat there watching the football game when he showed up and started on about how he had to get out of where he was living now before he ended up in jail for killing someone.
Mike said he wasn’t up to it but he would give me his car.
Huh, what, who……….no no no not me.
Dinky start whining and begging
So after the football game I found myself bouncing down the highway to Dinky’s house to get his stuff.
Now when Mike gave us the car he said DON’T open the passenger’s side window.
Flying down the highway at about 120 I hear a thud and a gust of wind smack me in the face.
I look at Dinky and his window is gone.
Like……………….. It’s not there anymore.
“Where the fuck is the window”?!
“I don’t know it just disappeared when I touched the button”.
“Oh you’re dead, I might as well stop at the bridge for you to jump off now and save me the trouble of moving your shit”.
“I forgot, I wanted to throw my butt out"
”See, that only confirms smoking is bad for your health”.
As I drove into his city I asked him if the window fell off the car or in the door.
For the rest of the ride he was looking inside the door panel in the dark of the car to see if the window was there.
I got to his place and he still didn’t know.
I went around with the flashlight and looked down the slot, I could see the window, good news.
The bad news was how to get it up again.
With the door open I popped the door panel off and used a flat head screwdriver to push it up and when it got to a certain point it slid into the rail and got the window closed.
Dinky was happy until I told him I was still telling mike, HA HA HA.

After we got the door close I told him to get his stuff and drop it on the porch and I will carry it to the car.
As I picked up the first stuff he dropped off I could hear yelling from the inside between Dinky and some woman.
I loaded what I got and stood outside waiting…..and waiting…… While the melee was going on I went and grabbed a beer and sat there enjoying it.
Finishing the pint I went to the car and dropped it in the case and went into the house.
Enough was enough.
I saw Dinky and then looked at the woman.
I cursed the guy who did a great job on my glasses.
She looked like W.C. Fields.
She was an obvious drunk and her nose and cheeks looked red as cherries.
I told him I didn’t have all day.
She started yelling at him about $25 and that she was going to take him to court if he didn’t give it to her.
They hurled insults at each other when I told them both to shut up.
I offered her a beer if she would be quiet.
She offered me a blowjob for two beers.
I gave her three beers never to offer me that again.
We loaded the car with his stuff and drove down the street with her standing at the door yelling at us as we disappeared down the road.
I didn’t speak to him the whole ride back and being the smart boy that he is, he just sat there.
After we got top the new place I dumped his stuff on the porch and said good night.
He did ask if I wanted to see his new room but this boy isn’t stupid.
Come see my room means and carry all this junk up with me.
I grabbed a couple of burgers on the way home and dropped next to Mike and Emme with the food and beer.
I offered Mike a burger but he declined, said he wasn’t hungry.
He asked me how it went.
I said it was ok except for Dinky’s roomy that went nuts and started yelling at him over $25.
He was surprised to hear I saw her.
He never had because Dinky only brought people over when she wasn’t around.
I wonder why?
Not that she was his GF, so he says.
Mike asked me what she looked like?
So after I swallowed my bite I told him.
“She looked like W.C. Fields with hair like Medusa and could turn you into stone if looked into her bloodshot eyes a stripper. Nice compact body with full tits and blonde hair”.
Mike was quiet for a while then said, “and Dinky just left her like that”?
“Yeah, they were just room mates”.
We watched TV for a bit and Mike got up and said he was going out to get something to eat.
I should have told him he’d need beer and rabies shots.
I sat there for a couple of hours watching football before he came back in.
He said something and headed off to his room.
I stayed up until 6 am taking care of some of my personal stuff before I went to bed
Sunday was a quiet day where I could let what’s in me work its way through with less resistance.
I even got some sleep in the afternoon and was pleasantly surprised with a phone call.
I played with this post for a bit and went back to bed early under my pile of blankets and pillows.
This morning the phone rang but I wasn’t as tired as I was the night before.
My chest was congested but I know how worse it could have been looking at those around me.
I answer the phone and my mother is asking me to go out and shovel some snow.
It’s 9 am, it was green outside last night before I went to bed, how much snow can there possibly be out there.
Getting up and crawling to the window I looked out into Christmas Morning, or what it should have looked like on Christmas morning.
As I wrapped a blanket around me I spread the curtains wide open and the sky was filled with small white balls calmly floating to the earth.
This is what Christmas morning was meant to look like.

Aw what the heck, Merry Christmas everyone, who says when, the feeling of the occasion has to be.

I wonder if it’s sticky enough for a snowman?



Peter said...

Glad to hear that Christmas finally got to you Walker, seems it may have been just in time with the day you had.
No wonder you missed the little caption on the Clinton photo.

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

Have some of your friends guard the phone & bring you lots of hot soup while you stay in bed & rest. If your gonna take care of all your friends your gonna need all your strength. Feel better soon!

patti_cake said...

Walker you are just a nice guy and it shows. You might have hidden it for a long time but it shines through now. For good or for worse :)

Shaz said...

Oh you are so funny, I have been glued to this damn screen speed reading as I need to stop and lay down but I am a little hooked(giggle) Thanks for visitng me through Poet shes a doll.
Thanks again, I hope you stay well
Shaz :)

hellbunny said...

Well they do say a friend in need.You do have an interesting life though Walker and you should be happy that so many people regard you as their friend.Shows what a nice guy you really are.

Chaotic Serenity said...

LOL You're just a sweetie and it shows.

Random Reflections said...

Happy Christmas!

I hope you get time to rest from running round after people.

Lora_3 said...

My get well wishes to your family and Mike.

Be safe...

Walker said...

Peter: I have been missing alot since i have been forced to do most of my bloggiong in the wee hours of the morning

Walker said...

Lindy: I don't trust my friends to let me sleep. I should just collect all the keys and lock them out lol

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: Sometimes I feel like a sucker but I can't say no to someone who needs help either

Walker said...

Shaz: Thank you and thanx for stopping by.
Yes Poet is a doll but I wouldn;t mess with her when she is a work she becaome a GI Jane doll LOL

Walker said...

Hellbunny: I don't know if it is interesting as much as it is Mayhem on wheels with dynomite for fuel lol

Walker said...

Chaotic Serenity: Thank you but I still say its the shorts lol

Walker said...

Random Reflections: Thank you, I am trying to get some rest but io still have some resposabilities

Walker said...

Lora_3: Mike and them are looking alot better. I should be bossing them around soon lol