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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Stiff One ©

What to write?
I could write about a package I got but I have a half finished Christmas card link post that’s to be added to it, GET CRACKING WALKER!!!!!
I have a Sex Talk that’s almost done but its Tuesday.
There is the story about the Margarita madness on the weekend, but that’s a little foggy still, I got to wait for some clarity.
Then there is the one I heard on the radio while on my way to pick up Baby Blues new earpieces.
This dead person was being evicted for not paying the rent.
I kid you not.
He didn’t die there he moved in dead and paid his rent on a regular basis for years but then fell on bad times and failed to meet the rent for months, so the landlord left with no choice and bills to pay had to evict him so he could rent to this really nice dead lady who had the money for the rent.
Now the dead guy wanted to stay but his family didn’t have the money to help him.

It seems this family got a bill for $1700 from the cemetery where a relative was buried.
The bill was for the plot they were buried in.
It seems in Quebec you don’t buy your plot, you lease it.
WTF, I never heard of that before.
You would think that after your death, you should exempt from paying rent but not in Quebec.
This is the same province that says signs written in French must have larger letters than in English.
This is so that English-speaking people can get lost, preferable lost all the way out of the province.

I know here in Ontario you buy your plot and you could pay extra to have it taken care of or a family member can go do it.
So what happens if they don’t pay the $1700 to the cemetery you ask?
Well I would at least ask.
As it stands right now, if they don’t come up with the money, the deceased will be dug up and planted deeper, so that they could lease the top to a paying dead customer.
How is that for greed?
You can’t even die in peace in some places or leave this earth with some dignity without some greedy fucker going through your pockets taking what’s left.

Another thing I want to know is, if they do this and rent the space above him/her, do they tell the new tenant there is a dead beat living under him/her or do they charge them the full rent just the same and be quiet.
You know if you have a flat mate they should be picking up their share of the rent and bills to, it's only fair.
Now you would think the government of Quebec would look into this and see something wrong with the system and try and rectify it but they don’t.
You know why, it’s because they tax the cemetery for the rent they receive.
Yup not even in death, can you avoid taxes.

You go out there day in and day out and bust your ass working so that you could feed your family.
You save a couple of bucks as a down payment on a house then spend twenty years paying it off.
As the years go by the kids move out and have families of their own and you sit there and enjoy the last years of your life knowing that when your time comes, the kids could have the old homestead and what you have accumulated over the years.
You did it for them didn’t you?
You worked hard, paid the bills and taxes so that they would have something when you’re gone.
What’s the first thing that happens after you’re dead?
The will gets settled.
Who gets their share first, the fucken government?
Now if you have paid the taxes when you bought the house why do you have to pay taxes to give it away or no, receive what technically is and was yours.
If you buy a gift for your kid, should your kid pay a tax because you gave him a gift?

Anyway let’s get back to the deadbeat tenant.
Now say you are burying your wife/husband, do you really want to bury him/her on top of some strange woman/man?
Maybe she/he doesn’t want to spend eternity with another man/woman or maybe she/he does after fifty years with you.
Or do you want your wife over some guy with his rigor mortis pointed at her ass?
I wouldn’t want my old lady under the dirt covers with another man even if he did die 150 years earlier with his bony cock nudging her coccyx.

Seriously, the cemeteries of the world hold the proof of our history, the links that bind the past with the future.
They are monuments to what came before, our legacy, good or bad it’s a symbol of our existence and our lineage.
It’s where a child can go twenty years down the road and lay beside the people that brought them into this world with loving hands and feel their presence.
They are places where a mother can visit and weep for the child taken from her before its time, the grandchildren that never existed or would ever see the day of light.

The old headstone is discarded.
The tombstones mark the ages as they went by.
The way they feel when your hands run over them, the texture of the weathered stone or the smoothness tells you how long they have been there without even reading what's on it.
They tell you who are there and their age.
The year of their demise could represent a catastrophe if there are many more who perished on the same day, month or year.

This brings me to another thought.
What about those that have been buried for the last 400 years and more in Quebec?
Who pays for their rent or are there 30 corpses piled up on one another (Talk about a morbid orgy) or is this something modern, a way for cemeteries and the govt to steal from the children of the deceased what they couldn’t get in life from them?

I find it wrong charging families rent for plots and then digging up the dead when they can’t pay destroying what existence there was left of them.
These people earned the right to rest in peace.
Plots should be only bought not leased.
Have we become that expendable and insignificant?
All I know is when I am gone I won’t be buried in Quebec and I intend to give my money away before I croak so the government gets fuck all.
Then they could bury me face down and they can kiss my rotting ass.
What a fucken crazy world this is.

Have a nice day



Lora_3 said...

Walker at one point they sold mummies for fire wood. Makes me think the Vikings had the right idea. There are better ways to mark family history then headstones.

Screw the government taxes and just say NO to the box.

Be safe...

nachtwache said...

My parents and relatives are still in Switzerland. In my hometown, after 30 years, (I think) a grave is dug up, any remaining bones removed and the plot is used for a new occupant. There isn't enough land available, to give everyone a burial plot for ever. I've thought about the big expense of a funeral. I'm fine with having my body donated to science. Those medical students need some practice corpses. After a couple of years, the remains are cremated and the ashes sent to the family. Once I'm dead, I don't care what happens to my corpse. I don't need it anymore :)

Peter said...

Hi Walker, provides a good case for cremation... especially if you live in Quebec.
It does stand to reason that individual burial plots can't last forever though I guess with the worlds population now approaching 6.5 billion the land required for all burials, past, present and future would be prohibitive.

Walker said...

Lora_3: Nope I want to be buried and still taking up space.
I will just have to buy my own cemetary

Walker said...

nachtwache: My parents are from Greece and they still dig people up after a certain time and place their bones in a box and then bury it in a smaller grave or in a crypt wall.
It's also a religious thing but I understand what you mean.
Personally I want to be buried.
I think the grave isn't for tyhe dead but for the living.
It's a piece of a map to your heritage.
But this is my opinion.
Who knows I may decide to be shot out into space.
Thank you for stopping by :)

Walker said...

Peter: In some countries there is no room and being buried in a crypt wall such as Marilyn Munroe saves room and still honors some people's religious beliefs.
You know this post reminds me of the movie Soyent Green. creepy

patti_cake said...

Well... I will try to have a nice day but after reading all that it's gonna be hard ;)
P.S. I'm with you too, @#$% the Greedy Govt.

Walker said...

patti_cake: I believe when you leave something to your kids it shouldn't be taxed. Its like double taxing.
BUT if you leave it to the church they don't get taxed.
Why is that?

You can have a nice day still especially after Madison smailes at you :)

Chaotic Serenity said...

Wow, unreal. I have an obsession...ummm I mean interest in genealogy and I agree that the grave isn't just for the dead but for the living as well.
As for having your own cemetery, a man down-river from me made his own cemetery on his property and now doesn't have to pay property tax...even though there is no one buried there!

Walker said...

Chaotic Serenity : wow I didn't know you could do that.
Maybe I could do a pet cemetary and bury a goldfish to make it legit.
Funny how even though we are in the same country the provinces have laws that are so different to the rest.