blue moon (2)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kiss My Grits ©

Hmmm……… there is a nice song playing on my computer right now.
It’s in Greek, the man is singing about life being like the lyrics of a song and every song is a moment in time but the sweetest songs are the songs that he has written with the woman he loves.
You can tell he’s never won the lottery.

The other day there was a knock at the door and an ice covered frozen mailman stood there behind a large box.
I signed for it and dragged it in and closed the door to the –35 degree temperature.
Looking at the address on the front it said it was from Georgia, and Ms Vickie.
Big box.
I kick to see if it squealed.
Nope, no sounds so she can’t be in it.
This wasn’t a surprise, I knew it was coming and I know how much fun she was having putting Christmas presents together for her friends.

Now I knew what one item was going to be inside because I have been on a quest of sorts.
You see I am a movie buff and I love westerns more than anything and in many of the westerns I have seen also in the title of one of my favorite movies they mention grits.
WTF are grits?
Flo, from the sitcom Alice used to say, “Kiss my grits” all the time but I still didn’t know what grits were.
She looked like she might have had some nice grits to kiss though.

Over the years people have attempted to send me grits but they never seem to get here or at least to my place.
A vice president of Wriggles (She had nice grits to) tried twice and they were intercepted by customs.
Maybe it’s because it’s in powder form and the customs people in Quebec think it’s something you can snort and are keeping it for their Christmas party, I don’t know but I never get the damn things.
So I’m still without my grits.

Now Vickie took it upon herself to beat the rest and find a way to smuggle me some grits across the border.
She had a plan brewing in her head.
She was going to entice the UPS guy into looking past the grits and send off the package to Canada without customs knowing the better.
She loaded all the goodies in the box and there were lots of goodies, I’ll tell you more about those at the end.
With Carl’s help (her hubby) they packaged everything and called in for them to come and pickup the parcel.
She ran off to the powder room and fixed herself up then peeled her shirt and bra off and walked out.
Her mother fainted to the floor.
Carl’s eyes bulged and stepped over her mother to grab Vickie and run to the bedroom but she slapped his hands away and told him to drag her mother to the side so she won’t trip over her carrying the box to the door.
Picking up the box, she waited as Carl dragged her mother by the leg to the side of the hallway so she could passed but his eyes never left her big tits the whole time.
At the door she put the box down on a small table and looked in the mirror adjusting her tits in the position she wanted them and pinching her nipples waking them up.
She didn’t have long to wait because ten minutes later a truck pulled up and she grabbed the box, holding it just below her boobs waiting inside the door to spring it open and surprise the courier then seduce him into looking past the grits.
Leaning forward to see if he was coming she saw this young man,
His clothes were meticulously neat, well groomed and a big smile on his face.
He had a headset on and he was snapping his fingers and wiggling his hips and he walked towards her door.
Vickie stood back for a second then bent forward for another look and then realization crossed her mind.
Must be that woman’s intuition or something like that because she put the box down and ran down the hallway, boobs bouncing left right and center.
Her mother started to stir and get up when she looked down the hallway and saw buxom Vickie coming at her and fainted again.
Vaulting over her mother she ran off into the kitchen.

The courier stood at the door ringing the bell but no one was answering.
He waited for a bit more, they had just called in the call so they had to be home he figured, maybe they were in the washroom or something like that.
Five minutes later the door opened.
The courier stood there with a big smile staring at Carl as he stood there topless holding the package to be sent to me.

I got GRITS!!!!!!!!!

The box held a lot more in it like candy LOTS of candy a couple of books and few personal items.
NOOOO, not her panties and she took Carl’s out to.
There was one item that I think was my favorite of all and I will keep it forever, in fact it’s framed on my wall now.


I Love it.
It’s a sweatshirt and it has all the Bond Girls on it but one and MrH of course.
I got shit for not telling her before hand that I was putting Aims up.
Well excuse me, next time tell me what you are sending me for Christmas before hand.
It looks pink in the picture but its actually gray.
I sat there reading the names off and each one put a smile on my face.This is a special bunch of people and great friends to have, not that they won’t give you a headaches at times, but it’s worth it.
Thanks Vickie.

I had wanted to post the cards I got this year because there were some that were special like the one I got from Patti Cake of her daughter, which was my favorite of all but my scanner died.
I would like to thank all of you for your cards.
Well I guess that’s it for me at ………10 am lol 10am………….who gets up this early?

Have a nice day



Lora_3 said...

That's cool! I'm glad you have friends like that.

Be safe...

patti_cake said...

I am so glad you got your grits.. did you like them?
LOVE that sweatshirt :) Miss Vickie is so thoughtful.
Thanks for the compliment about my photo card of Maddie. Have a great week-end

nachtwache said...

It sounds like you have some great friends! Friends like that are priceless. My mom sends care packages. Customs used to open them and remove any package of dry soup, that had meat. Knorr soups, the same that you can buy here. ?? If they import the same thing and sell it here, why can't it be sent in a parcel? Now she always just declares "chocolate", no matter what else she sends and it gets through unopened!

Peter said...

The visuals were really happening there Walker, a sign of a talented writer.

jac said...

Very nicely written walker, and ...I am laughing too.

Walker said...

Lora: Yes it is good to have friends Like this :)

Walker said...

patti_cake: You're welcome :) Yes she is sweet :)

Walker said...

nachtwache : I have had many parcels disappear and once four at once. I don't know what customs is doing. Persoanlly I think they are stocking their panties

Walker said...

Peter: Thank you Peter

Walker said...

Jac: Thanks as long as you are happy i'm happy :)