blue moon (2)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Booties And Tequila ©

Last weekend after dealing with my mother’s mess I decided to scoot over to Archie’s place for a couple of drinks.
Mike had called me and said to come on over because Archie had found the recipe for margaritas on the back of a bottle of triple sec and the party was on.
It also gave Archie the opportunity to break in the new bar set someone gave him for Christmas.
After the afternoon I had, I was ready for a little Aztec nectar so I bundled up and headed off down the street.
I came up on this guy walking his two small Pugs.
The little dogs were running down the street ahead of this big burly man as big as a small hill.
The dogs were wearing blankets and little booties.
I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh at the sight of this huge man with these wee dogs or the dogs dressed up like tiny racehorses.
As I tried to walk around them, the guy saw me and pulled on the leashes and both dogs were dangling in the air, completely off the ground next to him but out of my way.
I almost burst out laughing but I didn’t want him to sic the dogs on me so I bit down on my tongue.
I’m sorry but I find it funny when people put booties on their dogs.
I have had three dogs and I think they would be insulted if I put booties on them, Sammy would have bit me if I tried I think.

I walked into Archie’s place and was greeted by loud drunken yells from Mike and Archie.
One look at Mike and I could tell he was glowing and Archie was wasted himself.
I asked Mike how long he had been there and he said about an hour.
Hmmm, he said an hour but looked like he had been there all day.
Arch offered to make me a margarita so I said go for it.
He walked over, grabbed a glass and used a lime to wet the rim and then held in upside down and salted the rim of the glass in a bowl he had filled with coarse salt.
That done, he took a measuring shot glass filled it with tequila and poured in into a shaker he had already filled with ice.
The he took the bottle of triple sec and filled another glass full and poured that in as well then a shot of lemon juice, put the lid on the shaker and started shaking it up for about 30 seconds.
I don’t know what got shaken up more the drink or Mike and I watch Archie shaking the room with his 400 pounds frame.
He then poured it into a glass and passed it to me.
I took a sip and he asked me what I thought.

Let me tell yeah, I’m not much on fancy drinks I’m more of a meat and potatoes kinda guy.
Beer n scotch and my scotch has to be a single malt, the kind the smells and tastes like ripe pussy for the taking, making your lips burn and your body heat up.
I have had my share of fancy drinks and of all of them; I liked the Cocaine, not the shooter.
For those who have never had one, it’s: one ounce of Kahlua, one ounce of Rum, one ounce of Grande Marnier, one ounce of Baileys Irish Crème, one ounce Amaretto, and one ounce of Vodka, six ounces of milk poured into a shaker with ice and shaken well.
Makes two glasses or you could put it in one glass with two straws to share with someone special.
You’ll love it just don’t drive after.
But if you only want it for just one person, follow the above instructions and throw the other person out.

Other than this drink I am not a fan of fancy drinks but I knew one thing for sure, this didn’t taste like the Margarita I have tasted before, it was more like rocket fuel.
I looked at Archie and told him that it had some kick to it.
YEAH BABY, as Mike could attest to!!!!
Archie said he followed the instructions on the back of the Triple Sec bottle as he handed Mike another drink.
I took another sip and could feel my hair curling.
Taking the triple sec bottle I looked at the back and sure enough there was the recipe for Margaritas.
I read the back and the eyed the shooter/measuring glass Archie was using then at the bottles of booze he was pouring out of.
I asked Mike how many he had drank so far and he said he was on his fifth.
Then I asked Archie how he made the drinks and he said he put in one shot of tequila, one shot of triple sec, some limejuice and shook it up.
Poured it in the glass and that’s it, nice and easy just like the instructions said.

Well, he was close.
The back said one shot of tequila and HALF a shot of triple sec but the kicker was that he was using a two-ounce shot glass to pour with.
I told this to Archie and Mike.
Archie took the bottle to read it again and said, oh yeah.
Mike said, “YEAH BABY”!!!!!!!!!
We’ll see if he says that as loud in the morning.

They almost polished off a forty ouncer of tequila and the triple sec by the time I got there.
There was only enough left for mine and the one Mike got.
When Archie saw our glasses were getting low, he took off to the other room where he keeps his bar.
He came bad saddened to tell us there was no more tequila but he had something that might be just as good and held out a bottle of Mescal with two worms hovering near the bottom.

Let’s just say, I don’t remember walking home but I did wake up in bed in the morning, fully dressed.

Have a nice day



patti_cake said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all the the two worms hovering in the bottom of the bottle made my stomach do a little flip flop ~~~

nachtwache said...

How did you feel in the morning?? :)

Lora_3 said...

This post gave me an idea for a gift.

Be safe...

hellbunny said...

I think i'd have a very sore head after all that.

patti_cake said...

Oh and also I can't get in to Heather's blog although I registerd with Wordpress....

Peter said...

And these are friends Walker, what do your enemies do to you?

Walker said...

Patti Cake: We usually have a great time even when we are bummed we manage to have fun

Walker said...

nachtwache : I was fine I cant talk for Mike. As long as I dont drink anything sweet then the head is fine or if i mix drink then well, it could get iffy lol

Walker said...

Lora: Was it the worms eh eh eh?

Walker said...

HellBunny: No not you, you're a party animal I have been reading you long enough to know that ;)

Walker said...

Patti Cake: ;)

Walker said...

Peter: My enemies are nice to me LOL