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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shit Happens ©

Yeah Shit happens but lately it's happening to me.
It started this morning when I booted up my computer and I got the blue sceen of death.
For those who have never seen the blue screen of death on your computers all i have to say is, I hate you.
It means something is fucked up and in my case its the power supply.
It also means the posts that I have been writing and saving are stuck in limbo until I replace the case or powersupply.

I took a deep breath and resolved myself in knowing that I have a brand spanking new DELL to use for now to write posts with.
So I started writing about the brush I had with the LAW on the weekend.
Lots of drugs, swearing and total stupidity.
No sex though, unless you count the frozen hooker stuck to the metal lamp post on the corner.
But as I was halfway finished a little box openen up and said my trial was over.
WTF............ trial........ what trial?
I never knew I was charged wit anything.
It seems my new DELL with all its software for the price I paid for it, were only trial versions ( Must have been in the teenie tiny , you need and electro microscope print I didn't bother to fucken read) and time had expired.
I tried to type but it wouldn't put anything down unless I agreed to pull out the credit card and pay for it.

DEEEEEEEEEEEEP BREATH, don't kick the computer, the other one is broken remember.

OK, it's fine
Just breeeeeeeeth.......................
It could be worse........yeah
Ok, I have a copy of Office Pro XP and I can be up in a couple of minutes and they could stuff their trial version up tha wazooooo.

So I head off looking for it.
In the office, nope.
Back room, nope.
The work shop.......nope.
Hmmmm where could it be......?
FUCK, I lent it to a friend for the night 3 months ago.
I guess their nights are longer in that house.
So now I am sitting here taking my chances in Blogger hoping it doesn't fart and take my post before I hit publish.
Yeah, Shit Happens..... but why me why why why...........

Have a nice day



nachtwache said...

Oh boy! That really blows. Computers can drive you insane, that's why I've never had the desire to learn much about them; watching my hubby loose it, was enough. He switched to a Mac and refuses to touch PCs.
Frozen Hooker? Not the best job in winter, well, anytime, really. Glad I could cheer you up:) and thanks for the good wishes.

Peter said...

Seems a lot of people who get pissed with Windows and PCs are switching to Mac's and are pretty happy, but I reckon I would miss the programs that are designed for windows.

Raggedy said...

I hate the dreaded blue screen.
I hope you can fix everything and will be up and running soon!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

patti_cake said...

Electrical objects in general can drive me insane. Jeezus this iPod is still unused after over a month. I'm beginning to wish i'd never got the damn thing in my stocking.
Ah well you are up and blogger didn't lose this post. Now about the other ones..... *grin*

Lynilu said...

PC baaaad. Mac goooooood. ;-)

I'd better be nice or I'll have something go wrong, you know how karma works!

Glad it's working, at least for now. But don't put the old credit car too far away. My guess is you'll have another visit from the police.

jac said...

Ya ! Ya! Walker !

I know that you can make an anthill out of an ant, buddy !

Peering and trying to see what I mean ?...I mean that you can make a post out of anything.

And I am smiling because we have at least two things in common from what I see from your profile.

Have a nice week end...(coming up)