blue moon (2)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

13,465 ©

I’m too lazy or tired or frustrated, to busy or what ever to post.
Do I have stuff to say………probably.
Do I feel like it, that’s another matter?

See that number up there.
Interesting number that.
It could represent many things.

I could have won that in a lottery or my football pool.
I could have bought a new used car with an eight-track playerwith the winnings.
But alas, it isn’t.

It could be the number of women I have slept with………..
That’d piss Wilt Chamberlain off.
But nooooooo, my cock hurts just at the thought but my brain thinks it can do it.
Goes to show you who’s smarter LOL!!!!!!!

It could be the number of years Monica is going to keep rubbing in the fact that the 49ers beat my Broncos on New Years Eve.
I will confess I didn’t watch the game because I honestly thought it was a done deal.
It seems it was for the 49ers.
But no, even Monica has to stop talking sometime, so it’s not that.
I’m dead.

No, it seems that’s how many times my ISP has gone down in the last week.
Do you have any ideal what its like sitting between three computers and having three msn popping on and off ever 5 minutes.
For hours, telling me I have the same 7, 22, 31 emails.
Sometimes I get lucky and one comes in so one of the number changes.
My provider made me do a series of tests but first I had to disconnect all my phones but the one I was using.
This guy has no idea how many phones are in this house.
I run around and unhook the 7 phones come back and he does his tests.
He says it all looks good but notices that my modem has booted, you guessed it 13,465 times in seven days.
I could have told him that.
Let me tell you what it’s like talking to someone on yahoo with your ISP blinking on and off.

“Fuck, my ISP is really getting me mad.
I am calling them up as soon as I get off”

Now that is what I typed to someone on yahoo, but there was a blink in the middle of it by my ISP going on and off and the person on the other side got:


I’m off that blogroll.
He said he will put in a maintenance order to have my phone line checked but I will be looking into the box where the line goes in before then.

So I decide to read blogs.
I hit Elvira’s first.
She gets me thinking so hard sometimes I loose brain cells but anyway I write this long comment that would have given War and Peace a run for its money and hit publish
…………………………….Insert elevator music here……………………………….

“Sorry this page cannot be displayed at this time…..”
Back page
So I left a small comment and go.
Next I scoot to Fizzy’s……………………

“Sorry this page cannot be displayed at this time…..”


Many of you probably saw me popping in and out of your stats like a peeping Walker.
I gave up and sat down for about 5 minutes when a friend showed up complaining about being broke and having no money to eat and would have to go to the soup kitchen.
My heart started bleeding, yeah right.
He had $3000 bucks last month and his rent is but 400 a month, but that’s what happens to people who don’t think past the beer in front of them.
I told him to make himself some breakfast and have a beer.
3 eggs and THREE beers later he seemed happier.
I loaded him up with food to take home until Monday when he should get his cheques.
I even borrowed some money to give him.
But, on the way out he asks me if I had a joint to give him.
What am I, a fucken pharmacy to?
Here he is crying about food and now he wants drugs.
Maybe I should carry the stuff i gave him to his place so he doesn't get tired.
I felt like smacking him in the head and taking it all back but I took the beer he thought I didn’t see him slip into his pocket instead.

Fuck it, I had enough and asked Mike if he wants to go for a beer.
I walk in and the first thing is an envelope full of money gets stuffed in my hand.
Great start already.
It was my football winnings, which are going to come in handy for my new glasses.
HA that’s another post.

My friend’s niece then sees me and comes over.
After the hugs and kisses were exchanged I sat down and ordered some beer I offered to buy V one and she accepted.
While we were waiting for our beer this woman walks up and hits on Mike and I.
I better tell you about V first.
She is about 26 and is an accountant.
You know those stereotypical accountants you see in the movies with the leather briefcases and thick glasses that are reserved and shy.
Well that’s not V.
“What the fuck do you want whore”!
The woman took a quick look at V and was out of there like a bat out of hell.
Mike looked at V and said ”We ‘re not taking you with us when we go out”.
We sat around watching the football game and had a couple of few more pints before we went home.
V went to shoot some pool with a friend.
My ISP was just the same so I settled down to watch some TV on one of my three PROJECTIONS TVS, shit that’s another post to.
My house has become a home for wayward televisions.

Out of character I decided to take down my Christmas tree.
Normally it’s up until Easter and the Christmas balls and called round Easter eggs.
Everything was going just fine until my ever-evolving psycho cat decided that the now naked tree was an alien it should attack.
He puffed up like a big black and white porcupine blimp floating round the room and then dove into the tree like his life depended on it trying to kill what ever he thought he was killing.
When Frick was a kitten he was a serious cat.
Never played, didn’t like being touched.
HISSED at people, except the kids.
He had to endure wear a cabbage patch doll dress when my daughter was over and took the humiliation like a trooper but I swear he gave me a dirty look every time the stroller went by with him strapped in it with that dress on.
I remember when I for him, it was to deal with the rat problem that was around at the time but I had already killed all the rats but got him to make sure.
He has never seen a real rat and I bet if he saw a one he’d shit his fur.
So now fifteen years down the road he has decided to find his youth and drive me nuts.

With the tree finally boxed and Christmas in its cubby hole one more time I went upstairs to toss Ninja Frick off of the ever-surrendering Emme and sat for a beer.
It was a tough weekend both physically and emotionally.
My parents are both sick and I ended up having to run around for them.
So now I have them both drugged and I bed.
I should be ok until; the drugs wear off and I will probably get a phone call.


I spoke to soon.
Bah, I’ll write a post tomorrow instead, I’m to lazy now.

I hope you had an exciting weekend.

Have a nice day.



patti_cake said...

Well you have had a rather frustrating start to the New Year... hope it gets better for ya Hon! :)
P.S. I so wish you had a pic of the cat dressed up!

Peter said...

Sounds like Mike might be right about not taking V with you when you go out.

Anonymous said...

You're one of the sexiest things I've seen in a bit.

Walker said...

Patti Cake: The old year ended where the new one began. Sometime i think pergatory in on earth LOL

Walker said...

Peter: I tend to agree with you LOL

Walker said...

Anonymous: You have seen me?
Have a seen you?
Send pictures :D

elvira black said...

I'm so sorry your comment got lost, though you always manage to send great ones my way. BlogExplosion--bah!