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Friday, December 29, 2006

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As I was preparing to put up this post I learned that Poet’s father passed away this afternoon.
It’s been a rough year for many of our Blogging friends.
My thoughts will be with her and her family.
If anyone would like to stop by her site just click anywhere here.
I’m sure she would appreciate the support at this time.


Another Meme.
I have been tagged again and by my naughty little sister who should know better than to tag me.

Here are the rules:

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged then have to write 6 weird things about themselves, as well as state this rule in the beginning. At the end you have to choose 6 people who are to be tagged and tell them in their comment box.

I’ll do the meme but I don’t do rules.

This one is about 6 weird things about me, well right there only proves I can’t do this.
There is nothing weird about me.
No really there isn’t, AND there is nothing weird about any of you either.
Who determines what is weird and what is not?
I don’t think I have any weirdness in me but just to be on the safe side let me look and see if you think it’s weird.

I want you to know that I’m really thinking hard.

1.I donate money anonymously and always have.
Even when I volunteer to help for something where they don’t know me I usually use one of my aliases.
I don’t know what it is but I don’t care for the credit in fact I don’t like people knowing what I do.
Hmmm that sounds a little weird, so that’s one.

2. Winter, summer, spring or fall, I sleep with a blanket and I mean a big heavy one.
It could be 40c outside and I could be naked in bed but one thing is for sure, I am covered with a heavy wool blanket.

3. I admitted doing something I didn’t do and went to jail for it.
Not only did I plead guilty to something I didn’t do, I wasn’t even at the scene of the crime and I had a witness threatened into testifying that “yes, it was me”.
Fucken brother.

4. I’m double jointed.
I’m not telling you where?

5. I like peanut butter and sour apple sandwiches.
I have been eating them like this most of my life.
I have tried PB and bananas but naw, granny smith apples and PB does it for me.

6. I like figure skating and I don’t know why.
Sure I have joked about it on here how it’s because of the cute chicks and I wouldn’t mind playing with Nancy Kwan’s pom poms but no, that’s not it.
Maybe I am just waiting to see one of those guys throw his partner into the stands LOL

Well that’s it.

I am not tagging anyone as usual.
I am going to run off now and try and finish Sunday’s post.

Happy New Years, well I will be back Sunday
Until then

Have a nice day


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Nan said...

I've been over to Poet's blog and sent her warm hugs. Very sad indeed.
But Walker, here's to a better year ahead.