blue moon (2)

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye Bye 2006 ©

Another year has come and is slowly drifting into the sunset.
With it, it takes all that represents 2006 and files it away as done.
There have been some moments I will cherish forever and others I will try to forget.
I have been touched by life
Death came knocking
Laughter filled my soul but danced a slow one with sadness.
Friendships were made yet others were lost.
Some wounds will heal others never will.
But tomorrow is coming and life goes on.
It’s been a year filled with disappointments and some interesting surprises.
The tail end of this year has been a sad one for some of my friends and I hope the New Year brings them some peace and happiness.

In many ways this year has been liberating and fun yet there were a few moments…
For the first time in a long time I found myself free to be myself and I took advantage of it.
I knew there were many parts of me or as my very good friend Vickie would say layers, I think she used an onion for an example.
So I did just that, I started peeling off the layers and let loose.
I knew that some of my readers wouldn’t be happy but I thought they deserved to see the real me instead of someone who was holding back and being what they wanted me to be.
This takes away the main reason why we blog.
I realized that this was my blog and my forum and you are welcome to come here and read, sit, listen to some music, even play with yourself if that’s what you like, as long as you are happy, I’m happy.
What more is there to ask for?
But if you don’t like a post I write and don’t want to read it, well I don’t blame you.
I wouldn’t read it either, in fact there are a couple of my posts I don’t like and refuse to read again and I wrote them.
The truth bites sometimes.

I think you should live and feel free to write your thoughts and feelings when you want to without having to worry what others think.
I believe you should stand out there and tell it is as it is.
You can’t enjoy life if you are not who you are, otherwise your life is fake.
I like to say it as it is.
Straight from the hip, typos and all.
If I have issues with something, I poke at it with a stick.
If it moves, I whack it.
Sometimes I get outrageous, well life is outrageous sometimes and its exciting to, if you want to make it exciting.
Life is too short to be bored.

That’s one of the reasons I started posting the Sex Talks.
I was bored of the same stuff and frankly I love sex, don’t you?
Then why shouldn’t we talk about it?
It’s a common interest.
Sex is as natural as a flower growing in a field.
So why not say what we feel about it, have fun and share some stories, memories or desires.
Why should we have to hide something we all know and understand because of what other people may think who BTW are just like you but just scared to say it out loud and hide behind their fear then thumb their noses at those that do.
So I started the Sex Talks in hopes that some of you may loosen up a bit and see that it’s ok to talk about it and I got some help from some really talented writers on many of them.
Many of you have secret blogs and post your desires there, I know, I have read many of them and they’re great but your regular readers are loosing out.
Some day I hope they could find the courage to post them on their regular blogs.
What’s the use of having the freedom of speech if you don’t use it?
Hell I have the blog addresses to fifty blogs on blogger, yes FIFTY BLOGS that are run by pedophiles.
If these cretins could pollute the world with their ugliness why shouldn’t you show it some beauty?

I am not ashamed to say I love eating pussy, it’s true.
I like the thought of curling up on the couch with a woman and slowly undress her and end up on the floor making love.
Why should I deny that but then again I wouldn’t mind ripping the clothes off of my woman and fucking her right they’re on the stairs like two wild hungry animals.
Tell me, how many of you out there like the thought of your man fucking you like a whore?
How many of you are willing to post about it?
You don’t have to give a play by play but many of you are scared to even say you had sex with you partner.
I said many of you, so down Jules.
Why should you not talk about it if you feel like it, it’s your blog.

Aims asked me not to long ago: How does one become a Bond Girl?

Well first I would have to tell you who the Bond Girls are and let’s not forget Q.
They are my friends.
That’s it.
There was a time in the not to distant past when I needed a friend and these people took the time and tried and figure me out, I think they’re still trying but in the process we became close in time and shared more than we did on our blogs.
So when my head started to clear I wanted to thank them and also to tell anyone who may stumble upon my blog that there are good people out here in blog land; people who care about a stranger and might want to sit there and lend you an ear or a shoulder to lean on.
Sure we can’t be there or we can’t feel the pain that you are feeling at the moment but most of us know what you are going through from our memories and can understand.
Give you a slap upside the head to sometimes when you need it.
Sometimes they make me smile or laugh my butt off like one day when I was sitting in my chair lost in deep thoughts and a heard that noise that says you got an email and I looked at it as it came on the screen and I started to laugh.
See it’s a friend like this, which makes a Bond girl or a Q if it’s a guy.
But it’s not all fun and games.
They can get demanding to.
Fuck yeah.
“Ummm you know the American dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollars”
“Yeah, so what”?
“So you owe me more baklava”.
“Because of the exchange”.

But what the hell, friends are worth a little aggravation and maybe some baklava once in awhile.
So a Bond Girl is just one of my friends like: This new one Elektra King, full of energy, loves life and fast cars.

I hope that answers your question Aims.

I watched the world go insane for another year.
You know, I don’t think a cleric should be allowed to have an army.
We saw images of war and death splattered across TVs throughout the world.
It’s the new reality show.
A dictator, a butcher of people went unrepentant to his death.
One more is still at large.

The Chinese are selling body parts of executed prisoners.
Do they have the death penalty for jaywalking there yet?

Third word nations have nuclear weapons but no food and we close our eyes to millions of people being slaughtered in Africa.

When will all this insanity end, or is it the beginning?


As the year is swiftly coming to an end, I went back into my archives and looked at my life this last year.
It’s been interesting to say the least.
I skimmed through my comments and some of my emails.
I’m a packrat, I save everything.
Seven months ago I was contemplating closing this blog down but yet I am still here.
It’s you people that kept me here.
I don’t know how exactly but I think it’s in your comments and emails.
I think it’s the way you make me think when I read your posts and see how you live.
I feel your pain, which helps me understand mine a little better or you just make me laugh.

Not to long ago someone sent me the following.
It's one of the many reason that makes blogging all worth while:

You have rocked me to the core of my being
You have touched me where no one has ever touched me before
Or ever will again
You have taken me places where I have never been before
Places that I never knew existed
You have come into my world and broke it wide open
And taken me by the hand and oh so patiently
Shown me that I am worthy
Discovering you has encouraged me to discover myself
You have taught me that it is okay to let go
That it is okay to explore
To look inside myself to discover who I really am
I have learned that peace is right next to your heart
Kept warm by your soul
I have learned that there are no broken pieces
That life is a puzzle
Where all the pieces take on different forms
And fit together
I have learned that the bottom line is mine to decide.
And because you have touched my life in a very special way
I have learned how to be free.
Thank you for teaching me how to fly

A Friend


Happy New Year Everyone and I’ll see you all in 2007


OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Just because Heather asked first.




Peter said...

Another very thought provoking post Walker, well done, Happy New Year.

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

Hhhmmm, nice ass, um i mean jeans. See how thought provoking you can be? Happy New Year. Cheers to a great 2007!

hellbunny said...

Happy new year

patti_cake said...

Well I had all these things to say and then I got to the end and I am speechless... NICE backyard Peter!

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year!!!

Walker said...

Peter: Happy New Year.
Thank you :)

Walker said...

Lindy: the ass came with the jeans. I only hope I can make them proud :)

Happy New Year

Walker said...

HellBunny: Happy New Year you little Bunny you :)

Walker said...

Patty cake : You just like jeans LOL
Happy New Year

Walker said...

Suri: Happy New Year :D

Anonymous said...

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