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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Coming Together ©

I think I should put up a post, what do you think?
Why am I even asking you, it’s not like you can really tell me anything right this second now can you?
Well I’m going to write one anyway since I’m sitting here with nothing to do and the tunes whispering to me to be bad nice and write a post.

Sitting at my mother’s place the other day I heard on the TV that they are thinking about unification with the Christian religions (Someone must have read that post LOL!!!)
HOLD ON THERE, don’t run for the door yet, this isn’t a religious post.
I think it isn’t, well it’s not about faith anyway BUT it is about rules.
Or it could be about me being outrageous, as Monica would say.
Vickie would say I was being sweet so I tend to believe what Vickie says more.

Speaking of Vickie I would like to say she is one of the bravest and kindest people I know.
On Wednesday she is going to the hospital to have a procedure done to find answers to questions that might lead to her being better.
The procedure involves going into her heart.
Now she was the defiant warrior when I talked to her last and as brave as she can be.
But I know she is scared, I am and I would be in that situation.

They say it's safe but who cares what they say, it's still scary.
If you have time, stop by Vickie’s and give her a smile.

I think I will make Monica happy and prove she was right and get a little outrageous here today.
I hear the Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church are thinking about reunification.
You see, at one time they were together and then they split back in the 480s I think, you go look for the date I’m to lazy right now.
So they want to join to strengthen the religion and they think this might be the beginning that could bring the Protestants and all the others in too, thus create one big church.
Jesus Christ Super Church, (open 24 hours).
WOW, That’s huge.
Only goes to prove who has the good drugs to come up with that idea.

First off, the Catholic Church joining with the Greek Orthodox Church would be like the Mafia joining with the Hells Angels.


When I hear organized anything I listen for the sirens to follow.
You have to wonder why they want to join though?
Why did they split in the first place and are those issues still there, if so how are they going to circumvent them because when I look at both of these religions there are some BIG differences.
For example, our priests are allowed to get married but not in the Catholic Church.
So what happens when they join?
Do the Catholic priests get the same privileges, because Father Stanley has had a woody for Sister Blanche for the last 40 years and I bet he would like to make some sawdust?

And we don’t have to go to confession like they do in the Catholic Church.
Hell no.
Our priest just looks at the crowd and says you’re forgiven now pass the plate.
We’re not going to trust a priest to keep quiet just like we wouldn’t trust one with our women.
Who knows after mass one night, he might get into the wine and go blabbing?
And it’s not like priests have not given us reason not to trust them.
I know two who have been caught fucking wives of congregation members while they were at work.

You find out one morning that Father Stavros was by to bless the house while you were at work.
Explains why the wife’s pussy smelled like basil.
More than the house was blessed.
For those who are confused, a Greek priests uses fresh basil sprigs dipped in holy water to give blessings.
Your hands smell like basil after.
So there is no way Greek Orthodox members are going to confession like Catholics.
The Catholic priests take confession and say nothing.
The mafia goes to confession and they get forgiven for what they do.
A couple of Hail Mary’s and all sins are forgiven.
Makes you wonder about this confession thing a bit.
As soon as the mobster is gone the priest probably runs down to the wine cellar where the other priests are watering down the wine to cover for what they drank the night before to inform them who won the “Who knocked off, Gisseppe The Whale” pool.

You know, cops are really stupid.
They go through all the trouble to train undercover people to infiltrate the Mafia and then put their people in danger by sending them in, risking getting caught and killed.
Send them to Rome to become priests.
OK there is the no sex thing but HEY, they are supposed to be working not fucking around.
Then they get transferred to the United States or wherever there is Mafia and a Catholic Church close by to collect confessions.
They can call him Father Con Stable.
How easy is that, the criminals come in and confess?

How many couples get remarried after their divorce and out of them, how many succeed.
I bet not many.
They got divorced for a reason and that is still there.
Or do they close their eyes to some things so that they could work for the bigger picture.
What is the BIG picture?
Let’s get remarried for the kids sake is stupid and so is let’s get together for the religion’s sake.
This is about numbers.
This is about being a bigger and stronger pure and simple.
Someone I was talking to, who wants to remain anonymous “CHICKEN” said “The Catholic Church probably needs more money to fight the lawsuits” who knows, maybe she’s right.

What I really want to know is do the people get a say in what they want to do.
Maybe I don’t want to be a Catholic and vise versa.
Do they care what I think or will they do it anyway if I like it or not.
That sounds a lot like having a sword to your back doesn’t it?

You know whom is really going to be pissed off with this don’t you?
The Irish, they have been fighting each other for centuries with religion right there at the top of the list of reasons.
There is more behind it other than religion of course but that was what separated them for then last few centuries.
Yup if the Protestants join in, they have nothing left to fight about and worse of all, they’ll all be the same and can’t tell the difference after they join.
But knowing the Irish I have met here they will start fighting over who won.
They would fit in just right with the Greeks.
They’ll ALL drink like fish and party in the end, I’m sure.

This is what I think, my view and opinion.
They are trying to shore up the rifts they have with other Christian Churches to bolster their numbers so they could look bigger when put against the Muslim religion.
Unity equals numbers and numbers means more power.
And what is power?
It’s the root of all evil The Golden Calf.
Funny thing for me is that I used to enjoy church and the differences we had with the Catholic Church.
We have Easter at different times.
Some Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on Jan 7th.
We are taught how to cross ourselves and it’s the opposite way than the Catholics do it and I had been told when I was doing it wrong as a kid.
There is much more.
I respected and still respect all religions but if they do this just for the numbers, the power it will bring and the people don’t say anything, I’ll be shocked.
If they were to come together one day like brothers and mend their fences when the world is at peace with itself instead of at a time when the air is thick with tension, I would have respected what they were doing more than now.
It’s just what I think and what do I know I’m just a blogger who’s ready for bed, that wouldn’t mind getting his nose wet right about now, Good Night

Have a nice day

Thumbs Up Vickie

OH and don't think I don't know what you were thinking when you saw the title.



patti_cake said...

I am having trouble getting to her blog but I want to wish Vickie the best!
Good post as usual Walker. I don't see any reason why the Jesus Christ Super Church can't become a reality *cough* *cough*

jac said...

A wise post. So I too ask you why do they try to unite ?

Can't they do good to the man kind with out joing together ?

hellbunny said...

Religion and sex always an explosive combination.

One Mother's Journey said...

Well now I'm a bit concerned... my ex husband used to periodically smell like basil when I got home from work. *sigh*

Nan said...

Great post. Gave me some things to think about.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

As always, very deep thoughts. I just don't know if my religion allows me to consider that. I'm a Mafiatist. hahahaha..

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: well i dont either but can they get along, I doubt it

Walker said...

Jac: for power Jac . Power keeps them growing and brings in more money

Walker said...

HellBunny: Yes they are and they only produce grief when the get together.

Walker said...

One Mother's Journey: HA HA HA You are so funny

Walker said...

Nan: Thank you, we should all be thinking about wehat they do and how we blindly fillow

Walker said...

Lindy: And I am a Hells Angel what a team we wwould make.