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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Trojan Horse Part 2 ©

Now if my kid would come home and tell me that some man she didn’t know talked to her and other kids then gave them gifts I would go from hi honey to madder than hell so fast my ears would be blowing steam.
We see so much on the television and its hard sending them to school and out of their safe home and stuff like this happens.
Then he has the audacity to tell my kid his religious views without my permission.
I know the school I send my kid to and they teach what I want my kid to be taught and not what some stranger wants to teach my kid.
What next, he will tell them that I have raised them wrong and his way is the best way and that in his religion they are blessed with everything they need.
His god will provide for all who embrace him.
I want to embrace him right now.


What if I am on bad times?
I mean really bad off, we all are and I have no money to buy food.
This guy brings food and feeds my kid at school and keeps him alive and without this food she would die.
What then?
Do I beat the hand that feeds my kids or succumb to the truth that I was wrong and forget my religion because it has failed me then go to where their god has blessed them with a bountiful table.
Do I look at my babies and accept the stranger’s faith and forsake my own?
To save my kids………
I would, without a doubt or hesitation.
But I would be mad inside.
I would be mad because this person forced my hand to do this.
I would resent him with every part of my being because I don’t like being forced to do something I don’t want to do and even if he didn’t have the gun to my head he had the food just out of the reach of my kids.

You see they know that we would do anything for our kids, so they go for them first.
The candy then the toys and the toys come on his religious holiday so this tells my kid that she is gong to get presents in this religion.
A young mind just beginning to learn is attracted to their desires for that shiny something.
I can’t buy her toys I can’t get her food even though she loves me she wants what he is offering and gets lured by the pied piper.

If this guy's religion was a benevolent and compassionate as he says, he should be just helping us and asking for nothing in return.
But instead he is throwing his religion in our faces and our kids are listening but we have to let it happen so that the kids could eat.
If we don’t, he might leave and go seek others to join him instead and we would loose out.
I hate these people but what can I do.
Would you sell your soul to the devil to save your kids?

The Trojan Horse was a gift to the Trojans by the Greeks as a trophy but it was a deception with a hidden agenda.
This post was born in the basement of a church while I was with family celebrating the life of someone who just passed away.
As I was walking around the room looking at the various plaques and trophies in the case and the multitude of art from the Sunday school class that adorned the walls I came across a poster on the wall.
In the poster it had a man dressed in jeans and a sweater giving a shiny brand new toy to this kid in rags.
At first I thought cool.
The caption above said “Muslim children in Afghanistan receiving Christmas gifts”.
I though giving Muslim children Christmas gifts funny since they don’t believe in the same faith but hey, if it makes some kid happy that’s great, I think.
I walked away from the poster but it stayed with me.
Then I talked to someone from the church about the poster and he told me that yes, they were in Afghanistan spreading they word of god and showing them how good it is to be Christian.
They brought food, medicine, clothes, toys and bibles to give to the people.
What are the bibles for?
Are they out of kindling; is it really that bad there?
Everyone has battered the Afghani people for decades with no end in sight and most of the combatants aren’t native to the region but the victims are.
Now the church is moving in to take advantage of a battered people with the basic necessities of survival in hopes of getting converts.
What’s wrong with what they are now?
Why can’t you just go in there and show these people we accept them for who they are and respect what religion they believe in then help them without a hidden agenda?
After all isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?
Isn’t that what religion is supposed to be all about, people or is it about your people?

I don’t know if you people realize it but we are in the middle of a Holy war and it’s being waged all around you with violence and in silence subliminally.
Shooting at each other or giving gifts, they are the same thing in parts of the world just different weapons.
The Pope saying that Muslims get converts by putting a sword to people’s throats.
Well it seems that Christian missionaries are using the Trojan horse approach by giving gifts to disguise their motives.
It’s a different kind of sword but still a sword when it’s dangled in front of a starving mouth.

Christians say God is with them.
Jews say God is with them.
Muslims say God is with them.
They all believe in the same God and they all state that God has come to them and shown them the way and they travel down the true path.
I personally don’t believe in God but I do believe in Christ and that he existed but that’s how I choose to believe, at any rate if there is a God I would bet on him because when the smoke clears, it’s a given fact that he will win in the end because no matter what the results will be the winner will believe in god.
Yes ladies in the Christian religion God is a man, it was created by men after all and if you look carefully the other one we are having prblems with at the moment has the same view.
Christianity was the only religion at that time in that area of the world to do so, all the pagan religions before put the female as the creator of man but in Christianity, no cock, you walk.
Priestesses were forbidden, only priests were allowed to spread the word of god in the Holy places and women were reduced to be servants to the men.
In fact during the late 1400’s, 1487 I think the Catholic Church approved the publication of “Malleus Maleficarum” also known as the Witch’s Hammer.
This abomination sent thousands of women to their deaths through torture as witches for centuries.
Free speech for women was intolerable back then.
Talk back to your husband, you must be a witch, burn her at the stake and free her soul.
Hubby is back at home probably screwing someone who is more compliant to the religious beliefs of the time.
Times have changed since then and for the better but we find new things to make us look bad.

Something that came up the other day which got me thinking and a little pissed to be honest.
Someone said to me after I expressed the views you are now reading that they weren’t that kind of Christian because they weren’t Greek Orthodox, so it’s not their fault and has nothing to do with them.
Of course it does.
What does not that kind of Christian mean and what does fault have to do with this?
If a Christian insults a Muslim do you think he cares if you are Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist………….
NO, a Christian insulted him and he is right.
It’s the religion that gets put on trial not the denomination and Christianity is one big team with different denominations.
Trying to avoid a blemish isn’t going to make you look cleaner in the eyes of the worlds other religions.
If we put as much effort into trying find solutions as we do trying to deflect blame to others maybe just maybe the fires burning around the world would start to diminish.

The two things in the world that should NEVER be linked are religion and politics because they are the formula for disaster when combined.
We have politicians mentioning god in times of war trying to make it seem like it was sanctioned buy the Supreme Being.
We have priests going to foreign countries starting controversy then governments are at odds and trying to save said priests.

Then people start telling us what is politically correct.
I’ll let you all go visit Peter where he can tell you about it.
Where do people get off by thinking they are insulting people by saying Merry Christmas.
I think it’s time we all started to take responsibility for what we are part of.
It’s time to sweep away the eggshells and stomp proud down the street being who you are and believing what you want without the fear of being discriminated against or that you might insult someone.

I would think that living in a society based on freedom that we would be allowed to practice those freedoms.
When our politicians fuck up we replace them.
We should be able to do that with our clerics as well.
We pay them don’t we?
There should be a council governing all those denomination calling them-selves Christian and to lay down some ethical rules when representing Christianity outside of their respected Churches, after all there was only one Christ unless cloning is older than I thought so there should be some rules like we have in our free society.
The people who worship must know and understand what is happening and have some say.

This post isn’t about trying to turn you away from your faith.
In fact I want you to pull it closer to you and totally embrace it for all the good it represents but I want you to embrace your neighbor also even if they hold another faith close to their heart, it’s what works for you not others.
This is the only way to achieve peace.
Let’s help feed those who are hungry regardless of their faith and leave our bibles at home.
In fact why don’t we sit down and look at their faith through their eyes and find out why it’s so important to them.
Here is a challenge, ask someone of another faith what it’s like being in their religion and when they are talking to you, look in their eyes.
Imagine when you get to heaven and find out all the faiths are represented there.

I for one would like as a member of the Greek Orthodox Church to apologize if my religion has ever insulted someone of another faith.
All the above are my opinions and no one else's.

For my American friends I would like to wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

You can all beat me up now.

Have a nice day



Peter said...

Hi Walker, that was a very insightful post and I don't think you are in any danger of being beaten up over it.
Thanks for the mention BTW.

elvira black said...

Just the other day I was standing in front of BG's building, just admiring the fall scene--the turning leaves on the trees in the park across the street; the architecture of the nearby buildings; the nip of autumn in the air. Suddenly I was approached by two young Mormons from the church down the road who introduced themselves and wanted to read me "just a paragraph" from the Book of Mormon.

I couldn't bear to tell them to fuck off so I said I had to go and rushed upstairs. Later it occurred to me that they had interrupted what was in essence a spiritual experience for me. I would never do that to them, but they sullied my moment of tranquility and contemplation with their presumptuous proseletizing.

When BG was down on his luck he used to go to the Bowery Mission for a meal, but you had to sit through an hour long sermon before they'd feed you. He was still grateful, but as you say it's a strings attached, hidden agenda kind of deal. Bah!

hellbunny said...

I usually stay away from anything religious.It always seems to cause arguments.I think you should just be nice to your fellow man regardless of their religious beliefs.If someone needed food or my help i would willingly give it regardless if they were the same faith as me.I dont believe god put me here to convert people to my faith.

patti_cake said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Walker. I wasn't far into your post until I guessed (correctly) where you are going. You are absolutely right. We gasp in horror at the thought of a muslim stranger approaching our child but our christian fieldworkers are doing just that all over the world. Food for thought, my friend, food for thought.

Walker said...

Peter: Your welcome for the link Peter. Like you I am tired of looking at things and wondering why we all have to fight each or supress who we are when we should all be celebrating.
Maybe we shopuld look at the whole picture and work for a common goal

Walker said...

Elvira: I havew been stopped by them on the street as well and not to forget the Jehovah Witnesses who knock at my door.
I would prefer they not and wait for people to come to them.
What do they think that if they bother you they will get you to join just to stop the visits?

Walker said...

HellBunny: I stay away from politics and religion for the most part but sometimes if i see something i have to step up and say what I need to say.
If we don;'t then they will keep doing it.

Walker said...

Patti-Cake: I just wanted to shed some light from anopther perspective.
If we are going to complain I think we shopuld invesdtigate as to why soem people are bitter with us.
They more friends we have from all aspects of life the stronger we become and to do that we have to accept who we all are.

Lora_3 said...

You give me the "ok" to beat you up and I can't because I agree with you. :)

My luck!

Be safe...

gab said...

Why should you be beat up for your opinion? Im sure other agree with most (or some) of what you have said and feel the same way. There are other who may feel the same but wont admit it then of course there are the ones who will not even think of this as being a problem. Then again is it a problem?

Walker said...

Lora_3: Damn and I could have used a good beating to LOL

Walker said...

Gab: I have had my share of beating for my opinion so I prepare.
Yes these are my opinions and they do rub some the wrong way and I have had some emails from people about this who didn't want to openly tell me which is ok they can beleive as they wish and respect that.

Andrew said...

Hi Walker,

I used one of your comments in my response to last week's question of the week. Thanks again for all your input.

Have a great one!
Andrew ("To Love, Honor and Dismay")

jac said...

That was a worthy post, walker !

There are wolfs in lamb's clothing... both christian and moslem lambs.LOL