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Monday, November 27, 2006

Out Of The Closet ©

Just blowing the dust off of the computers.

It’s official I’m out of the closet.


Nooooo that’s not me, black is more my color and I have black hair, goes better with my green eyes “wink” and I got more hair on my chest.

It’s been a busy weekend here.
I took time off of the computer to work on the closet that I had putting off to long to let my hand heal.

First for the hand, I am back to being a two handed typing disaster again.
See look, a thumb, three fingers and an orange, all present and accounted for.
My hand went from scorched to swollen up like a balloon to turning black at one stage like it was a massive bruise.
Then it started peeling three days ago and I’m sporting a hand with fresh new pink skin now, which doesn’t match the other hand unless I can get them both dirty which brings me back to the closet.

So what’s the first thing I do when I start working in the closet?
I whack my hand with the hammer, what else.
Fuck it hurt.
Mike thought it was funny until I pointed the hammer at him and asked if he wanted to play catch.
I figured the finishing nails were to short so a quick trip to the basement and I came back up to the closet once more with longer nails hoping to save my brand spanking new pink fingers.
I still whacked my fingers.


So I have an eye doctor appointment now on the 6th of December if anyone out there is keeping track.
By Saturday night I had the plastering done, put four coats of primer, lay down a tile floor, then carpeting on top of it (don’t ask) and finally screwed in the shelves.
All is done except the door, which I will pick up next week and the finial coat of paint will be in January when I paint the whole house.
How’s that for a busy weekend?





I hope you all had a pleasant weekend

Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

Oh Walker...
LOL! I am sorry about your fingers! Poor thing!! but the changes were very good!I'm glad its done!

My weekend was great, I was around the people who love me! what's better than that?!! ;)

Have a great day!

Lora_3 said...

Green eyes! hmmmmm...

Looks like you did a great job!Gold Star for you.

In your last post you said we could beat you up was that because your tired of doing it yourself?

Be safe...

gab said...

Very good work. Come do mine? lol

Peter said...

A fine job Walker, and I'm pleased to see you have come out of the closet at last.

hellbunny said...

Glad your hand is feeling better.Great job on that closet as well.

patti_cake said...

It looks great but you'd better be careful with that hand! Goodness! I bet it hurt like a mofo :)

Walker said...

Suri: I am glad you were with people andthe love they provide :)

Walker said...

Lora: Well I guiess if i beat myself first then I an knumb to the beating that is coming. Yes the eyes are green in the summer and brown in the winter. weird eh.

Walker said...

Gab: Sure , you just want to stuff me in another closet lol

Walker said...

Peter: Thank you, yes , it was time to walk out into the wilderness and cable TV lol

Walker said...

Hellbunny: Thank you , I am glad the hand has heal some to use.

Walker said...

Patti_cake: It hurt alot. I have never been so awake in my life lol.
That cats are still lucky i didnt shave them for this

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Hey, I'm normaly just a stalker but the closet job has turned out so great that I had to comment. It looks great & you certainly put enough of yourself into it (ahem...the hand). I have you saved on my desktop but when I get a minute I plan on putting you on my links....I'm just lazy.