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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Trojan Horse ©

If your child comes home and tells you that a man came to them during recess and sat there explaining to him/her the benefits of being a Muslim and that God will be with you always if you were one.
Then he gives your child a gift, one you could never afford for them and something they have never had and always craved, showing that they are a giving people, what would you say and think?

I will leave this here for today and post my thoughts tomorrow.



cathouse teri said...

Wow. Did that really happen?

Lora_3 said...

If this was here in the US the school would be answering to me as to why a Stranger was talking to my child during recess.

The Stranger talking with my child would need to answer why they felt it was ok to speak to my child with out my permission. Then we'd have to talk about the bribe.

God's in heaven saying " Do the things I've asked you to do like love each other and quit making things up."

Something like this really happened in my family. There was nothing about it that was good.

Be safe...

Peter said...

What I would say would not be printable, what I would do would be accompany my child to school and pray that the stranger turned up again.

patti_cake said...

I would be extremely upset that a stranger had access to even talk to my kid first and foremost. Then providing said child was old enough, we would have discussion about religious freedom, though not "too" deep.

jac said...

This is happening every where.

Look at what they are doing in their country:-

The first question I was asked when I landed in a KSA airport was 'whether I am a Muslim’; the second was 'why I am not'

They took the small Bible I had with me in my baggage and put it in the waste basket and asked me why I am wearing a cross.

…And claim that it is the most tolerant religion.

Regardless of the above, some of my closest frinds are from that religion.

Anonymous said...

I will be very upset. I don't need a strager talking to my child and telling them something that it suppose to come from me.
I am not a Muslim and i don' thave anything agaist it, but I don't want a stranger to talk with my child about religion and belief.

Hi Walter!
Happy Thanksgiving!


gab said...

I would be very very upset. The mormans do stop and talk to the children while they are at recess, but Im scared if they can anyone can. I may even go find them and let them have a piece of my mind. Happy Thanksgiving