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Saturday, November 04, 2006

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MrH is going to kill me for this post, his dialup is going to choke with these pictures, but I had to do it.
Someone sent me these the other day.
Two I had seen before but the rest were new.
Being a people watcher I found some of them interesting and some...well, down right bazaar.

Now look at this guy here in this picture.
Can you imagine how he must feel living in a city full of short people every where.
He has to endure looking down all the women's tops.
And all the short people have to put up with his stares, like he never saw a short person before.


Hey, how's the weather up there?

This is Dilip.
He has been pan handling in Calcutta now for 45 years in hopes of saving up enough money for a hair cut.


Umm Dilip, you got to go to a place that has money, to beg.

Now this guy here is a prime example of what happens when you are to hyper as a kid and got into a lot of trouble.
His mother spent so much time pulling his ears as punishment, this is the result.
He also found out that when the marker says permanent ink on the label, it's really permanent.


Talk about being tongue tied.

Now this is way to fucken skinny!!!!
It looks like she swallowed something shaped like a big cylinder and it's still stuck there.
It looks familiar.


Only one muscle eh?

I have heard of doctors loosing a watch in a patient but a dentist dropping her earring down someones mouth or is she/he hoping to get Lucky.


Only one cavity, lucky you.

Tell me. what's more scarier, the teeth or looking up this person's nose?


WoW no cavities.

I got to stop smoking pot.


Peter Lori, is that you?

See this picture here.
I bet most of you are going " OMG, look at the tan on this woman"
Well not me.
I'm more like"OMG, look where her tits are"
Is it me or are her tits anatomically really fucken low.
I am not talking sagging boobs, but look where the top is.
That's what's probably shocked the kid.
He is telling the woman. "my mommy's are higher"


Someone needs a barrel of moisturizer.

This is my favorite one and I will tell you why.
Look at the size of this woman and she is still eating, does she care.
No way and you know how I know that?
Because she is happy and smiling.
Thumbs up to her.


So is this what they call booty?

Have a nice weekend



One Mother's Journey said...

I think that's what they call EXTRA booty. You're right though - she is smiling and that's half the battle. lol

patti_cake said...

Okay Walker some of those HAVE to be photo-shopped.. right? RIGHT?!!

ThePowerofTrinity said...

Walker, when I sent you that picture of me I didn't think you would post it on your blog. So I have a tan and my boobs are...someplace else. It's bad enough that mean kid is sticking his tongue out at me.

Love Me...

Peter said...

The top half of the lady in the last pic looks something like normal, but nightmares are made from the lower half.

Sarah said...

The skinny girl...
really scared me...

I don't want to think about it.


Anonymous said...

ITs more scary to look those teeth!

are those photos for real??

hellbunny said...

I actually feel sorry for some of those people.They are amusing though