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Friday, November 03, 2006

Part Of My Week ©

This is post number five today.
I didn’t finish the other four, every time I am working on one another one creeps into my head.
Must be the lack of blood in my system today from going to the local vampire clinic or the fact that I have been tired a lot lately and can’t find a moments rest or peace from everyone.
It seems like everyone’s world runs around me.

9am phone rings waking me up.
My mother called to tell me to tell Mike that his mother called her to tell her to call me so I could tell Mike to call his parents place.
I guess they don’t like calling his cell phone, which is sitting next to him.

10:30am, I am staggering off to the lab to go for blood tests.
I wait for 20 minutes and I get taking into the same room by the same person who botched the last blood tests she took and left my arm looking like I was a junkie using a nail and not a syringe.
I am sitting in the chair looking away from what she is going.
I hate needles and after the last time I really don’t want to see how it’s going.
Just take your fucken fill and hide the arm so I don’t have to see it.
As I am sitting there not ten feet away there is a woman getting her blood tests done looking at me.
She smiles and winks.
Yeah, like I really care right now about what you’re thinking, I got a wannabe construction worker next to me that thinks that the needle in her hand is a fucken jackhammer and is trying to figure out why she isn’t getting any blood.
Well, maybe it has a lot to do with sticking it in the vein and not into my elbow that’s the problem?
7 vials later she smiles and she tells me she is done, so is my arm.
I want to put her over my knee and use every syringe in the little drawer and stick em in her ass.

11:30am I am at the bar having a well earned and long awaited beer.
2 months I have been waiting for this day.

Noon I am shopping and by 1:30 pm I am home.
Between then and right now which is 1:30 am I got 11 phone calls from people asking me to do them a bavor.
I doj’t know the last time I checked my mailbox it didn’t say Don Walker Godfather.
And some of them could kiss pinky as far as I’m concerned and I am not talking about my little finger either.

My topic, rant, what ever you what to call it deals with prejudice.
I was sitting at my mother’s place watching the Greek news with them.
There had been various crimes but funny as it seems, to me the biggest crime was being done by the news team and……. No, the view of the whole country I think would be fair to say.
If someone commits a crime and if it’s an Albania or someone of Albanian decent they say, ”An Albanian was arrested today for ……….”
BUT if it wasn’t an Albanian it would be, “Someone was arrested for……”
Now is it me or is there something wrong with this?
Now not to stick it all on the Greeks alone, I have noticed it in other European countries.
Does it make a difference what ethnicity a person is?
Here in Canada and the United States we say a man/woman was arrested for blah blah blah.
We don’t say an Italian/Irish/Scottish with a little bit of Indian man, was arrested for eating curry haggis with his hands while dancing a jig down in little Italy.No we say some man was drunk on Preston St.
AND if they only point out this one group, people will start making assumptions that they are bad as a whole.

Now my parents and other relatives who are glued to the Greek channel are perfect test subjects for that.
They all think that all the Albanians are criminals and that all crime is their fault.
Why do they think that?
Because all you see on TV is Albanians this, Albanians that, with a sprinkling of a man here or there, it doesn’t matter if the one who wasn’t Albanian was French, Greek, Italian… he was a man.

I think in a world that is becoming more and more integrated you would think that it’s time we all stopped using labels and stop the prejudice.
Look at us.
Go into a shopping mall and look around you and you will see the world walking around you.
This is happening everywhere.
One day you won’t know what country you’re in because all over the world people will be integrated this same way, so why bother using labels to identify or isolate groups of people and then putting a curse on them through prejudice.
Black, white, yellow, Polish, Greek, German………does it matter.
There is garbage all over the world so why blame a few for the whole bunch.
I think its time we wage war on war and prejudice and forget the bullshit and learn to get along as people.

This whole week has been all fucked up to.
I got Mike staying with me for a while and Monday he tells me he was going over to Archie’s place.
Now I know Archie and his ways, I told Mike he was going to get him drunk the first chance he gets but Mike just waved me off saying that he was driving and wasn’t going to drink at all.
Yeah, well I warned him didn’t I?
Archie just got five gallons of moonshine from Greece.
Mike’s fucked I figured for sure.

Now I have been busy getting things ready for some construction work I am doing over the weekend.
I am breaking through a wall in the hallway that is concealing an old staircase.
I figure to open it up and put a floor down and use it as a walk in closet for storage.
The only thing its good for now is hiding stairs.

My mother called later in the afternoon so I took her shopping and picked up a few things that I needed.
I also stopped by the place I get my plants.
He had this cactus I wanted.
It was looking like it had seen better times so I figure I could get it at a good price and bring it back to life.
The guy said $109 for it.
I pointed out that it had most of its roots in the grave and was probably going to die.
He said fifty and said 20.
He laughed.
I left.
He said wait, ok.
And it came with a $16 pot.
When I was at the cash I also made sure I got the one-year warrantee they give on plants to.
What did you think I was stupid enough to buy a dieing plant without a back up?

After that I dropped my mother off at home and the cactus at my place and hit the antiques shop and picked up a few items for inspiration one of which has a story of it’s own but I will leave that for another day.

I should head off to bed now seeing I have to go for x-rays in the morning.
You know what?
For the hell of it, just before I get x-rayed I think I should swallow a quarter and let them figure it out.
What do you think?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
The phone rang after I finished my shopping Monday night and it was Archie.
He was trying to get me to go to his place for dinner.
I said I couldn't do it but in the back ground I could hear the drunk voice of Mike calling out "Help Walker Help".

Good Night and have a nice day.



patti_cake said...

Now Walker you know you should go help Mike, if only just to say "Ha Ha I told ya so". :)

Swallow that quarter, wait think of something that'll puzzle them even MORE.

Why am I being devilish today???
Have a great week-end!-

Lora_3 said...

Cheer up!

Be safe...

Andrew said...

Just a quick thanks for popping over to Kellie's site. Hope things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to greece in years and can't stand to sit thru the Greek news with family when i visit ( the concerts via satellite are nice though) i was unaware of so many Xeni from Albania and the Xenophobia : (
Everywhere i've lived in the U.S. (even the "chocolate cities " 80% "black" Detroit and New Orleans), had news programs that identified "man" or "black man".
**It's called "othering" or making "other"
by deciding that (in the case of the U.S.) "white" is norm and all else is other, exotic, xeni, etc.

Greece has mostly been populated by Greeks 7 it's 90% Greek Orthodox so it is actually more understandable that Greek is the default. It makes less sense in the states.

via Wikepedia
**The Other in the Social Sciences

As such, a person's definition of the 'Other' is part of what defines or even constitutes the self (see self (psychology), self (philosophy), and self-concept) and other phenomena and cultural units. Lacan also presented the complexity involved in coming to sentience in his description of the Mirror stage.

Lawrence Cahoone (1996) explains it thus:

"What appear to be cultural units—human beings, words, meanings, ideas, philosophical systems, social organizations—are maintained in their apparent unity only through an active process of exclusion, opposition, and hierarchization. Other phenomena or units must be represented as foreign or 'other' through representing a hierarchical dualism in which the unit is 'privileged' or favored, and the other is devalued in some way."

It has been used in social science to understand the processes by which societies and groups exclude 'Others' who they want to subordinate or who do not fit into their society. For example, Edward Said's book Orientalism demonstrates how this was done by western societies—particularly England and France—to 'other' those people in the 'Orient' who they wanted to control.

alithea meta hara

mrhaney said...

you just live such a rough life . you better get started on your house and forget about all these people or you will never get things done. tell them to call some one else for the next wek. the only person you care to talk to is this guy that lives in ga. named mrhaney. at least he can talk home repairs with you because he has done it.
tell the nurses to go stick sme one else with those big needles, lol. well my friend i will not even call you tonight because you are so busy. have a great weekend though.

lime said...

the US and canada might just say man/woman but....

they will qualify that with , 'the adopted son/daughter' of so and so, as if being adopted is at all relevant....smane as albanians being reported on greek news. it's one of my pet peeves as an adoptee. heck, maybe even enough to turn me into tone of those homicidal raving maniacs, lol.