blue moon (2)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Just Hangin ©

It’s 2:30 am.
I’m sore, tired and I can’t sleep because I am sore all over and it’s not the kind of sore I would really like.

I would like to point out to those that haven’t been reading this blog long and refresh the minds of those of you who have been with me for awhile, that I like my privacy.
Peace and quiet….just me at my TV or sitting in front of my four computers.
Yeah I got four now, I’ll post about it later in the week.
Just sitting back listening to the chirping birds, ok it’s Emme farting but it sounds like chirping birds
Or Baby Blue hooked up to my ears playing some Eric Clapton daydreaming about…….
But if I am really lucky, Antique Road Show will be on and I will see something that I have worth a million dollars and I could get the fuck out of here before the winter snow comes.
Mind you after I pay my debts off I should have enough to get to Montreal.

I’m just kidding
I don’t pay my debts.

My house was full of people all weekend for fucks sake.
I’m not saying that I didn’t have a good time, I did for the most part but it’s been like this all week and my weekend just got busier.

Friday at about 7 my friend R came over and took off with Mike.
Mike is with me for another month until he gets his bearings.
I got to say though, I don’t mind having him around.
He’s a lot like me but a smaller version.
I never see the guy, he is like a ghost and is seen when he wants to be seen.
He is my first cousin and we have been through a lot.
He was the one who found me dead and saved my bacon, I think I have returned the favor a couple of times.
But we do sit talking about the old times and how things have changed on the street today and if it was way back then, we would have probably shot everyone out there now and I would start with the beggars.
One I know hit me up for money the other day.
He was short three bucks for a hit of crack.
Oh yeah, begging has evolved from I am hungry to I need to get high.
As luck would have it I did have three bucks,
He got a smoke I bought myself a beer.
I only feed my habits, no one else’s.

Anyhow, I was alone at last…. doorbell rings.
D came by to do some work at my temple on my computer.
About thirty minutes later the door rings again, it’s K and she brought me a gift and a movie to watch.
What the hell, so I pop a couple of pizzas in the oven and sat down to watch Mission Impossible 3. (Great movie)
Fifteen minutes into the movie the door opens and Mike and R walk in and join us.
Now my TV room has become congested with people.
It’s a good think I like my privacy eh.
This was how it was until 1:30 am when D left.

This morning the phone danced off the hook at 10am and it was K.
We were going for dim sum.
For those who don’t know what dim sum is, it’s a Chinese brunch where the servers walk around the restaurant pushing carts with sampling of different dishes you can buy to try instead of the whole meal.
It’s always fun going so that was at 11:30 by 1 pm we were at my place watching Click with Adam Sandler it was ok I guess.
Mike crawled out of his room around 2pm and watched the rest of the movie with us.
By 4pm K left and Mike and I decided to do what we were putting off for a couple of days.
We smashed through my hallway wall.
It feels good to break things sometimes, oui?
This is the wall in question.


What secrets does that wall possess?
Whatever they are, they are about to tell them to us today.
First I cut a hole behind the picture, just incase I was wrong, then I could put the picture back and no one would be the wiser.
When I got a square section out the first thing I saw was another wall.
It was dry wall so I took a good poke at it but instead of putting my fist through it, the whole inside wall fell away.
I told Mike he better no mess with me. LOL

I shone the flashlight in and I could see a deep cavern filled with rubble and a staircase.

I took my knife and cut a rough opening smaller than I wanted but big enough to walk through.
I wanted to see what I was working with and besides if it looked bad I could always replace the picture with a full size poster.
The back wall was covered with peeling wall paper dating back from the 20’s to the 50’s by the looks of it.
It was musty and had cobwebs that looked like they were older than me.


After we assessed what needed to be done we started measuring the opening and trying to figure out how to do this,
The stairs were solidly built but 2 inches off from on bed to the other.
We got some wacky ideas though, like a secret room.
We could make the floor to open and then walk down the stairs was my favorite.
Who knows, well see.
I took out the garbage at the bottom and ripped the cardboard wallpaper.
While I was empting the bottom Mike was attaching the 2x4s along the sides.
For you to understand how big this hidden section was I measured from ceiling to floor and it was 18 feet high by 8 feet deep and three feet wide and at the bottom there are three steps that take you to another section that is hidden.
I’ll deal with that another day now that I know it’s there.
We put up braces and then cut the plywood to fit as best as we could.
The measurements of the stairwell varied by 3 inches in some places.
After I got the pieces cut I put them down and screwed them in place and now there is an ugly closet upstairs.


For now anyway it’s ugly.
By the weekend it will be cleaned replastered where needed primed and painted and I will show you the finished product then.
The question is, will there be a hidden room under that floor?
It’s 3:30 am and I got to get the rest of my garbage out for the morning so I will leave this and post it in the morning with anything else I should add.
So that was my nice peaceful quiet weekend

12 pm, fuck am I sore
Well I guess there is nothing else to add, well maybe there is.
As I was cleaning the pit out last night I didn’t see this huge nail sticking out the side of the wall.
It was one of those long nails as I found out later, half way down the steps it snagged my tool belt as I stepped off and found myself suspended in the air with both feet off the ground.
First I was surprised but then I just started laughing as did Mike he though he should just leave me hanging there.
I managed to get one foot back one the step and braced my other foot on the wall and undid the tool belt.
Only goes to show that SHIT happens and you should work with someone always.
Just incase something happens.
Well I guess that’s it for this post and I should go back to peeling wall paper.
I wonder where Mike is.
I haven’t seen him since I screwed down the floor.

Have a nice day



Nan said...

Wow a hidden room. How exciting.

Kellie said...

I want a hidden room! My grandparents have one in their house and no one (but them) knows where it is. They built the house some 40 years ago and never told anyone where the room was. I have daydreams of finding it someday. There is probably nothing in it but it's still intriging.

Birds churping... yeah, that's a good one. I'll have to use that.

mrhaney said...

i can't wait to see the finished have to stay away from those protruding nails they stick you and then you end up going to the hospital and get stuck all over again, hopefully by a pretty nurse with all het teeth. good luck with it all my friend.

jules said...

"I'm just kidding. I don't pay my debts." Thanks...I needed a smile now.

Annie said...

Who knew reading about someone breaking through a wall could be interesting?? I gotta tell you, Walker, you are the absolute ONLY blog I read where the "f" word is used. I find the use of that particular word really offensive and crude and unnecessary...but there is something so interesting about your posts that I overlook the word. I pretend you've used a different word ... My point? Well, I guess it's a compliment, really. You have an interesting, colorful, unique and thought-provoking blog here...even with that ugly word thrown in!! This coming from a middle-age woman is -- ta da! -- a compliment. LOL