blue moon (2)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sex Talk: Unbound ©

It’s Friday and I do have a Sex Talk for today that I did with the help of two lovely ladies.
I would like to thank them for their input or is that output also I would also like to thank you for submitting the sentences for the next Sex Talk and the homework.
It’s been a busy day today but I will tell you all about it on Monday, the weekend is my blog reading time.
I wish you all a nice weekend.
There is explicit sex in this post so those who may be offended you can check out someone on my sidebar.


I sat at the bar slowly drinking a beer watching the game on the television in the wall, when I turned at the sound of the door and saw her walk in then look around the joint.
She was wearing a long black dress that went almost all the way to the floor.
It hung on her loosely accenting the curves of her body.
She had slim waist with a nice round ass that I wouldn’t mind sinking my teeth into.

I walked into the bar looking for a man.
Not just any man, he had to be rugged.
I didn’t want to be here, I was looking for a man for someone else not me.
This felt stupid I don’t know how she talked me into this.
At the bar there was a guy that could fit the description of what she wanted.
He was rough looking and needing a shave.
I walked over and sat at the bar a few of stools away.

She walked up to the bar and slipped onto a stool two seats down from me.
Taking back the beer I could see her reflection in the mirror behind the bar.
I was certain she was braless and she had nice big tits judging from her reflection in the mirror.
The last of the beer ran down my throat and I put the bottle on the bar then asked
the bartender for another

The man was a pig.
He just swallowed that whole beer and didn’t care that it ran from his mouth and down his neck.
I could see his hairy chest as I followed the beer down his neck then disappearing into his shirt.

At that moment she looked at me and smiled.
She had a beautiful smile and eyes like sapphires.
Hishe curtly offered.
“Hi” I returned, “beautiful day today isn’t it”?
Yes it is, do you mind if I join you, I don’t know anyone here,” she asked.
Now my mother never raised me to be a rude man that was my father doing.
I told her it would be a pleasure having her company but I was thinking way passed that point now and thinking of getting laid.

He had green eyes and knew how to talk.
I have to admit it was getting a little hot.
He had this way with words and he was also funny.
We talked for an hour when I got a call on my cell phone.
Excusing myself I took the call.

It looked like it was going good until she got a call on her cell phone
Yes I think I did.
She smiled at me, I think you will. I’ll see you soon, bye”.
She hung up the phone and moved in closer to me.
I’m sorry but I have to goshe said but how would you like to go someplace and …… have some funshe offered?
Her hand was moving over mine, I could feel her fingers advancing up my arm.
“Sure, your place or mine” I asked?
Mine, it’s already set up for you”, she said.
Now I wonder what she meant by that?

I went outside with her and got into her car then drove off.
We went into the Ritzy part of town and pulled into the laneway of a very nice bungalow.
She took me through the side and into the garden area that had a swimming pool in the center and off to the back left corner was a large water fountain, surrounded by a flowerbed.
She asked me to have a seat in one of the lone chairs and she would get me a drink.
Coming back with my scotch on the rocks she informed me that she was going to go inside to get ready everything ready for me.

I got him a drink and went inside to meet her.
She was waiting for me in the bedroom all dressed up in leather.
I told her he was what she wanted which made her happy and them she lay down on the bed and I tied her to the bedposts then went out to get him.

I sat outside in the yard wondering what she was up to.
What is there to get ready for?
Just show me the fucken bed; I don’t even need a bed.
I could take her in that pool and make waves all afternoon and night.
Then in the morning show her what I can really do.
Just before I finished my scotch she came outside.
Taking me by the hand, she led me into the house.

There he was, sitting out there waiting, a stranger, how insane is this but why was I getting wet at the thought of what was about to happen?
I wasn’t even staying; this was crazy, but exciting at the same time.

We stepped in from outside into the living room.
It was sparsely furnished, with a large white couch sitting in front of the fireplace.
Walking through and into the hallway, we came to a closed door.
She looked at me and said she had a surprise for me on the other side of the door.
Opening the door we walked in.
There was a bed in the center of the room with a woman dressed in a black leather baby doll, black stockings, tied to the bed posts and was blindfolded.
I was immediately suspicious and intrigued at the same time.

This is a surreal moment, one I have waited for and dreamed of now that it is here
I wonder is it or just may I be hallucinating?

My friend wants to be fucked by someone she never met, seen before or will ever see againshe said.

You see for some reason or another one of my fantasies has been this.
It is about to happen.
My heart is beating rapidly and I am taking deep shallow breaths in an attempt to maintain control, this will be my only chance so it must work.

I smell him yes that deep musky manly smell not hidden by cologne his own smell at the same time I hear him……. immediately I tense slightly and become alert knowing it’s time for what I have always waited for.
My breathing is becoming noticeably heavier as my nipples begin to strain against the bra wanting to break out needing ----attention I begin to feel myself start to get damp-----damn I’m not ready to let him know just how much I want this.

All my senses are so much more acute ------oh gosh -----

From the time she walked into the bar this afternoon I had plenty of time to think about getting fucked but nothing like this.
As I begin to think I noticed an increase in my heart rate.
I walked up to the side of the bed and look down at this woman I was being offered.
I came to fuck one and now this…

Walking slowly around the bed and looked at her, her tits were barely being contained by the leather bra she was wearing.
I walked around the front of the bed and looked up her long legs to the crotchless panties she was wearing, displaying her well-trimmed bush.
I could see her straining to hear for a sound that might tell her what was happening outside of her blindfold.
Coming up the other side of the bed I reached out my hand and touch her toe with my finger.
She flinched at my touch and her head turned to face me as if she could see through the blindfold
As I walked up the side I ran my fingers up the inside of her leg.
She was responding to my touch by arching herself a bit and trying to open her legs more for me to delve deeper into her desire.

I begin to quiver, whimper as you touch me it electrifies my senses. I secretly wanted him to move his hand up to my pussy as it was already wet, yes so drenched with thoughts I’ve been having all so ready to fuck---him----hard----never seeing him.
So exciting…..
It is all I have been thinking of and now he is just teasing me with few little touches here and there….
I need it.
NOW, Yes I want him to fuck me hard, fast and deep

My hand gently went over her moist pussy over her clit; to her flat stomach making its way higher as I spread my hand open and letting my fingertips slowly caress their way up her body.
I paused for a second to pinch her nipple causing her let a gasp slip past her lips as I rolled it between my fingers.
Feeling her soft cheek with the back of my hand it moved over and I touched her lips with my fingers
Her tongue came out to lick them.
Standing there while she licked and sucked my fingers the other one started walking towards the door to leave the room.
I slipped my thumb in the woman’s mouth and she greedily sucked on it.

He walked up to her and started touching her softly.
I was getting more and more excited looking at him and her...
I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting by just watching what he was doing to her.
I wanted him to touch me like that too but I had to go… he wasn’t for me.

I grabbed those fingers with my lips and begin to suck them with a hunger as if I would never turn them lose, I was actually mouth fucking his fingers-----yes I wanting him to feel my passion ---
The heat I had and was ready to release all for him---the one I would never see.

“Where are you going”, I asked her.
I was just to bring someone here and leave”, she said.
My hand now free of the other’s mouth I continued my walk up the side of the bed with my fingers softly sliding up her arm.
“You brought me here, you’re not leaving”, I said.
You see you don’t understand I brought you here for her” she begged.
I could see the woman on the bed, her chest heaving up and down with excitement, anticipation of what might be next and my hand started going down the other side of her.
I let my hand slip under her bra and my fingers slid over her hard nipple one at a time.

“Come over here”, I ordered the other one as she stood by the door looking at us.
I could see the excitement in her eyes.
No it’s not about me it about her
“Come here”
I sat at the foot of the bed and started rubbing the inside of her leg all the way up to her pussy where I grabbed a handful of her inner thigh rubbed hard all the way to the bone.
She pulled at the restraints trying to get free to wrap her legs around my arm but couldn’t.

I begin to try and work the restraints free until sweat broke out and ran down my back, my stomach and buttocks tightened with excitement.

At last he begins to spread my lips and allow my clit to stand erect and glisten with its juice. He swirled some juice over my clit. On my I begin to moan quietly as I bite my lip trying so hard not to make a sound.

He takes my clit and begins his thumb and forefinger and strokes, I can feel my pulse beating between his fingers oh damn he is too fucking talented for me. He is going to make me come and I can not this soon. About that time he stops……

Oh I arch my back and display my throat, I try so hard to force myself against his hand----so close I was-----so cruel he was...I nearly came….I burn with desire for more I need that release. Will I get it? I need to be fucked .

The other one was now in front of me watching my hand rub her friend’s pussy.
I noticed her hands rubbing the sides of her hips and her hard nipples were trying to break through the material of her dress.
“Are you getting excited”, I asked her?
A little”, she said
“Kneel down right in front of me,” I told her and she obeyed.

He stopped me from leaving… his words just froze my feet in place and the authority of his voice possessed brought me to him.
I couldn’t say no…why?

Putting my hand behind her head I pulled her close and kissed her lips.
My tongue pushed it’s way into her mouth and she hungrily sucked on it,
In the meantime using my thumb I was playing with her friend’s clit.
She was positioning herself to get me to slide it into her but I made sure I didn’t.

Having my fill of her lips and tongue I kissed her neck making my way to her ear then I whispered to her that I wanted to suck on her nipples then took her earlobe with my lips and sucked on it.
I could feel her nails dig into the back of my head.
Moving back from me she opened the front of her dress and exposed her firm tits to me.
She had long brown nipples that beckoned my mouth to come and taste.
Getting off her knees she straddled my lap and fed me a big tits.
My mouth now pulling on her nipple I sucked hard and let my tongue circle around it driving her nuts.
Her ass was pushing down on my now hard cock.
Her nails digging unto my scalp as she mashed my face into her tit.
My head was spinning with lust as I mauled her tits.
I was now going from one to the other and they were wet and hard from the sucking they were getting.
This went on for about ten minutes as her friend lay there listening to her partner’s moans from the tit licking she was getting.

He mauled me like a beast.
I have never been so submissive to someone’s touch before.
He sucked on my nipples so hard that the pain wasn’t pain but pleasure.
While I sat on his lap I could feel his cock getting harder and I rubbed my aching pussy against him.

I hear the moaning and groaning going on around me and I am getting wetter and I still have had no release I try once again to break lose.

Fuck Me !!!!


I am so wet one thinks I have already cum but it is just the excitement imagine what it will be like .

I know the moans from her friend was making her hornier and causing her to grind her pussy into my, hand pushing her ecstasy up one more notch.

I couldn’t take this any more I wanted him inside me and wanted him now.
I wanted his hard cock inside me.

She got off of my lap and knelt down in front of me.
Opening my buckle then my belt she unbuttoned my pants.
She was looking into my eyes and reading my thoughts as she pulled down my zipper.
Grabbing my pants she started pulling then down until they were around my ankles, then she released my cock from it feeble restraint.
Taking my cock in her hand she started stroking in up and down slowly.
I lay back a little taking the new sensation in.
I look next to me to the on one the bed and parted the lips of her friend’s pussy with my thumb and pushing it all the way in until I could push no deeper.
She began writhing with pleasure, raising her hips off of the bed and pushing against my hand.

I tried to push him further into my pussy

As she rubbed against my hand we could hear her moans coming more frequently from her lips.

I begin to push against his finger and beg for more please I need more please damn him I need more, Fuck I have to have more!!!!!!!
Please OH Please

The other one had my cock in her mouth now.
Her tongue was curling around the head and I could feel the pressure of her lips along the sides of my shaft as her head bobbed up and down on my cock.
I was finger fucking one and getting the best blowjob of my life from the other.
I held her by the hair fucking her mouth as she sucked on me.
I could feel myself swelling in her mouth now and she must have noticed it to because she stopped and stood up.

With his pant off, I now had what I desired in my hand.
He was thick as I grasped his hard cock with my hand.
I never like sucking but I know I wanted his in my mouth and it felt good sucking on it.
His thick cock was sliding between my lips alike a butter cob of corn.
He had me by the hair now and his hips were moving back and forth to meet my mouth.
I could feel his excitement building up in his cock and I had to have him in me now.

Standing in front of me she started slowly pushing down her dress past her hips and letting it fall to the floor.
Then she slipped the black panties off revealing her blonde pussy.
Stepping over the small pile of clothes she turned her back to me and lowered herself onto my cock.
I could feel her warmth as the head of my cock entered her wet pussy.
Up and down she went taking a little more with every time she came down until it was all in her now.
She started riding me now with a steady rhythm and I could hear her moans getting louder as she fucked me.

I started riding his cock slowly at first until he was well lubricated then I just fucked him hard.
I sat on him until I couldn’t push down any further,
I was grinding into him; it was driving me crazy.
I thought my heart was going to explode through my chest.

Her friend now was in frenzy herself as I had slipped two fingers in and was meeting her thrusting hips with my hand.
She was begging me to fuck her harder but with the riding I was getting I was doing the best I could do.

I needed and wanted so much more but I begin to ride his fingers as if they were a cock I was fucking those fingers------
He was finger fucking me harder and faster, they went, deeper, quicker, faster, deeper,
Fuck Me I yelled over and over-----I knew I was about to cum but I really did not want to be the first but I was beyond control I had bitten my lip trying so hard to control myself only to explode with a high cry as I went rigid with my orgasm.
Followed by seconds of pleasure where I clamped down every so tight with spasms
on his fingers reminding you that I had been satisfied.

It must have been enough because the one on the bed started yelling out that she was coming and then she went limp with a shudder.
Taking my now free hand I took the other one by the hips and started meeting her with my thrusts.

He now hadme by the hips and is driving up into me.
My whole body is beginning to shudder; I don’t think I could hold any more I want him deep in me…

It wasn’t long before she stopped abruptly and ground her pussy into my cock holding it there, shaking…. holding her breath with her head thrown back she let out a loud groan as she came.I told her I was almost there and she got off of me and started jerking me off until a fountain of cum emerges covering her hand.
I lay back on the bed across her friend’s legs and she slumped to the floor at my feet, arms and legs limp.

I could use a beer.



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