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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football? ©

The football season is off and running and the fever has hit the blogsphere.
It’s still early in the season, but not too early to start up some friendly wagering and badgering all in the name of fun and friendship.

My Broncos have started the season with a 1-1 record, shocking to be honest with you.
They lost to the St. Louis Rams, hmmmm it’s obvious it wasn’t for the Super Bowl because it would have been the other way around but HEY, they can’t win them all right.

Now to make the season more interesting Monica aka The Good One and I have started a weekly wager pitting her SF 49rs up against my Denver Broncos.
Now correct me if I am wrong because I don’t watch too much TV other than football but didn’t the 49rs move to the Football Hall of Fame because they were to old to play?
I got to stay better informed.

Now for the rules as they were interpreted to me after I had to scrap the first set of rules she sent me because they were kinda weird.
They said something like if the Broncos loose then she wins the bet or if the 49rs win it didn’t matter what the Broncos did she wins and if the Broncos win but the sun comes up in the east she wins.
Now come on how stupid does she think I am?
The Broncos loose again pfffffffft.

So the NEW rules are that one team has to outright beat their opponent and the other’s has to loose, otherwise it’s a tie.
For example when the 49rs loose on Sunday and the Broncos win she looses.
And the looser has to show the other colors for the week on their blog.
Now the bet will change week to week just to make it interesting.
But to cap off the season they meet for the last game of the year in Denver now how sweet is that and the Denver Broncos will be providing them with transportation after the game.
I did suggest that the looser of that game would have to dance the dance of the seven veils but was informed that Americans don’t do the veil thing but might be game for the dance of the 150 sweaters but I don’t do sweaters so we had to scrap that idea.

This week my Broncos are matched up against the New England Patriots.
Am I worried, a little bit because we are playing the Pats and I hear Brady isn’t getting any lately so his knees aren’t as wobbly as they were last year.
Come on there must be someone out there willing to give Brady some mercy and give him some before game day. “wink”.

Now the 49rs are playing the Eagles.
The American national symbol of freedom and Liberty.
They will RISE to the occasion and come down like a swarming hoard and CRUSH!!!!!!!!!! the aged and decapitated relics of time.
The screams of agony and pain of crushed bones and shattered dreams will ripple across the bay like a dieing wave and that’s just from the cheerleaders watching the game.

At any rate it’s all about having fun and making the game a little more interesting to watch.
I wish Monica and her 49rs the best of luck for the season and the same to the rest of you and your teams.
Let’s hope for a great football season with little or no injuries.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early to go out to Parlament Hill where they will be taking a picture up from the air.
We are all to dress in red in support of our troops in Afganastan and the pictures will be sent to them

On another note I will be taking sentences until I post tomorrows Sex Talk post for next weeks post.
If you don't hear from me again it's because I am hiding in the Football Protection program.

Have a nice day.


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patti_cake said...

Ahhh I just love a good football rivalry. That photo things sounds NEAT! Anxiously awaiting your next post IF you aren't hiding in the football protection program! LOL