blue moon (2)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Postcard In Time ©

The rain was knocking at the window as I was packing the last of my things in the attic getting ready to move into my new house.
I was leaving old memories to make new memories isn’t that what we do?
Move through time collecting thoughts and feelings.
The kids are grown up and gone now.
They have started new lives and families, so this house is too big for the two of us.
Going through some boxes I came across some old letters from when I was in college.
I sat there reading through them and remembering my youth.
A time before the kids were born, before I was even married.
Most were from my mother, some from friends back home keeping me up with the news and gossip I was missing while I was in school.
Then I found it.
It had been years, decades since I last saw it.
I thought it was lost, gone……

One summer during summer break a group of us decided to go to Mexico for a couple of weeks to see something new and to feel the sun’s rays warm our skin and swim in blue water.
We were all 18 and had never before left the country, so this was an adventure and we were excited to begin our journey.

Our second day there I met this young man at the hotel we were staying at.
He was extremely handsome with brown skin and dark eyes.
When he smiled at me, my heart stopped as did the world around me.
Within the week I was in love and couldn’t see the day to leave in site.
He took me to his little village.
It was filled with adobe houses like they had been for hundreds of years before.
A quiet place, the people, kind and happy all the time.
I was welcomed and brought into his family’s house like a long lost daughter.

I remember that cool night out in the desert when he first took me into his arms and kissed me under a full moon.
The sky was clear and the stars hung over us like a halo sparkling like diamonds in the sky.

That last day it was raining before I got onto the plane.
His lips held me at the gate.
Mine refused to let go but go I had to.
We parted and swore we would keep in touch until school was out when I could return to be in his arms once more.
Weeks passed and summer became fall with the changing of the leaves.
We kept sending letters back and forth weekly, telling each other what was happening and professing the love we had for each other.
We planned what we would do as soon as spring break came and I went to meet him once more.

The leaves fell off the tree and were replaced by the snow on the boughs.
It was a hectic time with exams and I didn’t have much time to write to him but I got the occasional letter written and sent to him.
His letters started slowing down by Christmas time.
In the New Year I got a letter from his sister that he wasn’t well.
I frantically sent him a letter almost everyday trying to find out how he was doing and to tell him I would be with him soon.
Then on Valentines Day I got this card in the mail of the court yard of the hotel I stayed in when I met him, it was the last thing I got from him……….

"What are you doing honey"?

“I was going through my mother’s things to see what we can throw out and what we can donate to the church rummage sale and I found this post card in my mother’s diary that she got sixty five years ago”.



Skye said...

I love it, Walker. You captured the feeling perfectly. It brought me right back to that time, and made me feel as if I was experiencing it myself, the emotions resonating in me.

Thanks, and a whole lot more.


Skye said...

The song is perfect too :)

Miss Cellania said...

Thats a lovely story. How easily that could be true for anyone!

patti_cake said...

I love a good love story!

Ms. Vickie said...

That was perfect Walker. You capture romance so well. :)

Chaotic Serenity said...

I loved it! (the story and the song) Great writing!

tammi said...

I agree with ALL of the above comments.Loved it.How touching.
Love.....let's see.Here's a good description from MY angle.
You wake up one beautiful spring morning,with the cool breeze slightly blowing through the barely opened window.(Yawn--stretch)Lo and behold there is a beautiful precious little birdy sitting there chirping so sweetly.......
then some dumbass slams the window and SMACK!!Breaking the little birdies neck!!
(sorry) My bad.Yes,I am a bit bitter in the love dept. these days.(slapping the hand)
That really is a story that my silly uncle tells ,except he starts out singing Amazing Grace(he is a BIG guy) a you'd have to hear him do it to get the full idea of how funny it is.
What a way to start my day,huh?
Great story,though...really.

One Mother's Journey said...

Nicely done. Sad and sweet, very romantic.