blue moon (2)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lady Of The Woods ©

It’s been one of those days.
Fuck, it’s been one of those years and there is still 3 months left.
Now if there was a bomb that you can throw back in time and destroy parts of it I would be right there lighting the fuse.

My desktop is down again, as I expected it would be.
I was just hoping it would hold on for two more months but… oh well
That’s why I haven’t been posting as much but I have been trying to go my regulars and the rest of my blog roll.
The laptop isn’t cooperating most of the time so I find myself shutting down programs to free up ram so that I could open some blogs and some I have to strip down to lessen the load even more.
So bare with me (send pictures) and I will be back like before soon.

Today was wing night at our NEW wing joint.
St. Louis Wings and Ribs
They got a sauce there that makes you ass tingle just thinking about it.
We went there last week for the first time because we heard of their:
We’ve heard that before so we brought the devil with us to test it out, Archie.
What can I say he was reduced to tears on the second wing?
With tears streaming down his face he gave us the thumbs up as he went for more napkins.
The three of us sat there after our meal outside on the deck having a drink and watching the girls go by when one went by with dark hair and with a stunning beauty that made people stop and look.
Archie then tells us about a story passed down over the ages about the time when the Turks ruled over Greece.
It was said that when a beautiful women was found she was brought to the Pasha to be one of his concubines whether she liked it or not.
One day the soldiers came to this village looking for this young girl who had been reported to being extremely beautiful.
The girl heard that they were looking for her and not wanting to be the old Pasha’s sex slave ran off into the dark woods.
No one used to go there because it was inhabited by wolves, wild bores and snakes but yet she preferred to take her chances and be killed by wild animals than go with the soldiers.
They looked for her but never found the girl and eventually left but she never came back to the village either.
It was believed she perished in the dark woods to the beasts that lived there.
There were stories from travellers who reported seeing a girl running through the trees but no one ever took it seriously.
Decades later while on a hunting trip some men came across a cave where it was evident someone had lived there for some period of time and was now gone.
While looking through the cave, a diary was discovered.
It seems it was the girl's and she had lived out in the woods her whole life.
No remains were ever found so it was assumed the wild beasts took care of that.
Today there is a small church there where the cave once was.
Is this a true story?
I don’t know, but after a good meal, it was the perfect ending.

Have a nice day



Jay said...


Hope stuff gets better for you soon.

hellbunny said...

Im sorry about your laptop.Im having problems with my broadband connection.I changed to broadband because i thought it would be faster.But i keep losing the connection it is very frustrating.