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Friday, September 01, 2006

The Color Of Money ©

I just found out something today, which I don’t agree with one little bit.
The world is gone to hell and instead of some people trying to make things better they remind us about stuff that we are trying to do away with.
Over in the Middle East they have Moslems against the Jews.
We frown on that.
Kill the Jews because they are Jews, we frown on that.
Kill Americans because they are Americans we frown on that.
Kill him. Her, them…. we frown on that.
Why are people like that?
Because one side thinks they are BETTER than the other.
America is the land of the free, that’s good for you in the states but you’re not better than me, because “I AM CANADIAN” or a foreign Yankee as someone loves to call me.
Maybe in your little head it is because the UK is the best says JO.
Over the centuries people have been killing each other for one reason and that’s because one thinks the other nationality or race is better.
It has taken us centuries and all those millions of lives for us to get to the point where some of us trust each other a little bit more than we used to.
We have learned to accept people for who they are and not what color, race or nationality one is.
Look at the majority of the world right now.
Go to any country and you will see and invasion of multiculturalism and all of this happened without weapons.
If fact they are being invited to come in and join them.
Now imagine that.
So what am I pissed off at?
It’s Survivor.
This year’s format pits people of different races against each other.
Not as a mixed bunch but as distinct Races.

Here are the teams of Survivor:

The Aitutaki (Hispanic-American Tribe),
The Raratonga (Caucasian-American Tribe)
The Manihiki (African-American Tribe)
The Puka Puka (Asian-American Tribe)

Why don’t they just call it?
The Niggers
The Spics
The Chinks
The what ever those three nationalities would call white people
Because that’s how other people will see it.
There is more racism in the Untied States than any other country and it’s even more so amongst the poor and the elderly.
People are going to watch this all over the world and are going to form opinions.
People of different Race will argue in pubs, at work about who is the best race.
Survivor may have to change their name to the Amazing Race by the end of the season.
Don’t think CBS executives didn’t see this.
This is outrageously racist and they love the idea of the ratings this will bring in.
They know people would squawk so they got smart, they put “American” in front of the Races so that they will look all the same.
This might soften the weak minded towards acceptance.
DUH Get some fucken glasses you bunch of blind assholes.
It’s easier for me to see their race rather than what country they come from by looking at them.

Again people are going to be judged by their color.
What does this say to people in the military?
All these races are represented in the military in most countries in the world.
At the moment they are integrated and they trust each other because of a brotherly bond.
If you are going to throw race in and a new loyalty this changes everything.
Will the military start breaking all the races apart and have a Black army and a white army and so on.
I can see it now.
“What do we do general”?
“Send in the Black battalion in”
Now the Blacks are thinking hmmmmmmm
“The white general is sending us in because it’s going to be bad and most of us are going to get killed so he wants to spare his white brothers”.
Or if it’s the other way around
“That Nigger is sending us in to get even for those years his ancestors were forced to pick cotton”.
How long before the white army and black army fight to see who is better?
Close your eyes and look at what it would look like outside after that war.

My vision or what I would like to see the world become is one country with all the present countries as States with no bias because of gender, color or personal religion but united as a species for the common good of all.
We are already being integrated.
How many of you eat oriental, Italian, Ethiopian, Indian foods………
Look at some of the clothes you are wearing and see where they were made.
The world is already beginning to meld together.
Look out the window and look at what a Canadian, American, Brit, Italian, Greek, etc look like today.
Look at the rainbow of color walking long the parks and sidewalks side by side.
Mixed couples, kids playing together laughing and calling each other brother/sister without any awareness of the pigmentation of their skin.
That has slowly faded away and been replaced by national pride.
When the runner crosses the finish line at the Olympics, the crowds watching the TV around that person’s country jump up cheering a countryman not a race.
So what are CBS and Survivor doing?
They are feeding the fires of racism and promoting resentment that would only lead to hate and for what, for the ratings, which are converted into money.
I think it’s time for a host change to and they should get Jerry Springer to host Survivor now.
I know Jerry would love it.
I don’t watch survivor and I couldn’t care less but let’s not fool ourselves either?
They are feeding off of our prejudices.
If you can’t see what CBS is doing here then you can’t see what is happening in the outside world every single day you are out there.
Look at the schools with the metal detectors.
Tell me you didn’t care about those people in New Orleans when it was flooded or did you say “They’re only Niggers”.

Cities were segregated once by force.
Then it was done because of security.
Immigrants congregated in areas so they could be someplace they were comfortable in.
The sound of their native tongue wherever they went in this new land, made it feel like home but home is a million miles away.
Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Havana……..were… are extension of the past.
They were not people of their adopted nation yet.
I saw this at home with my family.
My parents are Greek and in the beginning they were hard core Greek.
40 years later and they are standing with Canadian flags cheering the Canadian hockey team to gold every single game.
They are Greek and always will be at heart but they are CANADIANS today.
Once our neighbors were Greek today they are Canadians.

Survivor is wrong.
CBS is wrong
And this is going to be bad, I just know it.
Remember the Black leagues in baseball.
The best thing for baseball was Robinson playing with the Montreal Expos, breaching that fine line that separated black from white causing it to became a big gray line and it is getting wider each day, obliterating the other two and the prejudices that came with it.
What a big step for mankind that was.
Survivor 13, what a big step backwards.
These are just my opinions

Have a nice weekend



patti_cake said...

Walker I live in the SE United States, we have racism for dinner.
Oh and they probably would be calling the whites "Crackers". Just my guess. I think Survivor has bitten off way more than it can chew with this one, but isn't the saying in show business "No publicity is bad publicity"
Have a fabu week-end my friend and I hope Kayla is still recovering well.

Miss Cellania said...

I won't argue with you about racism in the States. Just this week I was called a "race traitor", which only makes sense if you consider other races as "the enemy", but it really paints a picture of those who say it.

Brian said...

I totally agree Walker. Why do we need a TV show to draw lines between races any more than they already are?

molly said...

I heard that Ford Motors withdrew their sponsorship from survivor for this season. The concept is disgusting. And yes, I'm
American, (but my mom's Canadian), and no, I'm not racist, and I've never watched survivor. Watched something interesting on TV news show, though. A white supremacist group put together a donation for the victims of hurrican Katrina and took it down to New Orleans. They were looking to donate it to 'whites only.' They got news coverage as the whites they tried to give their donation to, people who'd lost everything, were told of the whites only stipulation, and ANGRILY REFUSED!!!! to accept anything from the racists. I think there's still hope, CBS and survivor be damned.

Leticia Ortega said...

yes you are absoluty right,,,survivers and even television commentators said it was a wrong idea to make groups from different parts of the world, because instead of united them, they will create problems criticicing the different races, which is faster, the most intelligent etc. instead of trying to unite them...what a big mistake but of course all of this is money coming into their pockets and have no interest in dividing the different nationalities that will be joining this event.

New Orleans is being rebuilt my Mexicans and other Latin people, because Americans and blacks said they did not want to catch any infecction. And they have done a great job this Latins, and even an american lady in charge of one of the construction sectors, wow these Mexicans are hard workers and work fast!! and one of the senators said yes they are very good but they are under paid.!"! and when the dirty works is over, the American workers will take over when everything has been clean by the Mexican and other Latin workers. Hurray to all these great Mexican and Latin workers that have reconstructed part of New Orleans...... and still the American goverment is building a three wall barrier so they cannot come into their country, since they are the ones that do all the hard and dirty work!!! funny huh.
Leticia Ortega (proud to me a Mexican)!!!