blue moon (2)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Only In Canada You Say? ©

What a day it’s been.
I have been up most of two days thinking about life in general and Kayla.
I was sitting at the computer all day fielding questions flying at me on MSN asking me if I had any news.
You see I have a lot of lurkers now, more than before because I have let all my backgammon friends have my URL.
Well actually I gave it to one person and he went and told everyone.
YEAH YOU, I know you are all reading.
To sceered to comment though EH.
Non the less many were worried and wanted to know any news as we all did about Kayla.
On the other computer, which is my private line to all the Bond Girls and Q, I have my yahoo there and I was talking with Monica who was waiting for news herself.
We were sitting there chatting innocently, really we were she works in a church and I don’t need God pissed off at me and making him shrink my underwear 10 sizes smaller giving me the wedgie of a lifetime but anyway I decided to go look at my cell phone provider because my contract is almost over and I want to see if there were any deals to be had.
As fate would have it while on their site I hit the wrong link and ended up in their internet section and I saw that they were having a deal on the internet.
If you are a new customer you get a BRAND SPANKING NEW 17 IN LCD MONITOR.
I so tell Monica about the deal and that I should cancel my account and reapply.
Her response?

Monica: LOL you Canadians are funny.
Walker: NO I am serious.
Monica: LOL yeah whatever.
Walker: Ok fine, don’t believe me.

I pick up the phone and call Bell Sympatico and wait for 20 minutes before the automated Bot Woman passes me to a human.

Woman: Hello, Bell Sympatico, how are you today?
Walker: A little frisky I guess.
Woman: Giggle, What can I do for you today?
Walker: Well I don’t think you can help with the frisky part because I can’t do phone sex with this phone, the battery doesn’t last long unless it’s a quickie and I mean 30 minutes but I wasted 20 waiting for you.
Woman: Giggle
Walker: Now what I am going to ask you will sound nuts but I want you to cut off my subscription and start me a new one so I can get the 17 inch LCD monitor.
Woman: I don’t think you’re nuts I would do it myself if I could.
Let me check your account.
Yes you are not on a contract anymore I think I could help you.
Walker: SWEET!

So she transferred me to another person and 5 minutes later they were sending me a new monitor from DELL and one month free and two months at twenty bucks and back to the normal price I am paying now.
That’s $400 for hitting the wrong link and a little flirting with the lady on the other end.

Walker: Yay, I got the monitor.
Monica: You Canadians are crazy, it wouldn’t work here, they would just cut me off if I tried

So all you Canadians out there with Bell Sympatico and are not on a contract, go have a look here.

10 Minutes Later

Monica: Whatcha doing?
Walker: Nothing.

Woman: Hello, welcome to Bell Mobility, How are you today?
Walker: A little frisky.
Woman: Giggle




Miss Cellania said...

Whaddaya mean, only in Canada? I do that with my cable company every year, to get those promotional deals they have for new customers.

patti_cake said...

Hey that's a pretty good deal! Well done Walker, and a little flirting NEVER hurts!

jules said...

Only a "little" frisky? You're slipping old man.