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Thursday, August 17, 2006

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This is going to be a short post because I really have no time.
I had to squeeze in moving a friend today as well which is done now but I am back in my other duties duties.
Two days left before my bbq.
I have 40 confirmed and 4 more have called that they will be coming in from Montreal.
I lost my shooter girl but G offered to take over the shooter girl duties and even offered to wear a low cut shirt.
I thanked her and told her she didn’t need a low cut short because being 5 foot tall everyone can see down her top now.

My menu has changed a bit this year.

Lokaniko – Greek sausage
Jumbo Shrimps
Marinated olives
Feta Cheese (I can’t think of cheese right now)

Main Course
Souvlaki (140 of them, chicken and pork)
Tomato salad
Cucumber salad
Lemon potatoes

Baklava “Maybe”
And I hear a couple of boxes of pastries and baklava from Montreal’s best Greek Pastry shop are on their way here.

You can get most of the recipes from this POST if you want and there is one for BAKLAVA if someone wants to make it in TEXAS.
This better be enough that’s all I got to say.

The house is as ready as it going to get.
I am NOT cleaning house for a fucken month.
Ok the washroom only.
And the Kitchen
Maybe the bedroom and the TV room
Probably the computer area

I think the fucken cat is laughing at me.

Now on the barrel front
Hmmm, I am going to say I am winning the war BUT they still stink.
So I was thinking that maybe I should take the odor eaters from my shoes and seal them in the barrels what do you think?

Last night a friend picked me up and we went to the Greek Fest.
The band was on stage and the Greek dancers were flying around the open area.
I know you ladies would have liked it, the 200 women up front sounded like they did.
But who wants to watch 15 young guys dressed black strutting 5 feet away?
I wish I had brought my camera but I had forgotten it at home.
There was this women in her 90’s from an old age home, body bent forward with age grasping this walker in one hand, her other arm was thrust as high as she could get it and was grabbing the sky with the beat of the music.
I could see the smile on her face and a glint in her eyes that could only be seen in the eye of a child.
That’s one picture I will hold in my personal album up here forever.
It’s all about having fun with friends and strangers.
I will be touching on more on this after Saturday.

But before I left to go to the Gree Fest I needed something to wear so I fished through my closets and everything I found looked to big now that I have lost so much weight.
While going down the row of hung leans I entered the forbidden part of the closet.
This is what I used to wear when I wasw with my first EX 18 years ago.
Ha Ha Ha
What a dream that would be.
I took down a pair of Levis and for the hell of it tried them on.
They fit.
So I went to the hallway closet and fished out the Jean jacket and fuck if it didn't button up without suck my gut in and farting from the other end.
I have gone from a 52 to a 40. Can we hear 36?
Maybe 38?
A well, hey all I am doing is drinking water and not drinking booze but man can I sniff out a joint.

While I was at the Greek festival I did take one picture for Monica with my cell phone.


A baklava stand.

And answering a person’s request to see my bed, I don’t know why but hey what do I care.
Here is part of it.
It’s just too big to get a whole bed shot.

Aw hell since I am in the bedroom and no one wants to see an empty bed I took my first NAKED PICTURE to.
Tell me what you think.

I am going to have to scoot for awhile but I will be back and I may have a Sex Talk for you tomorrow.
I have to weigh how much shit I will get first.
Have a nice day


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