blue moon (2)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh Oh That Smell Part 2 ©

It’s 9 am and I am not only sleepy but also tired.
I hardly got any sleep last night.
They were banging all night tearing the wall in the basement apart looking to see if there was any mold behind the wall causing that smell.
Yeah yeah I know, shut up.
I heard it already from:
Monica: Did they laugh when you told them about the barrels?
Walker: Told who? Are you nuts they will kill me if I tell them
Vickie: What do you mean you didn’t tell them? You’re bad.
Walker: Maybe so but its been 12 hours and they have looked all day and I ‘m not saying a word.

Listen, I wanted to take the fucken barrels outside and ditch them but they had already emptied the kitchen in the yard and were sitting out there trying to figure it out what to do next.
What do you think I was having fun sitting in the house with something that smelled like the rotting feet of a fucken corpse.

Frick barely made it back upstairs after going to the litter box.
EMME stopped eating so she won’t have to go.
Just think, EMME stopped eating.
The cat eats her food, Frick’s food, MY FOOD and will even eat imitation wax food if it looked good and she STOPPED eating so she won’t have to go to the litter box.

When they went for some lunch I took some of your advice and went out and bought 2 gallons of bleach, one for each barrel.
I wasn’t taking any chances
If I couldn’t get them out of the house I was going to try and get rid of the smell at least.
I went to the store where I got the barrels and asked the guy how he could bear having those smelly barrels in his store and WHY wasn’t the cheese in there rotten.
He said they didn’t smell.
Where have I heard that before?
That’s my fucken line and we ALL know I was lying.
So he took me to the back cooler room and he had 4 open barrels and they didn’t smell at all?
Sooooooooo I asked him why did the ones he gave me smell.
He said he didn’t know.
They apparently have been sitting in the side room for the last month in A RECORD FUCKEN HEAT WAVE.
No wonder they smell like hell.
They have been rotting in 40c temps and that’s outside.
In there they were was probably 60c.
So I get back home and through the back without being spotted with the bleach.
It would have been hard to explain it since I never need it.
Inside the house I stood at the top of the stairs looking down into the dark reeking dungeon wondering,
1. Do I need these barrels?
2. How much could it cost to buy new ones?

I opened the light and looked down.
Just then something grabbed me by the ankle.
I looked down and it was Emme.
She was holding me back from going down.
I’m the only one that could open the cans.
Shaking her off I proceeded downstairs.
I could hear the wall being torn apart on the other side of the wall separating the two houses.
I made my way to the front corner where the slop sink is and the two barrels.
Holding my breath I opened a gallon and poured it in the barrels.
I then took a brushes and a scrubbed one down.
Both cats were at the top of the stairs on their bellies staring at me.
Probably laughing at me.
If you think the smelled bad before, that was nothing.
Throw in a gallon of bleach and you would think you were stranded on a rotting cabbage patch.
Have you ever gone by a pulp mill and there is this smell like rotten cabbage that makes you want to gag.
Well this is worse.
I was sweating buckets and not from the work but lack of oxygen from holding my breath for long periods of time.

Buried all the way down the barrel, I forced myself to look in it to see what I was doing and pretended it didn’t smell bad but it didn’t work and I found myself gagging a couple of times.
After I had scrubbed it for as long as I could without passing out, I went to the sink and rinsed it out, then turned and shuddered at the thought of repeating it to the other one.
Twenty minutes later I crawled up the stairs looking for a breath of less fowl air.
Lets face it the whole house smelled now.
It was everywhere and god only knows what they were thinking by now next door.
I wouldn’t be surprised if a demolition crew pulled up tomorrow.

It’s been two hours now and my hands…
They’re so fucken clean.
Look at these……………………
I don’t know what happened to the hair though.
BUT, I don’t smell it as much.
Or I have lost all sense of smell now.
I went downstairs and I could barely smell them now but of course the whole basement smelled like bleach.
Looking into the barrels the looked so clean in and out but I think they still smelled a bit so I washed them one more time.

With any luck they won’t smell tomorrow and hopefully all gone by the time of my bbq.
I decided to go next door for a while and breathe some clean air.
I walked in and sat down. My father had washed the whole basement now and put the siding back up on the wall.
He said that it must have been mold because after they washed the basement it didn’t smell as bad as before.
I told him it must have been it but I didn’t smell anything anyway.

My mother took my hand and looked at it then said it looked really clean.

Have a nice day


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