blue moon (2)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Day After ©

The day after
Umm I mean the night after.
I woke up not in the bed I started in last night and I was suspiciously naked when I distinctly remember passing out fully dressed.
Getting out of bed, I followed the trail of clothes back to the master bedroom.
I peeked around the corner and took a look at the bed to see if it was empty.
Hey it was a wild one last night who knows, I found myself in a different room naked didn't I.
Nope the bed was empty and my pants were in the cat’s water bowl and they were soaked.
Poor cats probably had to suck the ass end of my pants for a drink.

I didn’t have a hang over but I was floating all over the place.
We had a great time last night and I have a lot of posts coming your way.
I’ll tell you about the food and the drinking.
We had singing, drama and laughter.
There was a moment when a few of us stopped and look at a reunion that should have happened years ago take place.

I got to see some tits
Someone asked me to marry her
I was propositioned by two women but I had to tell them my baklava was spoken for.
Remember when I said I wanted no one to bring me booze and only plants.
They brought both and a bottle of 40 year old scotch was cracked open and the party went wide open aftrer that because 3 more bottles followed that one and that was after a bottle of brandy for appetizers and 4 cases of beer.
Those that indulged in the wacky weed went for a walk and came back asmiling.
Young and old the party was a hit.
I have about 10 posts to write from that night but that will have to wait until I recover but I will give you something from today.

Remember those barrels that have been stinking up my house.
Well they won.
Tonight I got rid of them.
I hauled them out of the basement and let me tell you they looked new but whaaaaa they smell horrible.
I took them outside and as I put one on the sidewalk someone pulled over and asked I was throwing them out?
I said yes and he asked if he could have it.
I told him he could and if he liked I had one more too.
To show how nice I am, I even loaded them in his trunk for him.
Poor bastard.
Right then I am going to go lay down and see if my world will slow down for me to pass out.
I hope you all had a splendid weekend and I will be seeing you all tomorrow.



Miss Cellania said...

Seems like your party was a resounding success! I'll be looking forward to the recaps.

hellbunny said...

Pants in the cats water.Poor Emme.Sounds like a bbq to remember.Well i'd like to hear how you ended up in that state when you memory returns and you say to yourself.God did i really do that.

Walker said...

Miss Cellania: Yes it was and I was happy to see eveyone enjoying them selves

Walker said...

HellBunny: So would I LOL
We had fun and I am sure Emme didnt mind woking for her water