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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Twist My Arm ©

Sunday 6am June 9 2006


Whoever you are you’re going to fucken DIE!!!!!!!!!
I said goodbye on the phone around midnight last night and I was out cold in bed.
I had hardly any sleep the night before.
Now this.

I see why we have to store the gun and ammunition in different place now because this early in the flippin morning I can’t remember where either one is to shoot through the door.
As I approach the door I can hear

Open the fucken door Greek” from the outside.

I’ll open the door just to beat the shit out of you.

Outside were 6 of them with 2-24s of beer.
My buds hit town from Quebec.

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Four of them I knew 2 were new.
These are old friends/partners who are still in the business and in town for a break and to see family.
Cob webs in my eyes a beer in my hand and joint in my mouth.
They had to Twist My Arm.
Really I fought back against it.
6:15 am…..Fuck!!!!

D is a friend and had been business partner for years and he is married to one of my ex lovers.
He asked me for her 12 years ago and she wanted to move out there with him so with my blessing they road off together.
He had to leave town in a fast car while the rest of us covering his ass back then.

During a power struggle in the eighties he was caught on the wrong side of the border and wasn’t keen on taking orders from the competition then when they wanted a piece of the family business, war was declared and we were deep in shit and outnumbered, again.
When one of us in trouble we all bought into it unless he fucked up and then he was on his own.

It was a shit summer with killings happening by the carload.
I stopped my father as he was pulling out the driveway because a hit was going down next door at a Café which left one man dead on the sidewalk, a man I grew up with.
He was killed by another childhood friend who was with the other side.
This lead to more blood and more killings within months but it didn’t affect me or my group because we hadn’t chosen sides and were poised to move in and fill the gaps that were made vacant.

The call came in the morning one day and D said they were outside watching his house.
His parents were at the cottage and out of harms way.
Hanging up I called Mad Dog and M.
I knew D was scared but would fight to the end.
Mad Dog had to drive in from out of town but M and I were closer so we headed out to D’s place and what ever was to happen.
I left a message at the pool hall calling the rest as they arrived to show up at my place.

Betsy was sleeping behind the pullout car stereo, the Winchester Defender was covered in the front seat next to M and he was strapped.
D was waiting inside his house without a gun, clutching a baseball bat to defend himself from his would be attackers.
When we pulled onto the street he lived on 30 minutes later all we could see were cop cars and ambulances all over the place.
We were to late …..

Sitting at the house with M and Mad Dog getting stoned and drinking beer we waited for some of the others to show up to decide what to do from here.
Mad Dog wanted to go out and start a full-scale war taking them all out in one quick swoop.
I passed him another beer and told him to chill, I had no desire to get my ass blown off in a car bomb or get shot walking to my car like F.
The rest of the boys drifted in and the temperature was rising and many were siding with Mad Dog calling for retaliation while they didn’t expect it.
The problem I was having was that this was a personal war.
D and the guy trying to kill him grew up together and hated each other on sight.
They had taken shots at each other in the past and in one incident I picked him up at home and saw a guy sneaking towards the back of my car with a gun to shoot us.
So was this turf related or two childhood enemies that was getting blown out of proportion.
So many questions and the results to any action could be worse down the road.
I told them we needed more information before we acted.
M was backing me up but it was hard convincing the others when one of their own was in hospital or dead.

Six hours later the doorbell rang and D walked in.
Mad Dog punched him in the head for worrying us and the rest jumped in putting the boots to him.
They were happy to see him.
It seems that he was watching the guy get out of the passenger side of the car with a shotgun and walk to the back of the house.
He went back there and waited at the inside door and when he entered D smashed him in the head with the bat and stood over him beating him repeatedly then called the cops.
It was the other guy that was being loaded onto the ambulance when we got there and it was his mortal enemy that he beat on.
But, he fucked up.
He stopped short of finishing him off, so this was not over.
Within two months D and Diane left town for places unknown but to his immediate family.

Hey D, how’s Diane.
A lot nicer when she was with you, she can be really bossy when she wants to be and don’t get me going on how much dope she smokes.
Well you wanted her.
Yeah, but she stood by me.
There you go.

They were gone by 10 am leaving me buzzed more than I have been in a long while.
Gonna get me killed one day.
That’d piss Mad Dog off.
He always said it would be a husband that would do me in.
I got to move LOL
Today tune “Twist My Arm” by The Tragically Hip


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