blue moon (2)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why Me? ©

Work work and more work to do by the day and I have accomplished nothing.
I am a lazy no good for nothing drunk, who sits at home getting stoned all day and doing nothing but jerk off and watch TV.
This is what people must think around here because they are constantly showing up to keep me from finishing what I am weeks behind in and from getting ready for the 60 people who will be here for my bbq in a month’s time.

Now I don’t want you to believe that I have a thousand friends stopping by in the space of a week no, just the same 5-6 people that come by daily that make it look that way.
They think there is nothing to do since I don’t have a regular job.
They don’t work and don’t have to do anything.
Fuck all.
No housework
No bills to pay
No one to care for
Except of course to drive me nuts it seems.
Don’t get me wrong I like seeing my friends and family but not on a daily basis and they don’t come just to say “hey what’s up”.
NO, they come wanting.
Nothing that would cost me money but time.
If you don’t succumb to their wants they throw a guilt trip on you.
Someone called and wanted me to go get them some pot from someone I know.
I said no.
The voice on the other end changed and the pleading started.
I don’t know its 5 pm I have things to do because something else held me up to prevent me from doing my shit and now you call,
Sorry, no can do.
Voice change again and the line “Fine……. Be that way……BYE”!
Pffffft ……..ciao
THE PHONE IS STILL HOT not even warm from my touch and IT’S ringing again.
The previous day she had called and asked me to format her computer because my brother the guy with the computer store wouldn’t do it.
I won’t go into that because this post will get longer than tomorrows and tomorrows is long, trust me.
I put my windows xp cd that I have been trying to get for 2 weeks and finally got it in the computer and it ate it.
It took a chunk right out of it in the center on the cd.
I laughed
I think it was one of those insane moments you read about.
I showed her and told her what happened and couldn’t help her without it then went home.
She told my brother I refused to help her.
Another insane moment.
Hmm, they are coming in bunches I may need help.

She asks me if I had an anti virus program and I said no which was true.
If I had one I would say NO too after the day before.
Then she tells me my brother installed a new windows and no virus checker so they couldn’t surf and went into a rant about her displeasure withmybrotherforabout30secondsbecauseI said………
I said I have no virus checker and hung up.
These people are in there’re 40’s.
Parents responsible for others.
Why can’t they take care of themselves but feel the need to CALL ME.
A friend buzzes me on yahoo so I sit for a quick chat but then M is at the door.
See how it is and then people wonder why I never finish anything
Five hours later and I start doing some stuff around the house to make some progress at least.
Now I am up writing a letter to help a friend before I go to bed.
I wonder what’s happening tomorrow?
Music today is provided by Robert Cray"Smokin Gun"

Have a nice day.


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